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**DONOTDELETE** 12-15-2002 08:10 PM

Doetsch-Tech Coil-Over failure
Thought you all might want to know about Doetsch-Tech's business practices.

[email protected]

**DONOTDELETE** 12-18-2002 08:46 AM

Re: Doetsch-Tech Coil-Over failure

To everybody who read my site, dropped me a line, and sent email to Doetsch-Tech I give a hearty THANK YOU!

Mario called me several times today to talk about what happened, and to let me know he has received several emails on this issue. I thank you all for responding, and I can tell you that Doetsch-Tech certainly got the message about poor customer support.

Mario in so many words stated that he was at fault, and that this issue was his bad. He had received bad information from other people, and passed this information on to me. However, after several phone calls from me, he still didn’t check on these people that were feeding him bad information. This is where he failed the customer, me.
Being a business owner myself, a computer consultant, I know that customer service is number one. Statistically, one upset customer tells 7 customers and one happy customer tells 3 customers. Therefore, I would think that it would be in Mario (Doetsch-Tech’s) best interest to make their customers happy. However, in this case, this was not a priority at the time. I can now tell you, that Doetsch-Tech is trying to make their customers happy. In fact, I told Mario I was going to relay an e-mail to him concerning another customer that was blown off by a Doetsch-Tech engineer. Mario seemed genuinely interested in fixing this issue as well. It appears that Doetsch-Tech is understaffed at this time, which could have also played a role in Mario’s delinquent customer service skills. Mario also stated, he had an issue getting the coils shot-peened. Nevertheless, poor service is inexcusable at any time, unless a proper and immediate excuse can be provided. In this case, there was none. Had I been told, the coils were on back order, the coils needed to be painted, they were out of stock, SOMETHING, I could have waited, and accepted this. I know, as well as many people in the off-road community, parts often end up on back order. This is a fact of life. But to be told I should get them any day for nearly a month…this just wore on my last nerve and really ticked me off.

Mario and I talked at length about the coils, their collapse, making sure the proper coils are sent to the customer, proper questions are asked by all parties involved, and proper customer service is provided to the end customer. Mario stated that his engineers took a close look at the coils that I returned and noted that they were ¾” shorter than any other coils of this rating. He also stated they had some issues with a previous coil manufacturer and thinks I may have received a bum set of coils. This may be why the coils collapsed as far as they did. Now…this may be the case, however this is not confirmed. But, in all fairness, Doetsch-Tech has taken the time to find out why the coils collapsed and have found a discrepancy between my original coils and any other set of coils of the same rating. This, in my opinion, shows they are making an attempt at rectifying the problem, and ensuring that future customers do not endure this type of problem. I can respect this type of action.

I asked several times if my replacement coils are 750lb/in coils, and he assured me that they were. In fact, he said these specific coils were load tested before they left Doetsch-Tech. I did note that these replacement coils are have more winds in the coils and appear to be wound a bit tighter. This weekend, I will get them installed and tested out. As usual, I will have the report on my web page.

In ending our conversation, he apologized for dropping the ball, and did want to make it right. I can respect that action. In all fairness, I asked him to send me an email detailing our conversation and any notes that the engineers may have come across. I stated I would post this information on my site, in support of his coil-overs. I’m sure Doetsch-Tech does have good products, and I think this incident, along with a strong response from the web, has taught Doetsch-Tech a lesson in customer service. We both agreed that Doetsch-Tech has learned from this incident, as well as resellers, to ask the right questions from the start. They have also learned to anticipate changes in people’s vehicles and adjust their products accordingly. I hope that this helps Doetsch-Tech become a better company, especially in the customer Service arena.

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