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**DONOTDELETE** 10-18-1999 09:49 PM

need fsj expert or knowledgable
just wanting to know if the axles for a full size jeep with a quadrack will fit handly on a cj-7 that also has a quadtrack? what are the mods necessary and how difficult are they? i want a pair of those dand 44's under my rig if possible. thanks.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-18-1999 11:33 PM

Re: need fsj expert or knowledgable
I am in the process of installing fsj axles in my cj5. I have installed them in cj7's and in a nissan patrol. Here's the problem, using the axles as the are is near impossible because the frame width is different. The FSJ is 5"or so wider than the cj. the spring pads are therefore spread wider. That isn't a problem in the rear as you can simply move the spring pads. The biggest problem is the front axle. the passsenger side spring pad is incorporated into the Differential casting and can't be easly moved closer to center as would be required for the narrower frame of the CJ. Some of the options are as follows:
Have the axle cut down on the long shaft end 2.5 inches or more to allow the differential to be placed closer to center and install new spring pads.
Or, build brackets that will allow you to move the existing spring holders, attached to the CJ, to the outside of the frame, which is just about the right width of the FSJ. This is what I do, because I don't like not being able to buy replacment axles should I break a custom shaft.
So, to answer your question, yes it can and is being done, although some modifying and fabrication is nessessary. Let me know if you decide to proceed and I'l give you more details and suggestions if you like.

Also, I have a pair of axles from a 77 Cherokee that I'd be willing to sell if your interested, but i do live in So. Calif.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-22-1999 12:44 PM

Re: need fsj expert or knowledgable
I took a pair of 44s from a 79 J-10(quadratrac) and installed them under a YJ ( reusing a quadratrac with a part time kit). The extra stability from increased track width is amazing. (Indiana has no law regarding tire sticking out from under the fender). The rear swap is very straight forward. Just buy a set of new axle perchs from a speed shop and weld the on at the appropriate place. The front is more difficult. The YJ has a wider frame than a CJ- so the spacing happened to be identical to the J-10. I have seen guys make side-saddle hangers for the frame that put the springs outboard of the frame rails to accomodate the spacing of the axle perches. If you want to complicate things more- do a spring over buy carving a flat place on the top of the pumpkin instead of using the spring perch on the bottom. The J-10, YJ conversion is easier because the leaf springs are the same width. The CJ has narrower springs. It can be done, but like most things that can be done- it requires some careful thought before starting to cut and paste. Like the fellow that posted immediately above this post- I would be glad to help with pictures, drawings or advice if that would be helpful. The biggest thing would be to check whether your state is going to have a problem with the extra width of the axles- if so, you may have so much invested in narrowing axles that you'd be better off starting with a narrower axle to begin with. Best of luck, Luke

87 Wrangler, 360, 39.5 Boggers, Dana 44s

**DONOTDELETE** 10-22-1999 02:19 PM

Re: need fsj expert or knowledgable
Like everyone said, the rear is easy.

I like to narrow the front ends for use on a CJ. Go to the Jeep-tech section and look for the Dana 44 conversion articles. I have an article on narrowing a FSJ front end to use in a CJ and so does my friend Jefe. I think it's actually easier to narrow the housing than to outboard the springs. Narrowing also makes the front axle exactly match the width of the rear, normally front axles are about 3" wider.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-26-1999 02:12 PM

Re: need fsj expert or knowledgable
thanks for the replies guys. everyone agrees that the rear is easy, but different opinions on the front. i am interested to find out how hard it would be to mount the springs outside the frame (I like the idea of not having to order custom axles for it). the problem is that I do not have the extra money right now to do the swap but I would really appreciate if someone would give me some further details. would would be the cost comparison between having the axle cut down as opposed to the springs moved outboard? (Materials, etc)

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