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**DONOTDELETE** 07-22-2001 05:49 PM

J20 Should I buy?
So I saw a a 1980 J20 for sale in Southern California, it says it has a new V8 and auto transmission in it. The clock said 190k on it (seams like a lot). It looks like it's been through hell (plenty of rust). But it looks like it has a D44 or smaller in the front, and maybe a 60 rear or somthing preaty large. It looked like it had a little lift on it. There were blocks in the back, and some lift company shocks all around, and some larger then stock tires, wasn't really paying attention the size, 31's maybe? I don't really know anything about J trucks, so help me out here, I have an XJ with a 6" lift that I use for my daily driver, and some mild-hard wheeling. I love Jeeps, and I would like to have a J truck that I could A. use as an occasional drive, B. nice to have a big bed for transporting things that wont fit in the Cherokee, and C. I wouldn't really care about it as much as I do about my beloved Cherokee. (ie if I rolled it, it wouldn't be so bad, considering I've already rolled one Cherokee!)

So anyhow, it said 3,500 dollars on it. It seams like a lot to me, especially since the mileage (though the "new" engine/tranny makes be feel better about that) and the rust. It could use a paint job, but since it's going to be a beater when I go wheeling, I'll just get it earl shiebed or somthing :).

Thanks for your help. I don't know how often I check this so, if ya could email with any hints, tips or suggestions.
My email is:
[email protected]

Oh, and sorry for the 10million word essay ;)

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