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86DIESEL 09-05-2002 04:18 PM

broken turn signal/dimmer switch
Where would be the best place to buy a turn signal/dimmer switch for my 86. I found the application i need in an LMC catalog. Any other suggestions of where to buy one would be great. LMC wants $89 for one with cruise control/variable speed wipers/etc.

87sm465np208 09-05-2002 05:40 PM

Re: broken turn signal/dimmer switch
autozone carrys yur thing your on a quest for, just saw one when i went there inquireing about an o2 sensor for my 87' i belive it was around 25-50$ cant remember clearly, but give them a call if a compentant person answers the phone, you should be good to go [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img], hope this helps.

Drey 09-05-2002 06:56 PM

Re: broken turn signal/dimmer switch
ya LMC, they rule i think oyu could almost build a truck from scratch with one of those catalogs, on a Off note, how warm does your 6.2 run before the thermostat kciks it back down?

86DIESEL 09-05-2002 10:15 PM

Re: broken turn signal/dimmer switch
Drey, My 6.2 usually runs around 195-200*. I'm not sure when the t-stat kicks in on it though. I rarely run in overdrive anymore. In OD it will run over 200* and gradually increase up to about 220 or so and won't come down unless i slow down considerably or downshift into third. I believe i have a 180* tstat. It only gets 15.5 mpg at best these days. Right now the diesel is back home and i let my brother drive it. I drive the AMC here at school.

Drey 09-05-2002 11:29 PM

Re: broken turn signal/dimmer switch
yeah mine was up at 220 too, but its weird my C10 always ran around 200

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