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I decided to be nice, like I am (can't hate anyone forever) and try to straighten out Gotlift. Even if it didn't work, it would be funny. Plus I got a picture of his British looking [censored] out of the deal!

Here's his pic and a transript of his funny rambling

Superlifted1994: dude
Superlifted1994: sup?
Rezzy Joe: nothing
Superlifted1994: y u never answer me all these times?
Superlifted1994: :-P
Superlifted1994 wants to directly connect.
Superlifted1994 wants to directly connect.
Superlifted1994: WTF
Rezzy Joe wants to directly connect.
Superlifted1994 is now directly connected.
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: I got a q
Superlifted1994: I want your ONEST openion on it
Rezzy Joe: my hinest opinion eh
Superlifted1994: like that?
Superlifted1994: honest
Superlifted1994: wtf ever it is
Superlifted1994: like the 2 tine?
Superlifted1994: tone
Rezzy Joe: two tone
Rezzy Joe: its ok
Superlifted1994: I no you hate poser looking trucks
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: i hate poser trucks
Rezzy Joe: HATE
Superlifted1994: but u think thats ok?
Superlifted1994: LOOKS
Rezzy Joe: smack the drive with a driveshaft HATE
Rezzy Joe: maybe in grey
Rezzy Joe: not gold
Superlifted1994: pewther
Superlifted1994: but what ever
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: I was thinking of rino lining it??
Rezzy Joe: yeah people have done that
Rezzy Joe: search for pics
Rezzy Joe: looks cool
Rezzy Joe: keeps trees and rocks from scrathing stuff
Rezzy Joe: liek you care
Superlifted1994: I am going to get a drop hitch and weld a rear bumper up
Superlifted1994: not really
Rezzy Joe: what the hell do you tow ?
Superlifted1994: I do
Superlifted1994: Well
Superlifted1994: I did
Superlifted1994: till I got these damed 3.42's
Superlifted1994: I can't tow a 4wheeler
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: not up a hill with out it in 2nd gear anyway
Rezzy Joe: why do you have 342s now
Superlifted1994: were can i search for pics at?
Superlifted1994: the new rear has them in it
Superlifted1994: I am getting 4.88's
Rezzy Joe: theres a search function
Superlifted1994: oh
Rezzy Joe: what happened to your old rear
Superlifted1994: on ORC
Rezzy Joe: yea
Superlifted1994: I blew it
Superlifted1994: spider gears
Superlifted1994: DAmned 10botl POS
Rezzy Joe: gee ill be dmaned
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: and everyone said it would hold up
Superlifted1994: LOL
Superlifted1994: Whatya no?
Superlifted1994: it just didn't last long
Superlifted1994: :-P
Superlifted1994: any way
Rezzy Joe: hey
Superlifted1994: what gears would you recomend?
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: shwan runs top gear direct drive
Superlifted1994: for 385.'s
Rezzy Joe: with a 496 roller
Superlifted1994: 38.5
Rezzy Joe: 38.5's
Rezzy Joe: and 4.88s
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: 454 bored/stroked to 496
Rezzy Joe: teag
Rezzy Joe: tehats what shawn has
Superlifted1994: or 454 bored to 496?
Superlifted1994: oh
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: damn
Rezzy Joe: hey
Superlifted1994: Thats alot of motor
Rezzy Joe: got a couple minutes
Superlifted1994: hey
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Rezzy Joe: it is
Superlifted1994: sup?
Rezzy Joe: i wanted to tlak to you a few minutes
Superlifted1994: o
Superlifted1994: o
Superlifted1994: k
Rezzy Joe: anyway
Superlifted1994: y?
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: anyway
Rezzy Joe: how do you like the way most people on the bbs
Rezzy Joe: feel about you
Superlifted1994: I don't give no [censored]
Rezzy Joe: ahhh but you should
Superlifted1994: y?
