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What kind of Off-Roader are You?

Just curious what type of wheeling everybody is into, and what your trucks are built for.
Street(Iknow this isn't off road, but lets not discriminate)
or Combo?
I personally run mostly mud, and my truck is built strictly for it. Doesn't flex worth crap, deathtrap on the road (and totally illegal, Too wide and long for trails, and I have never tried sand.
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Re: What kind of Off-Roader are You?

Well I used to just be a little dork with a truck that liked to splash in mud puddles, but now I kind of don't like deep mud with standing water.

I like dirt trails and slickrock, not places that are full fo rocks, places that are MADE of rocks like moab, mostly trails and hilly junk.

It's my daily driver too.... [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]
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Re: What kind of Off-Roader are You?

Yep, I used to think mud was all there is but now that I have tried trails and the such, I like it. The willys is being built for rocks with the occasional mud hole. But mainly for trails and rocks. The big truck will see everything it can fit on. And I seem to like climbing steep hills and crave things with a chance of rollover for some reason[img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img].

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Re: What kind of Off-Roader are You?

Combo truck here...for now, later on once i get a second 4x4 that will be my daily driver prolly like a 91-95 IFS Chevy(good lord did i just say i was gonna BUY A IFS...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) then, i grab a 6 inch lift, 36s and fender triming. even then ill still use it for work and stuff. that old beast wont be a FULL offroader for prolly 10 years. Rockcrawling would be oool but to damn flat around here, so muddin is pretty much it. i think theres a trail about 30 miles from here, though
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Re: What kind of Off-Roader are You?

It wasn't until I moved up here that I didn't have to worry about finding car parts, nails, and other sharp things at the bottom of a mud hole so I never went on them. Now you usually get your tires chunked on tree roots. I'm still not a fan of mud because of the mess. I don't like cleaning baked-on mud from my nice pretty orange motor. Plus, I don't want to get my interior full of water either. If I go play in the mud I spark up the quad and go play and come back with mud everywhere but where my helmet was.

Rocks provide too much carnage for my liking. Maybe if I had a POS and didn't mind beating it up then it'd be different. I've seen enough grenaded differentials, blown transfer cases, and rockers that are mangled so bad that they keep JC Whitney in business to keep me from enjoying it.

I like trails. I've always liked trails. I'm a little oldschool though. I always scout ahead and then drive my truck through.

Sand, by far, is my favorite. It's probably the hardest on a vehicle though. Every seal has to be in perfect shape or you'll be buying a new one in perfect shape by the end of the day. The cooling system is going to piss and moan all day. Chances are that your vehicle is going to spend a good chunk of the day going 10-40mph at high rpms (2000-3000 most of the time) in incredible heat. Of course, when I'm playing on the dunes I put a sticker on the back of my quad that says "Speed kills.. ride a Honda." and I put a piece of plastic with a sticker on it that says "Speed kills.. drive a Ford" in the back window (I hate stickers on vehicles).

My truck, now, is a PLQ.

Aren't axles like rockwells illegal on the road since they have pinion brakes? A guy at school in the local 4wd club is building a truck like yours on top of rockwells by the way. . .
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Re: What kind of Off-Roader are You?

My K5 is currently my rocks and trails vehicle as well as my daily driver until I get my Cherokee running right... then the Blazer will be rocks and trails only... I don't like mud just for the simple fact that what took you 3 minutes to apply takes 1hr and 3 minutes to get back off...
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Re: What kind of Off-Roader are You?

Mostly trails and hills. Occasional mud when we get rain here. Or urban off-roading by flexing on loading dock ramps and watching IFS break on them.
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Re: What kind of Off-Roader are You?

<font face="comic Sans MS">Just about everything. Only off roading I've not tried yet has been rocks and the ultra deep snow you need *floatation* tires to get across... [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] I like all of it. I imagine once I get some experience with rocks it'll turn out to be my favorite since is perhaps the most technical type driving to be found... [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

So far I have a rig for mud, one for sand and both are currently down with various issues. Guess I shouldn't be spending $$$ on guns right now... [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] </font>
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Re: What kind of Off-Roader are You?

<font face="Times New Roman">
<font color=green>In the area I live in we kind of have a little of everything. My truck is built for a little bit of each thing. Tall enough to do deep mud, flexy enough for lighter rockcrawling, agile enough to follow my brother's Jeep anywhere I can stuff the thing, and enough power for sand. I have to say that I do trails and sand more than anything. Mud is fun, but I fear hydro locking from the deep water that is always on top of the mud out here. I also drive the truck up to 200+ miles to get to Pismo, so it is a competent street vehicle. Of course, that may change when it's got 42" Bias ply tires and 5.13s[img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]... My favorite has to be sand and trails, although the tippy stuff kind of freaks me out, as do really steep hillclimbs ever since I fragged a steering joint right at the steepest part of 5 fingers a couple of years ago. Glad I had an e-brake...
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Re: What kind of Off-Roader are You?

I will go through or tover anything if my truck wants to. I grew up with sand and my little P'UP did a pretty good job out at Glamis. It did crappy on anything else but pavement so i never got experience with any other terrain until lately. I am currently learning how to drive on rock, but think I need to regear to a little more umpfh when climbing. I still play in sand with the big truck, and am learning that I do pretty good in mud with 38" swampers. Even in 2 wheel drive. I hate the cold so I have never been around snow, but I would give it a trry for something different. I live 40 minutes from Las Cruces and I would like to go there sometime before I get reassigned to another post.
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