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**DONOTDELETE** 12-17-1999 05:13 PM

V6 engine
I was wondering where I could get some info on the 266 that IH made.. I looked on binderbullitin and they dont have a whole lot on that engine.. I was sorta wondering whether or not I could fit one in my 63' Scout 80. I know it is really hard to get a V8 in, but was hoping I could fit a V6 in.. thanx

**DONOTDELETE** 12-19-1999 08:08 PM

Re: V6 engine
Hi. I'm about 99% sure the 266 was a V-8 based on the same block as the 304-345-392. So you'd be a lot better off using the 345 or 304 engine, as I think the 266 is REALLY obsolete. You might want to check the Binder bunch's website , as I think they've probably put just about everything into Scouts. Well, not everything. If you want the address to the Binder bunches website, let me know. If IH put the 152 or 192(?) four cylinder engines in your Scout, I would think the V-8 would fit, as the fours are just half of a V-8. Good luck, Bob KNOTTS

**DONOTDELETE** 12-20-1999 11:45 AM

Re: V6 engine
As noted by another poster, the 266 was a v8 with the same block dimensions as the 304 (it has the same stroke as a 304, but a
smaller bore, so it would be exactly as difficult to install a 266 as a 304/345/392. I don't believe that rebuild kits are still available
for the 266. This all assumes that you're not talking about one of the IH inline 6's, like the 264(?).


**DONOTDELETE** 12-20-1999 11:55 AM

Re: V6 engine
Thanx curt... really the quetion I had in mind is what can engine can I put in my Scout 80 without havin to go through hell.. The research that I have done on installing a V8 shows that it is very intense, and suggestions on what other engine I could put in without having to go through much trouble.. but still has quit a bit more power than my 152.. thanx

**DONOTDELETE** 12-20-1999 12:27 PM

Re: Straight 6 engine
If you can pick up a Jeep (AMC) 232 or better yet a 258 straight six motor/tranny/xfercase from a Scout 80/800 or Scout II, that would be a decent swap. Don't forget you'll need driveshafts too. In such a case no adapters between the motor, tranny and xfer case would be required. Don't forget some of these components can be gotten from Jeep CJs (stay away from post-1979 Jeep manual trannies). The AMC sixes (232 and 258) were used in some Scout 800s, possibly some later Scout 80s, and in early Scout IIs up to '73. They have very good torque characteristics and good longevity. And certainly not as much trouble as a V8 swap where you have to trim inner fenders and such, though the radiator mounts might have to change to move the radiator forward a bit. And of course six cylinder motor mounts would be required from a donor vehicle or new ones made.

Hope this helps.

Tom McMillion
Waynesboro, VA

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