Rezzy Joe: i dont mean worship them
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: but dont piss em off
Rezzy Joe: im trying to keep your [censored] form getting bhooted here
Superlifted1994: I don't do it on purpos
Rezzy Joe: i cant hate anyone forever you know
Rezzy Joe: ;-)
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: lol\
Superlifted1994: And to think
Superlifted1994: I thought you would be the worst
Rezzy Joe: no
Rezzy Joe: id give anyone a million chnaces
Superlifted1994: I guess that would be sand man
Rezzy Joe: unless you did somehting really bad
Rezzy Joe: yeah hes pure evil
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: anyway
Superlifted1994: ok
Rezzy Joe: while you arnt blatently being a little kid anymore
Rezzy Joe: which is kinda nice
Rezzy Joe: you still
Superlifted1994: blantly?
Rezzy Joe: do some stupid [censored] things
Rezzy Joe: outright
Superlifted1994: what?
Rezzy Joe: run around like a moron
Rezzy Joe: trust me
Superlifted1994: ok
Rezzy Joe: no one likes a post that says
Rezzy Joe: GTE 44's !
Superlifted1994: im listining
Rezzy Joe: YEA YEAH YEAH 44's !
Superlifted1994: ?
Rezzy Joe: you wann know a secret
Superlifted1994: ?
Superlifted1994: what is it
Superlifted1994: dn't tell me u c dead ppl
Rezzy Joe: i used to be just liek you
Rezzy Joe: exactly
Rezzy Joe: perfectly
Rezzy Joe: like you
Rezzy Joe: but at the time
Rezzy Joe: i was
Rezzy Joe: 14
Superlifted1994: 16
Superlifted1994: oh
Superlifted1994: but
Superlifted1994: I
Superlifted1994: am
Superlifted1994: alomost
Superlifted1994: 16
Rezzy Joe: yea so
Rezzy Joe: thats my pjt
Superlifted1994: ok
Rezzy Joe: point
Superlifted1994: I get it
Rezzy Joe: you have no excuse
Superlifted1994: LOL
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: I c
Rezzy Joe: anyway
Rezzy Joe: i swear to god
Rezzy Joe: if you calm down
Rezzy Joe: admit your mistakes
Rezzy Joe: well you dont even have
Rezzy Joe: to
Rezzy Joe: do that
Rezzy Joe: just be normal
Rezzy Joe: when you ask questions
Rezzy Joe: think about what they say
Rezzy Joe: and reply
Rezzy Joe: either say
Superlifted1994: AND THINK
Rezzy Joe: well thats good advise but i rather like the look of off roading
Rezzy Joe: and not the substance
Rezzy Joe: but ill think on it
Rezzy Joe: or
Rezzy Joe: go
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: I WANTED 44's ON A TEN BOLT [email protected]
Superlifted1994: yea
Rezzy Joe: NOW I DONT !
Superlifted1994: I c
Rezzy Joe: we may even take the clown out of your sig after a while
Rezzy Joe: anyway
Rezzy Joe: the main thing
Rezzy Joe: is
Rezzy Joe: just be cool
Rezzy Joe: ask questions
Rezzy Joe: even if they are poser [censored] questions
Rezzy Joe: you could avoid 80% of bad things
Rezzy Joe: by saying
Rezzy Joe: now
Rezzy Joe: i dont wheel much
Rezzy Joe: BUT
Rezzy Joe: or if you do
Rezzy Joe: but i digress
Rezzy Joe: calm down
Rezzy Joe: ask questions
Rezzy Joe: dont make useless posts
Rezzy Joe: anything that you hanestly know
Rezzy Joe: honestly
Rezzy Joe: explain to people who need to know
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: I got a q
Rezzy Joe: no
Superlifted1994: no what
Rezzy Joe: explain while it rules
Superlifted1994: LOL
Superlifted1994: ahhhhhhhhhhh
Rezzy Joe: why it rules
Superlifted1994: iv
Superlifted1994: ic
Rezzy Joe: anyway whats the question
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: would it be worth it to get a D44?
Rezzy Joe: for your truck
Superlifted1994: yea
Rezzy Joe: honestly
Superlifted1994: yea
Rezzy Joe: i believ in the d44
Rezzy Joe: im keeping mine
Rezzy Joe: and building it
Rezzy Joe: low lift
Rezzy Joe: and no bigger than 37's
Superlifted1994: I REALLY dont want to get 8 lug
Superlifted1994: oh
Rezzy Joe: whats your rear axle now ?
