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The Binder Bulletin

Just reminding everyone that The Binder Bulletin <> also has an excellent Tech Talk section that is frequented by many IH enthusiasts from across the world. And a year's membership of $15 (4 newsletters) also helps to support the website and many Scout/IH vendors.

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No more SPAM please

BTW - I can see how paying Mr. Thebert $15 might help support his enterprises, but I fail to
see how that might help support any of the IH vendors.


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Re: The Binder Bulletin

A few points for clarification of some issues mentioned above:

1) The Binder Bulletin web site itself is free for anyone to use. You don't have to register (like you do here) or purchase anything to visit the web site as often as you like.

2) The Binder Bulletin web site is supported by advertising and voluntary subscriptions ($15 annually) to the Binder Bulletin printed newsletter which is published quarterly. But again, subscriptions to the printed newsletter are strictly optional and voluntary.

3) The money from subscriptions, above the cost to publish and mail the newsletters, plus the cost of hosting the domain name (, goes to support IH events around the U.S., and to a chosen charity each year. Therefore...

4) Be careful about slandering someone, implying that money from Binder Bulletin subscriptions goes in the webmaster's pocket. The Binder Bulletin is a registered non-profit organization, and the webmaster does not draw a salary. That was, I'm sure, an unfounded accusation from someone who should be more mature.

Off Road Dot Com is a very nice web site, especially for Jeep owners. I would say it is (overall) geared more toward Jeep owners than anything. I'm not offended at that, and it's perfectly understandable since there are a lot more CJ's and Wranglers on the road than Scouts and Scout IIs. I'm glad they offer this IH forum and host Jim Weed's page. But for an IH-specific web site, in terms of the amount of information available, in my opinion you won't find one more comprehensive or more professionally maintained than the Binder Bulletin. I would encourage any IH enthusiast to check it out.

Tom McMillion
Waynesboro, VA
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Re: The Binder Bulletin

If you'll reread what I posted, you'll see that I was asking the question of how the purchace
of a binder bulletin subscripition helped to support IH VENDORS as the original poster
claimed - and your post didn't answer this. I made no references to the webmaster's
pocket and did not imply any improper financial activity on his part. I referred to the
binder bulletin web site and newsletter as his enterprises because he runs them (or
I thought he did - feel free to correct me if that is not the case). So if you you think I
slandered him and want to sue me, then go for it. Everyone watch what you say - they're
taking notes and contacting their lawyers!

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Re: The Binder Bulletin

Well, you did not say "purchase a Binder Bulletin subscription", as you are saying now, rather you said "paying Mr. Thebert $15 might support his enterprises..." There's quite a difference, I think, in how the first of those two statements can be percieved. I apologize for misreading you, but I had no way to understand the meaning of your post in the way you've since described it in your followup, from what you originally posted. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up.

You're absolutely correct that the Binder Bulletin doesn't "support" IH vendors, at least not directly or through any revenue being distributed to the vendors. But it does offer a nice forum where IH vendors can (for very little expense) display banner advertisements on an IH-specific web site that is visited by as many as several hundred IH enthusiasts every day. And the money from those advertisements (above the actual cost to operate the web site) in addition to supporting a chosen charity each year, goes to sponsor IH-related events at various locations around the country.

Also people do buy products from the vendors as a result of the advertisements on the web site, and at some of the IH events sponsored by the Bulletin, which vendors often attend. So in a very real sense, the Binder Bulletin does support the IH vendors indirectly, through sales generated for those vendors.

Note: I have no personal affiliation with Bill Thebert, in fact I've never met him. I am a paid subscriber to the Binder Bulletin newsletter and a regular visitor (almost every day) to that web site.

Tom McMillion
Waynesboro, VA
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Re: The Binder Bulletin

If you like the binder bulletin, then please visit it as often as you like. But this is a very
large world wide web, and I think there is room for more than one IH related site.
I have no problem with responding to someone's question with 'there is currently
a discussion of that topic on the binder bulletin tech talk'', etc. But I think it is
nothing more than spam for binder bulletin members/fans/whatever to post to this
site saying 'this site sucks', 'the binder bulletin is better', 'go to the binder bulletin'
This site is not an advertisement board for the binder bulletin.


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Re: The Binder Bulletin

I have to step in on this one!

I have no affiliation to Binder bulletin, and DO NOT subscribe to it.

You would think that this is a site for exchange of information related to IH correct?

Then saying there is additional info available somewhere else how does this violate this premise?

Binder Bulletin does not charge to visit the site, use the tech talk area, or classifieds, or anything else. The ONLY thing that costs is the paper newsletter!

Now as a side note I frequent both sites, and I will tell you that binder bulletin has far more traffic, and knowlege freely, and readily available than anywhere else!

Jim's pages here are EXCELLENT! I have no problem there, but this forum lacks the flow of ideas, and questions and answers that the bulletin provides. I have learned almost all that I know about binders from binder bulletin, and the rest from Jim's pages here, and next to none from this forum. I still visit this forum daily or every other day or so hoping to find some little golden nugget of info...

Just my .02 worth!
Don't bother flaming, I really don't care!

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Re: The Binder Bulletin

If you would like to make it a *policy* of this forum that no guest is EVER allowed to mention The Binder Bulletin, then simply *do so* and be done with it, Curt.

