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Joker2002 01-08-2002 12:05 PM

buying used Jeep - tips?
First off, let me say that I am not currently looking at any Jeeps to buy. However, my dad would like to have a new one before college (August 2002) so I want to know what to look for when it comes time to start. When I bought my current Jeep, I had absolutely no knowledge about them. As far as I was concerned, a Jeep was a Jeep was a Jeep and I bought the first one in good condition I could find. However, after a year of being obsessed with them and working on mine, when I go to buy another one, I will have a much better understanding of what I'm looking for. I know I will be wanting a YJ with a fuel injected I6, so that limits the years to around 92-95 or something like that. Anyways, getting back to the point, I was just wondering if you guys had any tips for "kicking the tires." I want to make sure the Jeep I buy is in good mechanical and electrical condition and will be reliable. Should I just take it to a mechanic before I buy it and have him check it out? What is the best way to be safe?

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sas87yj 01-08-2002 01:00 PM

Re: buying used Jeep - tips?
taking to a mechanic is not all that bad of an idea, especially if you are not real familiar with mechanical stuff. the owner should have no problem you borrowing the jeep to do this- well if he trusts you will return it.
I6-fuel injection are both good ideas.
how about wait for the new 03 RUBICON? too much money?
if you geta used rig- drive it around, put in 4WD and make sure it works. most importantly- LAY DOWN under it and STARE at everything real good.

**DONOTDELETE** 01-08-2002 01:07 PM

Re: buying used Jeep - tips?
if underneath is dirty.. dont buy it... it was taken offroad. leaks are a bad sign, dont buy someone else's problems, make your own :)


i like jeeps... i've had my share of them :)

sas87yj 01-08-2002 01:14 PM

Re: buying used Jeep - tips?
just cause it's "dirty" don't mean it should be excluded from your possibilities. heavy bashed scars on skid/u-bolts/diffs/shock mounts........then it has been wheeled hard- dirty i don't see the connection. now the leaks are a good point. if your rear main/tranny seal/transcase/diffs/clutch slave......any of these and more can be a problem you might not want to face right off. finding one that doesn't leak isn't easy but i found one, so it is possible.

**DONOTDELETE** 01-08-2002 01:23 PM

Re: buying used Jeep - tips?
I also wouldn't entirely rule out a little dirty jeep, try to look and see if it was wheeled on a regular basis or maybe once or twice before the parents said no more. My friend had a jeep and we wheeled it a couple of times, but he never did anything too crazy and it would have still been a good reliable jeep. But it is true you wouldn't want a jeep like mine with hints of mud everywhere and no way to get it out. Also I would be careful of anything too clean, good sign they may be hiding something.

David Sanders

fullygruntled 01-08-2002 01:27 PM

Re: buying used Jeep - tips?
Sometimes you can get good deals on vehicles you plan on doing work on by recognizing and identifying problems and then weighing that against your offer. The guy I bought my CJ5 from obviously wasn't a master mechanic, and it showed in some aspects of the Jeep's condition. He hadn't gotten any offers on the Jeep for months, and after pointing out what was wrong I was able to talk him down a good 25% from his initial asking price. Some of the issues were simpler to take care of than I thought, and others would have been swapped anyway (ie, T150->T18/98).

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LEVE 01-08-2002 02:09 PM

Re: buying used Jeep - tips?
Buying used Jeep - tips?

Don't buy one. I'm not trying to be either flip or cynical (though I am a cynic) but if you have to have a mechanic tell you if the Jeep is reliable enough to drive then you're in for sore disapointment after disapointment.

Unless the Jeep's a poser driven by a very old lady then you'd best consider it a platform that's got lots of bugs...

Half the time you're taking the Jeep to a mechanic that only sees a few a year and knows less then you do about them... and even less as to what make's 'em tick.

IMHO... it's good money after bad in this situtation unless your Dad's willing to work on the Jeep and learn how to make it reliable. Being an old dog myslef, it is possible to teach us...

Oh yep, one other thought...

What happes to us comptuer Geeks who "do favors" for people we know? You're right, you become their 24 hour technical help line and the user never attempts to learn anything about the computer. It's just too easy to ask you and you've come to the rescue every time.

I'd almost be that the same thing will happen with the Jeep. You'll become the dealer/parts guy, the Jeep Guru, the mechanic all wrapped into one. Are you ready for the responsibliity? If not...shy away from helping.

We older folk hate being helped unless we ask... it's downright patronizing but were real good a blaming others for our own mistakes (just like everybody else).

Joker2002 01-08-2002 05:12 PM

Re: buying used Jeep - tips?
Thanks for the help so far guys. Appreciate it.

And I'm sorry to disappoint you LEVE, but I will be buying a used Jeep when it comes time to get another vehicle. I know that buying a used vehicle is just like buying problems, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. I would not consider buying a new Jeep because I don't enjoy the fancy, non-rugged look of the TJ interior. I don't much care for the outer appearance either. Anyway, since my dad will be down here 3 hours away when I'm at college, I will be the one that learns how to work on the Jeep. I know more about them than he does already, as crazy as you might think that sounds. Just because he's older doesn't mean he's more knowledgeable.

Also, I'm afraid I have no idea what you meant in your little "Oh yep, and one other thought" section. I didn't understand the message or the analogy between the computer technician and mechanic.

93 YJ/4.0L/33x12.50s/D30 front/D35 rear/NP231/AX-15/3" Rough Country suspension/1.25" shackles

LEVE 01-08-2002 05:39 PM

Re: buying used Jeep - tips?
Blake, I ain't dissapointed in what you buy, it's your dollars... me I'm doing what I do best, expressing an opinnion. You have a different one, and that's just fine with me...

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

However, my dad would like to have a new one before college (August 2002) so I want to know what to look for when it comes time to start


I assumed your dad was looking for a new-used jeep...As for the analogy, I'll let you think about it a little longer.

Why would you feel that I think you're crazy?

I'm sorry if I upset you...or you felt insulted. That was not the reason for the answer to your post...I hope this ends this...

lilrick 01-08-2002 06:15 PM

Re: buying used Jeep - tips?
Buying a YJ, your going to be buying something at least 6-7 years old and older. Take it to a mechanic, have a leakdown test and compression test done. This will help, not gaurantee, but help give an idea of whats left in the life of the engine/current condition of engine. If you have low compression, show high in the leakdown, your looking at spending $$$ in the near future on a engine rebuild or overhual. Check the body, look for signs of repainting/body work, if it was repainted, find out why. It could have been damaged, rusted, who knows. Crawl underneath, check for leaks, valve cover, oil pan, rear main, pinion seals, trans/transfer case leaks. This all ads up to time and a fair amount of effort/$$$. Look at tire wear, new tires is another expense, tie rod, ball joint problems, even brake problems all can lead to tire wear, don't just look at depth of tread, look at wear patterns, cupping, etc. buying used you will run into this, but, taken care of Jeeps or other vehicles are out there! The key... take your time, be patient! Lots of nice vehicles out there, lots of junk also! good luck! Rick

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