Superlifted1994: I am going 38.5
Superlifted1994: 14 SF
Superlifted1994: 95
Superlifted1994: 9.5
Superlifted1994: I should have got the ff
Superlifted1994: and then a D60 next summer
Rezzy Joe: 38.5 what ?
Superlifted1994: but
Superlifted1994: I cannot offored it
Rezzy Joe: [censored] the d60
Superlifted1994: 38.5x15 Gumbo
Superlifted1994: or
Rezzy Joe: big [censored] steering nightmare
Superlifted1994: 38.5c16 TSL
Rezzy Joe: no gumbos
Rezzy Joe: they suck
Superlifted1994: really?
Rezzy Joe: and that wide of tire will kill your d44
Superlifted1994: how bad?
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: I was also thinking
Superlifted1994: 38.5x14.50 SX;s
Rezzy Joe: narrow 37s would be ok
Superlifted1994: I like the wider look
Superlifted1994: and stance
Superlifted1994: for anything
Superlifted1994: flex a little better;-)
Rezzy Joe: yeah well looks kill
Rezzy Joe: your axle
Superlifted1994: lool
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: what all would it hurt?
Rezzy Joe: blow your joints
Rezzy Joe: and the axles
Superlifted1994: just the bearinf
Superlifted1994: how?
Rezzy Joe: maybe the whoe [censored] diff
Rezzy Joe: youd get on it and any traction diffence will impact load the part and it will snap
Rezzy Joe: a narrow 37
Rezzy Joe: would be fine
Rezzy Joe: caus eit has less weight
Rezzy Joe: and less mass because of low width
Rezzy Joe: and wouldnt be as bad
Superlifted1994: i c
Superlifted1994: but
Rezzy Joe: see this si hwo you should post
Rezzy Joe: but all together
Superlifted1994: I cannot even find a narow tire I would ever buy
Rezzy Joe: i like my narrow ones
Superlifted1994: I don't like radials
Rezzy Joe: mine are bias
Superlifted1994: ?
Superlifted1994: what kind?
Superlifted1994: now you have got me thinking 35x15's
Rezzy Joe: 38x13x16 tsl bias
Superlifted1994: oh
Rezzy Joe: 35x15 would be ok
Superlifted1994: I thought you had 37's
Rezzy Joe: and heres a bit of advice
Superlifted1994: well same thing
Rezzy Joe: well they measure
Superlifted1994: what
Rezzy Joe: 36" tall
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: same diff
Rezzy Joe: the only one you are out to please is yourself
Rezzy Joe: if anyone says shiot
Rezzy Joe: [censored]
Rezzy Joe: go drag it over some rocks
Rezzy Joe: while they piss their pants
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: if i saw a truck with 44s and ten bolts
Rezzy Joe: i wouldnt be impressed
Rezzy Joe: i see hummers
Rezzy Joe: im not impressed
Rezzy Joe: if you like wide tires
Rezzy Joe: 35x15 would be cool
Rezzy Joe: sx
Superlifted1994: I hate hummers
Rezzy Joe: [censored] hummers
Superlifted1994: IFS
Superlifted1994: IRS
Superlifted1994: GAY
Rezzy Joe: liek a ford explorer
Superlifted1994: real offroader
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: whats white far away and black up close?
Rezzy Joe: uh what
Superlifted1994: a cotton field! LOL
Superlifted1994: LOL
Rezzy Joe: thats not very nice
Superlifted1994: Sorry
Superlifted1994: someone sent that to me
Rezzy Joe: as long as you dont mean it its ok i suppose
Superlifted1994: I had to let it out
Rezzy Joe: how do you stop a black guy from drowning
Rezzy Joe: take your foot of his head
Rezzy Joe: ANYWAY
Superlifted1994: drowing?
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: :-P
Superlifted1994: OK
Rezzy Joe: are you gonna try to be a good little off roader
Superlifted1994: yea
Rezzy Joe: hey honestlt do you want to be an off roader
Superlifted1994: and wope some [censored] along the way
Rezzy Joe: or do you want the looks
Superlifted1994: I want BOTH
Rezzy Joe: well thats ok
Rezzy Joe: if you get d44
Rezzy Joe: and 14sf
Rezzy Joe: and 35x15 sx
Superlifted1994: I like to go off road and not tear it up
Rezzy Joe: lock the rear
Superlifted1994: and still drive home all purdy
Rezzy Joe: then you can keep up with me or anyone else
Superlifted1994: yep
Rezzy Joe: rhino line the bottom half of your truck and youll be fine
Superlifted1994: and it would still ook bad [censored]
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Rezzy Joe: mine looks bad [censored] !
