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OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

Seems they don't like to deal with people exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights.

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The powers not delegated to the United States ... are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
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Re: OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

Thanks for the info, I've fired a very polite e-mail off to Dell showing my displeasure with their service.

Mike H.
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Re: OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

"you're gettin a dell DUDE!"

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Re: OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

Assuming this is real (I didn't personally take the time to research it)...
I have to point out how rediculous Dell's decision making sounds. What kind of terrorist is going to order a computer with the name "combat handguns?"
That is almost as rediculous as thinking a terrorist is going to tell the lady at the ticket counter at the airport that someone else packed his bag and put unknown items in it.
This stuff is being taken way too far without anyone stopping to think how stupid it really is.
I read a news story the other day about a guy walking past a security checkpoint and boarding a plane. He was asked to stop, but didn't hear the "security" official, so he continued on to board the plane.
The plane took off and got 100 miles away from the airport before the pilot was radioed and told to turn the plane around due to a security breach.
If our security was serious and actually worked, then the guy would not have been permitted to "just keep on walking." Nor, would he have been allowed to board the plane...and the plane should have been grounded and not permitted to take off.
It seems that they need to make a decision wether they want ot be serious about airport security or not. If they do, then if someone does not follow the "rules" inside the airport then do NOT allow them to simply walk away. If the security is going to continue at it's present not ver effective (in my opinion) course then just scrap the whole inconvinience (except the very basic security)and make it a "fly at your own risk" situation.
I have more stories of personally witnessing and being involved in completely rediculous security "shows" at various airports, but I've ranted enough.

This is all strictly my opinion, and you are welcome to disagree with me. I won't take it offensively and I will continue to discuss this in an adult like manner.

Thanks for listening.

Dan 84 CJ-7,Weber,HEI. 95 ZJ,V8. http://www.cableone.net/wdohrn
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Re: OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

Didnt you guys see they apologized?
It was probably just some jackass down the line who did it.
If you scroll down the page, they offered to ship his machine for free and said this

To Our Valued Customers and Friends:
U.S. export laws restrict the sale of technology to terrorists and to people
in countries that support terrorism. These laws also prohibit computer sales
to people who will use the technology in developing biological or nuclear
weapons. Dell strictly complies with our country's export laws in order to
ensure the safety of our customers and citizens around the world. When there
is reasonable cause for concern, we carefully review customer orders for
prohibited destinations and activities.
When additional follow-up on an order is required, our sales representatives
ask our customers four basic questions:
1. Who is the end-user?
2. Where will the product be used?
3. What will the product be used for?
4. What type of business or industry is involved?
The answers to these questions, like all customer information we gather, are
confidential and are not shared outside of Dell.
We recently received an order from Mr. Jack Weigand, whose company name,
"Weigand's Combat Handguns Inc." included the word "combat." We cancelled
the order to give us enough time to follow up with the customer and be
assured that the sale would be in compliance with U.S. export law. However,
we failed to contact Mr. Weigand, and as a result, we did not deliver the
order as promised, and the customer did not know why. Once we discovered our
error, we apologized to Mr. Weigand for this misunderstanding, as well as
the inconvenience caused by the delay. This is not the service standard that
we hold ourselves to at Dell.
We at Dell feel a strong obligation to uphold our federal law, but we have
just as strong an obligation to be responsive to the needs of all our
customers. We want to assure you that the company does not discriminate
against any business, regardless of the products or services they sell, nor
do we discriminate against individual consumers. We do, however, sometimes
make mistakes - as we did in this case.
Thank you for your support.
Dell Computer Corporation

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Re: OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

Apologies like that are often to cover a companies butt only AFTER they have received enough negative publicity that they have no other choice.

I'm glad to see they are trying to do thier part and help the world, but the process they used to make the decision just didn't make any sense.

Dan 84 CJ-7,Weber,HEI. 95 ZJ,V8. http://www.cableone.net/wdohrn
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Re: OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

As a person who actively follows the firearms community (and used to compete), I can say that Jack Weigand is a VERY well respected member of the community, and as stated in his writing, is "sqeaky clean". His products and services are sought out by some of the country's top shooters, and he turns out some FINE high-end hardware out of his shop.

I think his writing is a lot more objective than many would turn out, and he goes to great pains to present the WHOLE story, and by turning down a FREE computer he shows the level of his conviction surpasses many I know (myself included).

My hat's off to Mr. Weigand, and I'm sorry, but Dell will not be getting my future business.

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Re: OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

Sounds like Dell actually tried to do the right thing by putting national security infront of profit. More companies should do the same.

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Re: OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

Unfortunatly I am typing this on my recently purchased Dell computer. I will be calling and telling them I will not be buying another.
Dell did not "Do the right thing" by assuming that someone with a gun was breaking the law. I wish the more company's would come out and say if they support gun control though, I makes it easier to put them out of business by not shopping there (ie. K-Mart). Maybe Dell should dump the kid and hire Rosie O'Donnell

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Re: OT - Don\'t buy from Dell

The automatic response should have kicked the order into a 'Review' bin, but didn't...

I'm glad some companies are trying to keep an eye on things...
Looks like most terrorists computers found in Afghanistan are Apple...

Dell made a mistake, and tried to correct it, but the guy was being a jerk.
Being a jerk is his right in America.

The Handgun control issue and the second amendment don't have a hell of a lot to do with each other.
Handguns can be used for target practice, and hunting, but they were designed and developed with only one thing in mind, Killing humans.
No one hunts food with a 9mm semi-auto with 15 round magazine...
(unless that food is in a convince store...)

The curious thing is, Dell also is listed as a $500,000 contributor to the NRA.

Maybe Dell is trying to keep the cheap 'Ghetto Blasters' off the streets... (A VERY good idea!)
I have no idea what they may be thinking... associating themselves with both the NRA and a Handgun Control group...
(That's like asking a Hooker to marry you...)

So many cats, so few recipes...
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