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**DONOTDELETE** 02-28-2000 09:54 AM

87 Grand Wagonner
Is there a site on the internet that lists what engine, drivetrain, axles etc that came with FSJ.
I am looking for specific info on a 87 Grand Wagoneer.
I came across one the other day and was thinking of the axles to swap into my YJ. But while thinking about it I began to like the thought of keeping the FSJ intact and begin work on it. Depends on how much work it really needs.

I spoke to the owner on the phone and he said it had the 360 V8, auto, power doors/windows (not all windows work) and there is a fair amount of rust on one side.

Before I would consider buying it I will have a couple of buddys go over it, one is a mechanic and the other is a body man.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cutch 88YJ

**DONOTDELETE** 02-28-2000 08:06 PM

Re: 87 Grand Wagonner
im inscensed with simpltons who ponder destroying a perfectly good working FSJ to enhance their pitifull yuppy jeeps so they can offroad good.

if u want a nancy boy jeep buy the CJ YJ XJ ZJ TJ type. if u want to 'get busy' offroad, get an FSJ.

dont disgrace this board with ur vomitous desires :(

**DONOTDELETE** 02-29-2000 12:43 AM

Re: 87 Grand Wagonner
Gee Kenny

Thanks for the insightful reply.

I think my post said that my first thought was using the axles for a swap into my YJ. But I have always wanted a FSJ, I think they are so cool. There is this look about them, I can't describe it but I am sure you must know what I am talking about since you own one yourself. This is why I am now considering if it would be feasible to breath new life into this 87 GW. You see up in this part of the woods older vehicles unless they have been taken real good care of seem to rust very quickly and this GW looks like it has just been sitting for the last few years.

So, I was wondering if you can help me with what an 87 GW would have been equipped with.

Cutch 88YJ

**DONOTDELETE** 02-29-2000 01:18 AM

Re: 87 Grand Wagonner
Im sorry but i need to make a comment here on the subject of Kenny's post.

A few months ago I came across 3, yes 3, FSJs... I found them at a recycling
center (not the same as a salvage, they sell the bodys for metal scrap) I bought
2 of the Wagoneers drive lines...motors. axles, trannys, etc.... I would like to know
what exactly i should have done? Should i have sent them on to the crusher and
prayed that they make it to metal heaven? Or should i give them a rebirth and return
them to their glory of use. I kinda like the latter one myself. In situations like these
I would like to know what you would do? If you found a FSJ that had "just" the part you
were looking for in the salvage yard, would you buy the whole jeep and buy all new parts
for it? You cant let one go to waste can you? You know i could see your arguement if
someone said "I found a mint condiction 89 Wagoneer" and am going to use the axle
and crush the rest. But i dont see the sense in bashing someone b/c they are trying to
save a good part from going to waste. Enough rambling.

'88 YJ-20 3/4 Wrangler (almost :o) ) AMC 401/ TF 727 / NP 208,
HD D44 and D60 coming soon. (should i have left this J20 to get


**DONOTDELETE** 02-29-2000 01:20 AM

Re: 87 Grand Wagonner
Get me the VIN # and ill tell you everything to the day that it rolled off the line. :o)


**DONOTDELETE** 02-29-2000 12:50 PM

Re: 87 Grand Wagonner
I have read a couple of posts that KENNY has replied to. Kenny, do you offer any advice or just degrade people for supporting your hobby in some other fashion? We are all jeepers here so get of your frickin high horse and offer some usefull information.

I posted a question and you about what was under an '80 wagoneer and you asked if I was going to sue it for parts. YES YES YES. The once mighty wagoneer will never drive again. So what am I supposed to do? let the perfectly good equipment sit there and rot into the ground or use it on my project? Say "pop" when you decide to pull your head out.

Cut to shape, hammer to fit, paint to match [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
Project '51 willy's total rebuild [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

**DONOTDELETE** 02-29-2000 06:08 PM

Re: 87 Grand Wagonner

I appreciate your help.
The VIN is 1JCNJ15N4HT087939

Cutch 88YJ

ozarkjeep 02-29-2000 10:14 PM

Re: 87 Grand Wagonner
Old Ken has been on teh FSJ list for as long as I can remember, he knows alot..

what he doesnt understand, is that without the CJ,YJ,XJ, and TJ he would have ZERO aftermarket following....

DUH, I guess that explains why he has filled his wheel wells with 2x4s jesus, dont give me the crap about wasting a FSJ, come and buy mine Kenny then you could save it from the inevitable crusher...

its like the old

" my ( blah blah brand) is better than you r( blah blah brand)"

with lots less imagination...

NW Arkansas, need a CJ rear seat

**DONOTDELETE** 02-29-2000 11:55 PM

Re: 87 Grand Wagonner

1- Country of Origin = US
J- Manufacturer = Jeep
C- Type = MPV (multipurpose vehical)
N- Engine = 360 v8
J-Tranny and T-case type = Auto column shift / Partime-Fulltime
15- Nameplate/Body Style = Wagoneer-4 Door Station Wagon-109" Wheelbase
N- GVWR = 5975-6200lbs
4-Check Digit = A single number or letter X or a check mark used to verify the accuracy
of the transcription of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
H- Model Year = 1987
T- Plant Code = Toledo
087939 = Sequential Serial Number (can be broken down into what
day and time it was rolled out..)

Hope this helps...
Those guys can help you if you have any more q?s...


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