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**DONOTDELETE** 02-28-2002 10:33 PM

Ground up build
Hi SWB Jeep people...

I am researching a complete ground up build for a CJ 7. I have a complete full size Jimmy with an LT1 350, TH700R4 tranny for the donor vehicle. Has anyone done anything like this? Can you offer some advice/suggestions? I saw a rolling chassis with coil spring suspension that looked pretty cool. Whaddaya think?

Just a mild 2" lift to fit the 31" BFG AT's

WILL 02-28-2002 10:49 PM

Re: Ground up build
Could just put the jeep body on the blazer frame. That would take care of a lot of swapping and fabricating.

bluseman2a 02-28-2002 11:26 PM

Re: Ground up build
Speaking from personal experience, the Matkins Extreme crossmember is a belly-dragging PIG. It's nice and beefy, but with 4" of lift on 33's it hits EVERYthing. I would look for something flat.

The prices are also VERY high. If I were looking to do what you are talking about, I would get a YJ tub and frame (they are galvanized, stock) then graft on fenders, dash, hood, and clip. It's a common practice and a lot of folks have done it. I would expect to pay $500-800 for a decent rolling chassis.

I'm also not really sold on the coil-over on CJ's. Yes a LOT of competition rigs are running it these days, but I think there is still a lot to be said for leaf-springs.

'83 CJ-7 nothing original but the tub and axle tubes

**DONOTDELETE** 03-01-2002 08:15 AM

Re: Ground up build
thanks for your input guys....if the coil spring CJs aren't so good, what about the Monolinear leafs? I think Skyjacker makes them.

About using the Jimmy frame...The problem is... I can't stand that thing anymore!!! It is so unreliable that breaks down at least once a month! The only thing that makes it a good donor vehicle is that all the moving parts have been replaced recently!! the rebuilt tranny, rad, new 35" BFG MT & wheels etc... I want this project to be top notch, so I don't want to hack a body and frame together...

Actually, the more I think about it, a nice used TJ looks good, and then throw a good quality lift at it to fit the 35 inchers. Problably about the same investment.
Just a mild 2" lift to fit the 31" BFG AT's

bluseman2a 03-01-2002 10:53 AM

Re: Ground up build
I haven't heard of many folks who are happy with the mono leafs. I believe that the major complaint is that they wrap too easily and once there, maintain their preztle-like character for the life of the product. Not desirable traits in a spring-pack.

'83 CJ-7 nothing original but the tub and axle tubes

**DONOTDELETE** 03-01-2002 12:10 PM

Re: Ground up build
Damn! that TJ is looking better and better!! BTW, are TJs something to laugh at? I used to have a CJ, and when Wranglers (YJ) came out, there was little respect for them from the CJ crowd.
Just a mild 2" lift to fit the 31" BFG AT's

WILL 03-01-2002 08:02 PM

Re: Ground up build
Check out the Rubicon edition of the 03 wrangler.

**DONOTDELETE** 03-01-2002 09:17 PM

Re: Ground up build
Yeah... I saw that at the detroit auto show. Mopar should release those diffs to the aftermarket for us!! Don't want to spend so much for a new truck tho...
Just a mild 2" lift to fit the 31" BFG AT's

Jeeper99xj 03-01-2002 10:39 PM

Re: Ground up build
My vote would be for a yj sprung over, maybe with the blazer's axles. I have a tj and tj's really arn't looked down upon by other jeep owners any more as long as you go hard or go home (no body likes a jeeper that's too afraid to damage their junk). Though i will warn you tj's have a car like inteior and ride like a car compared to the cj you used to have.


97 TJ

Wheel it or drive a mini-van

ducmon900 03-02-2002 07:15 AM

Re: Ground up build
Hook up with someone who has a dealer license and go to one of those auto auctions. Prolly find a good used tj for cheap.

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