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**DONOTDELETE** 01-15-2000 06:13 PM

Quadra Track
I am thinking about buying either a wagoneer or older cherokee and have run across some with quadra track. Folks in this forum say to stay away from it. Just curious as to what is wrong with it.

**DONOTDELETE** 01-15-2000 06:59 PM

Re: Quadra Track
They are not a bad TC. They are a full time unit that uses clutches in a center differential to allow the front and rear wheels to spin at different speeds. There is also a vacuum operated differential lock for the tc so that you can give it true four wheel drive. The only probs with them are that most are getting old and the clutches can have a tendency to wear out. It is also a chain driven unit so if it has not been maintained you do have the possibility of it breaking and it will destroy the case if it snaps. The chain is working all the time so it should be replaced about every 60,000 miles or so. Some had a low range unit on them, if it does not have the low range forget it for any type of real four wheeling. If it has the low range it is good for everything short of the most hardcore stuff. You can also get a part time kit for it from MileMarker which allows you to use it like a standard case, two wheel drive or four wheel drive. For hardcore wheeling the vacuum operated swithch for four wheel drive is a little less reliable than a good old lever and you cannot go to super low gearing even if it has the low range unit. The low range is sufficient for most wheeling, but you cannot get real low like you would need for hard rock crawling. I would not let it scare you away, I would give it a good overhaul and change the chain if you get one though just to be safe. One bonus is it is real easy to work on and you dont have to remove the whole case from the vehicle unless you are working on the front output yoke or the seal between the trans and the tc.

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