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**DONOTDELETE** 12-30-2002 10:35 PM

New guy who needs some information
I am looking at buying some wagoneer axles. They are both Passenger side pumkins. Dana 44;s with the 6 on 5.5 bolt pattern. Did these axles come with locking hubs or is it vacuum actuated? How do I determine what the ring and pinion ratio is? And what is the center of the pumpkin to drum measurement? ect center of diffirental to drum pass. side is 20" and center diff to drivers side is 38. Please help. Thank you.


trailisman 12-31-2002 08:05 AM

Re: New guy who needs some information
1) Some D44s were available with manual locking hubs - some ('83-'84) with vacuum locking hubs. The axles you have are likely from a pre 1980 Quadra-trac equipped Jeep and would have fixed drive flange.

2) Should be a small tag bolted to differential cover. Stamped in the tag is number of teeth on ring and on pinion. If tag too rusty to read or missing -
.a) Raise one wheel, spin it two times, count number of rotations pinion makes - this is ratio to 1. i.e. - 3 and 3/4 rotations = 3.73:1
.b) Or... pull the cover and count teeth.

3) I don't understand - Are you asking what the measurement is? ...Or are you saying that you did measure to be 20" and 38"? WMS to WMS should be about 57.5" and the differential should offset about 4"

**DONOTDELETE** 12-31-2002 08:21 AM

Re: New guy who needs some information
Thanks for the reply.

I was asking how far off center the rear pumkin is? I know it goes to the passenger side I was just curious how far to the side?

So are you say that the front has locking hubs. I am not familure with the terminolgy used. "fixed drive flange. "

And thanks for the tag information and all other information. Sorry if I sound ignorant but that is why I am asking questions.



trailisman 12-31-2002 11:04 AM

Re: New guy who needs some information
No worries, Jason... let's see if I can do better -

This pic shows axle assembly w/o locking hub or fixed flange installed.
Inside is the axle shaft (external spline), the engine drives this. The wheel hub has internal spline. These spin independent of eachother until linked.

A locking hub allows link from wheel to axle shaft to be conntected (locked) or disconnected (unlocked) with twist of dial. Fixed drive flange is always locked (fixed)... the link is always connected when a flange is installed.

Most likely the axles are from 1973-1980 Quadra-trac equipped Jeep Wagoneer (both D44s and both diffs offset to pass side). These Jeep D44 axles were not equipped with manual or auto locking hubs from the factory. The QT system was full time all wheel drive. No need to ever disconnect the front hubs therefore fixed drive flange was used.
Aftermarket locking hubs are available for D44 axles.

I couldn't find a good image to show difference between locking hub and drive flange... but here is a locking hub from Warn site A fixed flange is similar but but it is just a hunk of machined metal - does not have mechanism to unlock.

Hope this helps to understand what I mean to say... for more info or more clear info - try some searching on for "locking hub", "drive flange", "Dana 44", etc. Should find some good info or maybe even an exploded drawing.

**DONOTDELETE** 12-31-2002 05:52 PM

Re: New guy who needs some information
Thank you so much I totaly understand. I am thankful that you helped me and hope I can return the favor sometime. If you are ever at Tellico in NC let me know. I live very close and would love to ride with you any time.

What do you all think of the Dana 18 t-case? Twin or single stick? I am trying to gather information on this an want opinons. Thank you


I have a Samurai that is far from a samuai
I have a 4.3 ltr V6 with 700R4 trans and lots more. The only thing Samurai is the frame and body. I guess that is only thing worth keeping if you like short wheel base. {ropject is still in the eearly stages and needs lots of work and money. I have the time but not the money if you knwo what I mean?

Thank you again

trailisman 01-02-2003 12:32 PM

Re: New guy who needs some information
No problem. Anytime. That is what Jeeps are for.
Thanks for the invite... I will do that for sure if I make trip to Tellico. Very cool.
I think the Dana18 is a great case. It is stout and has decent low range. Later models (I think '64 & up) have larger dia (1.25") intermediate shaft - strongest. It is a noisy case because all gears spin all the time. I like twin stick, more choices. I think most D18s were that way stock. Uses same 'Texas' mount pattern as the Dana20 and can be adapted to just about any transmission.
Don't know project plans, what parts you have or have access to but - don't discount the Borg Warner Quadra-trac if an auto trans in planned. They are cheap enough and do work quite well when properly maintained. Cheap mods can be made to eliminate most of the problems with the cone clutch LSD.
Also if wheelbase is long enough, the offset rear axle can be used with a center output t/c.

I like Samurais... I have seen them take a beating and go through some crazy places in just slightly modified state. They are tiny. Too tiny because my kids and wife like to go as well. Now that we have three, we all can't fit in a CJ. So I have been looking for a decent condition FSJ. Mostly I find them either super rusty or 1000+ miles away or way more than I can afford. I'll keep looking. No big... I still have a pile of Jeep stuff and a garage to tinker with/in. Just not much time so progress is slow.

I know what you mean about time and money... went through periond of no money but plenty time ...then money but no time no money and no time - hope is that this is a pattern and next will be plenty of money and plenty of time [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

So - What is your project plan? Always fun to hear what others are working on.

**DONOTDELETE** 01-03-2003 08:14 AM

Re: New guy who needs some information
This is my project and a sort of story.

I had a samurai on 33" tires and some small mods that got me around for awhile. Then the motor started to give out and so did the transmission. So I parked it and used it only to beat around in. At this point I still needed a way to get to school and work. (College Student) So my sister send me her 88 chevy balzer. It has a 4.3 and auto trans. But is two drive and got hit by a train on the way to my house. But it still drove althought the entire body is wrecked. This gave me a donor motor and trans. Now this new motor was bigger, the Trans longer and has 100 more HP than my stock motor. So I figured instead of breaking all my stock running gear piece by piece in bad places like the middle of the woods, I would change everything. So here I am... Saturday a guy from Alabama is going to come get all my old samurai stuff and bring me new jeep stuff. So I will have a new thing to drive that I will call "The Yeti". So far I am right in the getting ready to put it together stage but still need a few parts.

I will try to post stuff as I do it if you all are intrested.

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