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Wrangler88 01-03-2002 02:59 AM

How to get rear defrost to work on hardtop
my hardtop has the rear defrost built into the rear window like most hardtops( the hardtop is from an 88 YJ) i installed the hardtop on my 95 YJ that didn't come with a hard top and doesn't have the switch in the dash for it, so how do i get it to work? Thanks!

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jamgood96 01-03-2002 03:51 AM

Re: How to get rear defrost to work on hardtop
You're more than likely going to need to install some sort of switch.

v8jeep 01-03-2002 07:20 AM

Re: How to get rear defrost to work on hardtop
I haven't seen the rear defrost option, mine just has the rear wiper. I take it yours has the wires going across the glass?I would suggest getting the wiring harness and switch from the orginal YJ (or similar) at the yard, will more than likely have a relay plugged up to it. Those resistive defrosts suck some current. I am working on my rear wiper motor for a hard top I pulled from another YJ, I yanked the harness, switches, washer fluid tank, etc... Shouldn't bee too bad.
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**DONOTDELETE** 01-03-2002 07:53 AM

Re: How to get rear defrost to work on hardtop
Last winter I did a reinstall on my 88 Wrangler defroster . The hardware is pricey from the dealer, which I defaulted to as the Radioshack equipment did not come with the "turn off timer" already built into the relay . The timer is supposed to kill the defrost switch after the first 10 min . and then after 5 min. on subsequent immediate usage. The defrost draws heavy current in the secondary circuit , while only the standard 12v in the primary circuit . Heavy gauge wiring (?) is required for the 20 amp in secondary circuit. Also ,a dash switch is necessary . This usually includes a rocker on/off switch plus an indicator light button ( yellow or orange ). The black plastic dash decal is a dealer item and calls for a dash backlight bulb . I picked up a standard dash backlight fixture with wiring from a salvage yard . Though I used a Jeep source , it looks like almost any lamp socket assembly will work if it can be fitted into the Jeep dash panel near the 'soon to be installed ' Defrost Switch. You can splice the dash lamp wiring into any existing dash lamp wiring . The OEM rocker style Defroster on/off switch ( $35 - $42) is unique in that it has 4 wires . Radioshack had only 3 wires , as did other junkyard switches . The OEM combo timer /relay was approx $35 . Nothing else would substitue completely to fit the dash on/off switch and provide dash lighting and provide a timer function . The aftermarket parts that I found were less $$ but did not provide all features . The thin wiring of the primary circuit runs from the dash to the combo timer /relay and back to the indicato light and the return leg of the switch . The heavy gauge wiring runs from a "fusible 12v link" ( usually red )from battery source , to the secondary circuit of the relay , and then to the rear defroster . Once it plugs into the defroster , it travels through the grids , gets consumed by the resistance in the grid , and then goes to frame ground . Hope this helps.

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