Rezzy Joe: not having a bed is cool !
Superlifted1994: HELL YEA
Rezzy Joe: well anyway
Rezzy Joe: if you post
Rezzy Joe: like you talking to me
Rezzy Joe: but all the questioins in order
Rezzy Joe: and legible
Rezzy Joe: youll be fine
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: i c
Rezzy Joe: dont be opinionated
Superlifted1994: but
Rezzy Joe: dont go
Superlifted1994: well
Superlifted1994: I duno
Superlifted1994: lmao
Rezzy Joe: well thast how you sound
Superlifted1994: yea
Rezzy Joe: dont tell anyone they suck
Rezzy Joe: liek
Superlifted1994: I guess I do
Rezzy Joe: oh your 4.3 sucks
Rezzy Joe: you arnt a real off roader casue you have a toyota !
Superlifted1994: and 305's suck
Rezzy Joe: cause well
Superlifted1994: I like yotas
Rezzy Joe: you have no place to talk chromey mc bald bogger
Rezzy Joe: me too
Rezzy Joe: i cant fit in one
Rezzy Joe: im to tall
Rezzy Joe: and msucley
Superlifted1994: oh
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: thast why i have a big chevy
Superlifted1994: I wish I had a s10
Rezzy Joe: so be nice and the rest will be nice to you, and well take the clwon out of your bio
Superlifted1994: with a SFA
Rezzy Joe: why ?
Superlifted1994: Full width
Superlifted1994: Bad [censored]
Rezzy Joe: jeese
Superlifted1994: It looks awsome dude
Rezzy Joe: iknow
Rezzy Joe: ive seen a few
Rezzy Joe: once
Rezzy Joe: i saw this truck
Rezzy Joe: it was ifs
Rezzy Joe: and had a 10 bolt rear
Rezzy Joe: and had 36s
Rezzy Joe: on too wide rims
Rezzy Joe: it was stepside
Rezzy Joe: and
Rezzy Joe: it sucked
Rezzy Joe: cause the owner
Rezzy Joe: was a sick at the time
Rezzy Joe: dick that is
Rezzy Joe: and everyone hated him
Rezzy Joe: but then
Rezzy Joe: he quit being a giant *****
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: and we all loved him to death
Rezzy Joe: go look up my first 100 posts
Rezzy Joe: stupid as hell
Superlifted1994: do you like small trucks lifted?
Rezzy Joe: someone yelled at me like evryone yells at you
Superlifted1994: I think Ill do that
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Rezzy Joe: if its done right
Rezzy Joe: and now im one of the coolest dudes on the bbs
Rezzy Joe: i had posts liek this -



Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Superlifted1994: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: dude
Superlifted1994: thats
Superlifted1994: funny
Superlifted1994: .
Rezzy Joe: yeah but do it 50 times
Rezzy Joe: and you look like you do !
Rezzy Joe: and you get yelled out
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: bring that down about 4"
Superlifted1994: put a winch on it
Rezzy Joe: you know hwats funnt
Superlifted1994: it would LOOK bad [censored]
Rezzy Joe: even if you are right
Superlifted1994: what?
Rezzy Joe: and all the stuff you say
Rezzy Joe: is ok
Rezzy Joe: no one believes you
Rezzy Joe: see
Superlifted1994: HEy
Superlifted1994: thats right
Rezzy Joe: i only believe you mean that a little tiny bit
Superlifted1994: mean what?
Rezzy Joe: do you have a****ty digital camera or what
Rezzy Joe: mean anything like
Rezzy Joe: oh i hate ifs
Rezzy Joe: or
Superlifted1994: I do
Rezzy Joe: im not a poser
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: n/m
Rezzy Joe: yeah you may mean every little bit of it
Rezzy Joe: but no one believes you
Superlifted1994: i c
Rezzy Joe: mainly because
Rezzy Joe: you post
Superlifted1994: I think I need to go away for a long time
Rezzy Joe: no
Rezzy Joe: stay here
Superlifted1994: from ORC
Superlifted1994: y?
