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**DONOTDELETE** 12-30-2001 09:24 PM

How big for a four-banger?
I am going to be lifting my 94 wrangler 2.5L soon but I'm not sure how big. I am going to school now and the jeep will get freeway driving everyday. I know going with bigger tires will make things tougher. I'm kind of leaning towards some 31's. If I were to go 32's would that slow me down too much? I would like a more aggresive tire like some bfg mudders or tsl's. Are these a lot heavier than bfg a/t's? I do a fair amount of offroading but nothing to extreme right now. Any and all opinions are welcome.
Thanks guys,


**DONOTDELETE** 12-30-2001 10:30 PM

Re: How big for a four-banger?
I would stick with 31's and do a 1" body lift and some shackles...

I still have the 2.5 in mine,and with any heavy tire sucks.
You don't want to do any severe mods when you have to drive alot. if you do a large susp lift you will get alot of probs (driveshaft vibs, steering... etc).

I'd reccomend some BF at/ko's they don't look aggressive, but they work awsome.


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Jeeper99xj 12-30-2001 11:53 PM

Re: How big for a four-banger?
I would say go with the bigest tires posable and deal with the loss in power or get new gears, if you went w/ 33's 4.88's would put you in the same power band as if you had 27" tires. TSL's are heavy though if you wanted to be "conservitive" I'd do some 31" bfg muds since they arn't all that bad for highway driving and really are closer to a 30" tire than a 31" tire. The tsl's will usually measure their actual size so a 31 will be a 31 and they will be heavy and not handle great on the highway but you will kick butt offroad and probably only get stuck when you get high centered, don't have the power to make it up a steep hill or whimp out.


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**DONOTDELETE** 12-31-2001 12:04 AM

Re: How big for a four-banger?
I would go ahead and get some 32s. Mine has 33 mudders and it handles pretty good. I doesn't accelerate like a sports car or anything but I am sure not the slowest vehicle out there. You just have to change gears more often. Or if you really want aggresive tires get an extra set. I relize that is not cheap, but sometimes you can find some good used deals.

91 YJ, 4" lift, 33" BFG MT, Herculined tub, Stockie 4 banger, and no money

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