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**DONOTDELETE** 10-19-1999 08:40 PM

Were wide ratio T18s in J-10 pickups?
I found what I think is a J-10 pickup with a four-speed. My 4x4 catalog says that granny T18s weren't offered in J-10s, only those with a 4.02 first. I'll probably talk to the guy that owns it and get a better look at it, but I figured I better check here before wasting my time on a non-granny tranny. The VIN is JCM45NC53773. Anybody know what year that makes it? It was rubbed out on the tag. The truck has a Wagoneer badge (?) , front locking hubs, and a 6 lug, 1 piece rear. Could this have a granny first?


Pigpen 10-20-1999 09:40 AM

Re: Were wide ratio T18s in J-10 pickups?
What year is the truck? I dont have the code with me.
anyway T18A's(granny lows) were used pre 70 until 72?
and again in 78-79. I have vin break down's at home if you need exact info.
Email me at [email protected]

**DONOTDELETE** 10-20-1999 12:20 PM

Re: Were wide ratio T18s in J-10 pickups?
The year on the truck was rubbed out on the tag, but I'm thinking it might be a post '74 or so. I figures it's a J-10 because it seems to be a later '70s year and it's got the six-lug semi-floater out back. But I'm not sure. Did the J-10s even have T-18As? A lot of my information is coming from The Standard Catalog of 4x4s. According to the Catalog the J-10 never had a granny manual, but the Jeep Tranny Tech page on has a picture of a T-18A that it says came out of a J-10. If you don't have VIN breakdowns, do you know where I can look? Thanks a lot for the help.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-20-1999 09:00 PM

Re: Were wide ratio T18s in J-10 pickups?
1 Attachment(s)
the break down of u VIN is as follows
J is for jeep
the second value shood be a number indicating the year. from the style of the VIN it shood be a 75 or later j10.
M is 4spd
45 is j10 with 131" wheelbase
N is 6500GVW
C is for 258 I6 2bbl.
the rest is assembly line sequence number

**DONOTDELETE** 10-21-1999 11:44 AM

Re: Were wide ratio T18s in J-10 pickups?
I think most J-truck T-18s were wide ratio. I've got a long input T-18 from a '76 Cherokee with a 360 tucked under my work bench and it's got the 6.32:1 first. I also have a mid length input T-18 from a '72 J-10 that had a 6 cyl in my CJ and it's got the 6.32 first gear.

The best way to check is to pull it out of the truck, put it in first gear, and count how many turns on the input it takes to make one turn on the output.

I've also heard, but can't confirm, that the throw into first gear is noticably longer on the wide ratio T-18s.

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