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**DONOTDELETE** 08-16-2000 07:40 AM

twin stick t-case
I am in the need for some expert IH knowledge. I have come across an 800 with a twin stick t-case, the question I have is it a dana 20? I took a look under and it looked as though the rear diff is centered so I dont think it would be the 18. If it is the 20 will the twin sticks bolt up to the jeep version? I'm building a commando and would like this feature. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Not new to wheeling but relatively new to Jeeps
It.s a Jeep thing, now I understand

tsm1mt 08-17-2000 04:22 PM

Re: twin stick t-case
The 800 should have a Dana 20, and they did come in twin-stick versions.

The twin stick shifters would bolt onto a Jeep '20 (FAIK), but you'll probably still need to modify the Jeep '20's shifter rails to accomodate the "side notch" style shifters. You might think you could use the twin-stick 20's shift rails in your Jeep '20 when you rebuild it, but there was also a design change when they went to the single-stick such that set-screws and stupid "little" things like that are all in the wrong places to make the swap easy - easier to swap the twin-stick Scout 20 into the Jeep.

I don't think the 2-stick '20 from the factory is as useful as a good modified 'case. It shouldl still have an interlocking plunger preventing RWD -hi, FWD-only use at all, and things like that. Basically about as useful as a single-stick unit, but with 2x the sticks to operate.

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