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**DONOTDELETE** 11-25-1999 08:13 PM

fsj rockcrawler toy questions
I have finally given up on my willys, too small and too much work, after perusing the truck ads and contemplating my wants (the heck with needs, who really needs a 4x4 anyways?) I have settled on a fullsize j series truck. I plan to modify a lot so the starting point is not too important but I want an idea of what I am getting myself into, first does anyone know the spring spacings front and rear? I plan on fullsize dodge axles, dana60 front in spring over and dana70 rear in same, can you do a shackle flip in the rear to make up the ride height? will that spring over and some serious fender trimming (hacking) fit 38 inch swampers? how hard is it to get performance parts for the stock v-8's?

**DONOTDELETE** 11-27-1999 05:11 PM

Re: fsj rockcrawler toy questions
go to this place
get on the mailing list
and ask the same Qs.

TEX 11-29-1999 11:05 AM

Re: fsj rockcrawler toy questions
<font color=purple> I've got a friend selling a '64 Gladiator shortbed in nice shape with a swapped in 460 (actually 472" & it's fresh), 44/9", 4.88's, & new 38.5X16" Swampers. He wants $6,000 U.S. & is in Missouri. Can probably get pics if you're interested. Doesn't sound too far from what you're wanting - other than the axles & maybe the blue oval under the hood. </font color=purple>


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**DONOTDELETE** 11-29-1999 01:03 PM

Re: fsj rockcrawler toy questions
First place to check for a FSJ that has those axels already and will fit those tires with NO MODIFICATIONS is the M715zone. You can swap in a 360 or 401 with standard J-truck parts, and if you know the right people, you can get a 401 to have 500 ft/lbs of torque on pump gas. The M715 was made between '67 and '69 and is the beefiest Jeep ever to come out stock (5/4 ton truck). True, it did have the 230 SOHC in-line 6, but there is no reason not to keep it all Jeep with a later AMC/Jeep V8. They BOLT IN! You can find the M715zone thru FSJ or AMC webrings, and check their links and classifieds to find one.

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