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**DONOTDELETE** 11-16-1999 08:33 PM

ARB versus Detroit Locker???
I've got some more questions regarding my 77 Scout II. I've just done a spring-over on the axles and reversed the shackles in the front. I'm getting a chevy front end with a Dana 44 built with the pumpkin twisted. My question is should I use a ARB air locker or get a detroit locker. Who out there has any opinions on this. I'm also putting 35" BFGoodrich tires and 488 gears. Any comments and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. (p.s. thanks for the info curt!)

**DONOTDELETE** 11-17-1999 10:17 AM

Re: ARB versus Detroit Locker???
I went with Detroits front and rear - bullet proof and no other parts (air compressor, hoses, etc) to fail. They
have their on-road handling quirks, but I don't even notice them any more. Some people are very happy
with ARBs, but I've met a few people who've had lots of trouble with the air compressors, air hoses,
O-rings, etc. I'd say that if this is primarily a trail rig, I'd go with the Detroits. If it's a combination
commuter/trail rig, then I might give more consideration to the ARBs. A Detroit in the front axle,
especially when combined with 35" tires, can make steering difficult at times - a twin-stick conversion
on the transfer case helps this, by letting you shift into 2wd (high or low range) to free up the steering
when you don't need 4wd.


**DONOTDELETE** 11-19-1999 12:42 PM

Re: ARB versus Detroit Locker???
I also went with the Detroits in the front and back. I like the idea that i know it is locked all the time. Also that there are no accessories that go along with it, to break or wear. Unlike the ARB you have the air lines that either get snagged by debris unless route properly. Depending on your elevation, sometimes water will form in the air lines and will drop in to your diff. Then you have to make sure that the air compressor is in tip top shape. I run my as a daily driver/weekend rockcrawler. I have had no problem with the detroits on the street. I also run 35 inch tires and when four wheeling down hill its nice to have the twin stick option. I went with the Atlas t/case for the twin stick. Then you save money between the both the detroit is cheaper and you know how bulletproof and dependable it is to you in the long run.

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