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**DONOTDELETE** 12-05-1999 03:20 AM

6.9L versus SD-33T
On average, which engine is more reliable? I've got an '80 Scout II SD-33T turbo diesel with the T-19 close-ratio tranny, but may be able to get an '84 Ford F-250 with a 6.9l diesel and T-19 (not sure if it's close or wide-ratio) with the hydraulic clutch and all that. I love my Scout, but, given the rust and all, if everything's equal as far as drivetrain reliability goes, I'd rather have the pickup. Thoughts? Comments? At this point, I'm pretty much fishing for info; no hard decisions as of yet (don't even know if the truck will be made available to me yet). I can only afford to support one vehicle at the moment, so if I got the truck I don't know what I'd do with the Scout (would rather not sell it, though :) but if I have no choice, so be it). I know that I'll get worse fuel mileage with the 6.9l. In addition, the truck's done a fair amount of sitting these past few years (my uncle has a motorcycle that he mostly drives now; doesn't really need the truck and is considering selling it to me for a VERY low price (or just plain giving it to me :) )). Again, any thoughts/comments on this? Thanks in advance!

The Warden

slowpoke 01-01-2000 11:22 PM

Re: 6.9L versus SD-33T
id grab the 6.9 in a minute. ive got an 86 1 ton i use in a hot shot business pulling a 40' gooseneck that has 400,000 plus miles.This truck has been extremely dependable. It pulls loads in exess of 20,000 lbs daily with no problem. Granted it does not have the power of a turbo diesel , say like my 97 dodge cummins (200,000 plus miles). I get an average of 10.4 mpg pulling the trailer empty/loaded (8500 lbs. empty).Only thing ive done to it since i got it at 120,000miles is put a cam , rebuild the injectors, everything else is regular maintanance. Know 2 friends that have gone over 600 k on 6.9's. cant say enough good about the 6.9 . good luck :)

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