But calling every mere mention of the Bulletin "spam" is an injustice on two counts:

1) It plainly implies "commercial gain" -- which is emphatically not the case.

Off-road.COM is in the 4x4-info business for the cash; binderbulletin.ORG is in it for love, and for the community-building impact we can have. Every nickel of Binder Bulletin revenue since our inception five years ago has been poured right back into one IH community-building project or another.

In fact, because I enjoy four-wheeling far more than I enjoy accounting, I actually end up pouring many hundreds (if not thousands) of my own personal cash into the Bulletin each year.

2) It cheapens and demeans the *true* anti-spam cause. Spam is a serious issue that impacts almost everyone here. It eats up bandwidth, disk space and MIPs, and is an issue that deserves to be taken very seriously. It increases operating costs for every company and ISP, and ultimately for every end-user.

I respect what Jim has built here. I respect each and every one of the more than 200 IH-specific web sites that I know to exist. Folks in the forums on refer one another to different IH-related web sites ALL THE TIME. And no one "gets their undies in a bunch" over it.

No one flies off the handle when someone in TechTalk suggests checking out Jim's "reverse-shackle diagrams", or the photos he's posted of the nifty knuckle-twisting jig. And no one accuses the message-poster of "spamming" on behalf of *this* commercial site.

Your consistent hostility toward the Bulletin mystifies me, Curt. Can't we both ( and simply make our respective contributions to Binder-dom, and each be grateful for & acknowledging of the other? Think of all the positive things you could accomplish if all that hateful energy were redirected into something constructive.

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Re: The Binder Bulletin

Thank you Bill, that really needed to be said. Both of these boards are respectable, although if I had to choose between the two I'd definitely pick the Binder Bulletin. Bill, keep up the good work!

It's sad, addition to Binders, I'm a Dodge man, and I've seen people fighting over what engine's the best (literally fighting; in this case it was the V-10 versus the Cummins) for the new Ram pickups. Any energy used for the purpose of attempting to damage another of your own community is energy badly wasted. All U.S. vehicles are created equal (except Chevys; they're just junk); there is no point in fighting amongst ourselves, for any reason (the example I gave or the previous example or anything else).
Sorry; kinda got off track...but what harm has the Binder Bulletin ever done to anyone? Certainly nothing I cna think of that'd make someone actually want to do something like that.
Okay, before I just plain start rambling (like I haven't already :P ), I'd better get off my soapbox...good luck to all, and remember that all people are created's what they do to themselves that changes them...

The Warden

1980 International-Harvester Scout II SD-33T
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Re: The Binder Bulletin

>> I was asking the question of how the purchace [sic]
>> of a Binder Bulletin subscription helped to support IH VENDORS as the
>> original poster claimed - and your post didn't answer this.

I am probably in the best position to answer this for you.

The Binder Bulletin uses its revenues (from both memberships and advertising) for all sorts of community-building purposes.

*EVERYTHING* we do with membership dollars to build and increase excitement about the IH brand is a benefit to IH Vendors. Likewise, everything we do to make IH-ownership easier and more fun is of benefit to IH Vendors as well. We are keeping alive (and actually growing) their customer base.

In 2000 we will be sponsoring seven major IH-related events:

Arizona IH Rendezvous
Dixie IH Regionals
IH Western Regionals
Midwest IHC Classic
Rocky Mountain IH Rendezvous
Northwest Binder Roundup
IH Scout & Light Truck Nationals

At sponsoprship rates of $150 to $300 apiece, this represents a substantial investment of membership dollars in cultivating "excitement" and "community" among the customers of IH-specific vendors.

Additionally, we've built a web site that delivers between 40,000 and 50,000 page exposures PER DAY to a highly-specific audience; and the Bulletin makes advertising to this audience available at rates substantially below the market average.

For example, charges "$15 per 1,000 exposures" for basic banner advertising. Each advertiser in the Binder Bulletin's "TechTalk" section receives upwards of 5,000 ad exposures EACH DAY. At's rates, this would cost $75 PER DAY at a minumum for advertising -- yet the Bulletin sells it for as low as $60 PER MONTH. Another valuable benefit to the business-members of the IH community that is made possible only by means of membership dollars that support our entire mission.

Further, we've tied nearly 200 IH-specific web sites together into a community known as the "IHC WebRing". We will soon be rolling out a program where these 200 webmasters can "donate" a few square inches of their page(s) to display banner ads for the business members of our community -- at rates substantially lower than even those mentioned above. This new program is called the "Binder Banner Exchange", and is described at:

Several IH-specific vendors have placed links to the Binder Bulletin's "TechTalk" area on their own web sites -- in order to keep their own staff members busily and productively engaged in SELLING, rather than on the phone EDUCATING & answering technical questions at no charge. Everything that the Bulletin does to educate potential buyers of IH-specific products is a benefit to IH Vendors.

In summary, there are literally dozens of things that the Binder Bulletin does to support IH Vendors -- both directly and indirectly -- and all of them are made possible by membership revenues.

We provide services to THREE levels of contituents at the Binder Bulletin:

I. INDIVIDUALS (the newsletter, TechTalk, Classifieds, other web services)
II. CLUBS (mailing list services, event calendar, financial assistance)
III. BUSINESSES (see above)

All are equally important and valued members of the Binder Bulletin community.

Hope that helps to answer your question.


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