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**DONOTDELETE** 12-15-1999 05:53 PM

wagoneer springs?
First off are all years of Wagoneer front springs the same length? Can anyone recomend a nice flexy after market spring with a couple of inches of lift, or even a good stock height replacement?

**DONOTDELETE** 12-16-1999 02:49 PM

Re: wagoneer springs?
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wag springs changed for the 74 model year. 63-73 springs r interchangable, and so are 74-91. aftermarket lift kits r avail for the 74-91s, but none of them flex so great cuz in order to get lift, u need stiffness. since i have a 66 and no kits were avail, i dove into the idea of using my OEM springs and mounting them OVER the front axle tubes. i got about 5" of lift a a stock ride. im using a 77 wag front d44 diff. if u dont like the lift kits, talk to National Spring, check for their url, and ask them for advice.

check out my attachment too :)

**DONOTDELETE** 12-16-1999 04:26 PM

Re: wagoneer springs?
Thanks for the info, I actually salvaged the springs off of a rolled Wagoneer near my house, and I'm not sure of the year. I put them on my 91 Yota which I has a swaped in solid front axle. They sit flat but still give me about 4" over stock and plenty of room for my 33's. I can't aford any custom springs just yet, so I'll most likely add an add-a-leaf to the pack that is currently in the rear. I plan on using some F150 springs for the rear eventually.
PS Nice Jeep! :)

**DONOTDELETE** 12-20-1999 05:27 PM

Re: wagoneer springs?
can someone tell me the difference in the springs of the pre 74 and 74 and after so that I can see what I have. Is there any way to tell from the vehicle? I can't see the inside of the doors or under the hood. It is on it's top and all the doors are bashed in.

**DONOTDELETE** 12-21-1999 07:35 PM

Re: wagoneer springs?
well in the 74 model year the wheel base of the wags got reduced from 110" to 109". to do this the center bolt of ea spring, that is used to rest the diff tube spring pad on, is moved INBOARD. ud have to take the spring off to make sure. also, the front spring shackles r made of thin metal and r 1 piece. 63-73 wags have thick material 3 piece shackles. also, the 74 wags have a front sway bar. 63-73 wags did not. the rear shackle on 63-73 wags is mounted to the frame via a large dia pin. the 74 wags have a welded cup that the shackle sits in.

try this. take a measuring tape. run the tape from 1 end of the spring to the other. take that number. cut it in half. now does the pos of the diff tube sit EXACTLY that distance from the ends of ea spring end?

**DONOTDELETE** 12-22-1999 02:28 PM

Re: wagoneer springs?
I know that the pin on the springs is not centered, it is 2 longer on one half (when the spring is flat). This would mean I have the 74 springs, correct? What kind of axles would this have on it? A friend is thinking of using them on his Ranger.
Thanks for the help.

**DONOTDELETE** 12-23-1999 11:03 PM

Re: wagoneer springs?
that is correct. in the 74 wags the diffs wood both be d44s.

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