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Alfred 01-06-2002 05:57 PM

OT - check this trick-Samurai out!!


i thought you might be interested.... check out the pics.... its a buggy built by trail-tough (premier sami aftermarket company)

... sports 4wheel steering, duallies front and rear... and a "big block", 1,6 Liter Sidekick engine ;o)

more specks here...

i guess we will see more of this kind of extreme setup in the future

take care,


jeepfiend 01-06-2002 06:57 PM

Re: OT - check this trick-Samurai out!!
Stuff like that is always neat, but I have to think that the guys who can have shops build stuff like that must be members in the MMTS club (more money than sense). I am sure that there are a lot of us who would love to build rigs like that, but will never be able to afford it. Never the less, it is cool. I don't really understand the dual thing, but the rest of the rig is pretty dang cool.

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**DONOTDELETE** 01-06-2002 07:05 PM

Re: OT - check this trick-Samurai out!!
Yeah pretty cool, I am lost on the dually thing too. Especially with that engine, I am assuming really low gears.

David Sanders

H8monday 01-06-2002 07:14 PM

Re: OT - check this trick-Samurai out!!
Sami hoods look great on tube frame buggies. They just have a good shape. Samis work great when set propperly. I dont understand the dually either, but who knows they may work well.

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**DONOTDELETE** 01-06-2002 07:26 PM

Re: OT - check this trick-Samurai out!!
Interesting but why would anyone start a big dollar buildup with a samurai. I thought the only reason to buy one is that they are so cheap, they're almost free.

Alfred 01-06-2002 07:31 PM

Re: OT - check this trick-Samurai out!!
i am not sure of the dually thing either... but neither were people of flying in airplanes before 1903 ;o)

i guess the point is ... you have to try to see if things work or dont... i guess in a couple of months we will know more... (and it will cost US nothing to take part in this experience) - thats why i am a great fan of whacky stuff... and lets face it... 10 years ago people were making the same comments on soa and 33" tires ... ;o)

and yes, its a 6:1 transfer and 5,38 (not sure) R/P

take care

CJ7JeepOffRoad 01-06-2002 07:36 PM

Re: OT - check this trick-Samurai out!!
Samurai's are great off-road buggy's. I had one, it had 4.16:1 transfer case and 5.125 axle gears, made for a great crawl ratio, combined with a locker in the rear it was almost unstoppable! BUT IT IS NOT A JEEP!

Rodney C

Dirt Dog 01-06-2002 07:37 PM

Re: OT - check this trick-Samurai out!!
Thats kinda funny. We were busting on each other the other night on paltalk and I said I was gonna run dual 38-11 boggers. I've never seen that before........but it's kinda cool. Wonder if it works??????????
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Alfred 01-06-2002 07:37 PM

Re: OT - check this trick-Samurai out!!
why start a buildup on a sami...?

because they are cheap (always compared to the "grandfather" of the sami, the cj5), parts are cheap, frames are boxed and can be gotten in good condition...and if you stretch the wb a 10-20" your hard to beat

if you go the "lightweight" line in a buildup, a sami still is hard to beat

just a thought


ps: the only thing from a sami seems to be the hood...

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