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mindbender 04-14-2002 01:48 PM

MPI Conversion - PCM & Circuits Needed?
Doing the MPI Conversion using FI from an 1995 Cherokee. Have essentially most everything needed from the 95. Have schematics for the donor-95 cherokee and recepient-85 CJ7. Have reviewed the sites on hooking up the Chrysler MPI and note some questionable differences. The 95 PCM appears to link data a brake sensor, gear sensor, etc in controlling the throttle body and fuel. I have not seen where these sensors are used in the Aftermarket MPI kits.

Can these circuits or sensors be not used and the PCM will adapt - using data from other sensors (temp, air, O2, etc)?

What circuits actually need to be used (pins) to hook up the PCM?

Has anyone developed a schematic for hooking up FI from donor vehicles (95)?

Appreciate your comments - looking forward to moving on this project soon. The Grape CJ tells me it's anxious for a brain transplant!

Bornjeeper1 04-14-2002 08:38 PM

Re: MPI Conversion - PCM & Circuits Needed?
Unless you really want to do the wiring yourself---you might want to just skip the hassle of trying to wire up the original stuff and get a Hesco wiring harness. They have already figured out the PITA issues associated with the swap. I used the harness for my conversion and it was very well made and easy to hook up. The harness is labeled and if you have any questions, the tech support is excellent.

mindbender 04-15-2002 08:33 PM

Re: MPI Conversion - PCM & Circuits Needed?
I know there must be a number of folks who did the wiring using the donor vehicle wiring harness. Your experience and wisdom would be very helpful.

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