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**DONOTDELETE** 08-30-2001 09:23 PM

\'85 Grand Wagoneer DOA
So, a few weeks ago my GW started acting funky. I blew my BU/Seat fuse (no reason, replaced it and it held, no problem). After that, whenever I turned on my headlights the dinger would go off (like my Jeep wasn't running) annoying, but everything still worked fine. I spent my spare time going through her from top to bottom, battery, altenator, starter solenoid, pulled every fuse, replaced battery cables, still didn't fix the problem. Today, in the middle of the road it died. Nothing . . bypass starter solenoid . . starter works but no ignition. I had bought a new ignition switch, so thereon the curb, I tore out the ignition switch and replaced it . . nothing. I checked my grounds (neutral safety switch included) . . nothing. Finally, I pulled the external wire junction (the one on the Driver's side that feeds the fuse box) I couldn't pull the inside (I didn't have my Torx set with me). The tabs were OK, and certainly covered with anti-oxident grease. I have good power to the outside of the firewall. Finally, I had a twelve gauge that I had run up front for some other accessories so I took that, jammed it into the feed for the ignition switch . . . Bingo! Still wouldn't activate the solenoid though (???!) so I jumped the solenoid and it ran. I made it home. Any suggestions or past experience? I am hoping that when I pull the inside box I'll find a broken wire or something simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Phil

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