Rezzy Joe: thats the only way
Rezzy Joe: hahaha
Rezzy Joe: how do you think i got 1800 REAL posts
Rezzy Joe: i didnt go hide like a pussy
Superlifted1994: Im NOT A PUS
Superlifted1994: PUSS
Superlifted1994: PUSSY
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: hahaha
Rezzy Joe: well
Superlifted1994: I LOVE IT

Superlifted1994: but
Rezzy Joe: sure.....
Superlifted1994: anyway
Rezzy Joe: heh heh
Rezzy Joe: anyway
Superlifted1994: thats my buesness
Rezzy Joe: there
Rezzy Joe: HONEST
Rezzy Joe: not HINEST
Rezzy Joe: anyway
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: i swear to god
Rezzy Joe: if you try and be good
Rezzy Joe: and be nice
Rezzy Joe: and intellectual
Rezzy Joe: ill never say a bad word against you
Superlifted1994: WTF
Rezzy Joe: ill even support you if you can pull it off
Superlifted1994: intellectual
Superlifted1994: ?
Rezzy Joe: smart
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: i think I could
Rezzy Joe: and
Rezzy Joe: as a favor
Rezzy Joe: no more ic
Rezzy Joe: makes you sound stupid
Superlifted1994: I see
Rezzy Joe: I see, that is quite entrigueing
Rezzy Joe: see i sound smart !
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: WTF
Superlifted1994: You make me think Im stupid
Rezzy Joe: Ahh, a quandry, to keep my D44 or try to make the dismal D60 steer corectly?
Rezzy Joe: HAHAHA
Superlifted1994: haha
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: now u sound like a purty boy
Superlifted1994: j/k
Rezzy Joe: hers how you sound
Superlifted1994: but
Superlifted1994: ok
Rezzy Joe: ur a faggit a dummy faggit stupidhed cus ur not a pimp bling blinger
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: I got A q
Rezzy Joe: wanna know who else was a giant asshoel when he foirst came here ?
Rezzy Joe: ok
Superlifted1994: what was wrong with the post I made?
Rezzy Joe: which one
Superlifted1994: YOU
Rezzy Joe: of the 7 million
Superlifted1994: ummmmmm
Rezzy Joe: no
Rezzy Joe: DREY
Rezzy Joe: and
Superlifted1994: who>
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: well
Rezzy Joe: anyway whats your question
Superlifted1994: the post with the 39.5's and 10 bolts
Rezzy Joe: where is that
Superlifted1994: the 10 bolt rear
Superlifted1994: and IFS
Rezzy Joe: yeah was it on the ifs bbs
Rezzy Joe: and was it recent ?
Superlifted1994: ext cab Step side
Superlifted1994: white
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: recent
Rezzy Joe: lemme go look for it
Superlifted1994: ill get it
Superlifted1994: http://tellico.off-road.com/ubbthrea...o=0&fpart=
Superlifted1994: that 1
Superlifted1994: 1998 CHEVROLET Z71 MONSTER TRUCK 4X4
Superlifted1994: LOL

Rezzy Joe: anything thats says monster truck
Rezzy Joe: is [censored]
Superlifted1994: lo
Superlifted1994: l
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: Thats what I was saying LOL for
Superlifted1994: LOL
Superlifted1994: haha
Superlifted1994: thats a tall girl
Rezzy Joe: ok the first post ?
Rezzy Joe: of that thread ?
Superlifted1994: ok
Rezzy Joe: Thats is wat I want mine to look like!!!!!!!!
Sweet A$$, Need a nicer rear though, and SFA, but it looks bad a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rezzy Joe: That one ?
Superlifted1994: whats wrong with the post?
Superlifted1994: yea
Rezzy Joe: heres how it would bebetter
Rezzy Joe: This is kind of what I'd liek my truck to look like. I think it looks great, and if/when I put the SFA under my truck, mine will look like that
Rezzy Joe: or
Rezzy Joe: If this had SFA it'd be cool as hell, but as it is, it looks cool but nothig else
Rezzy Joe: or
Rezzy Joe: hahah
Rezzy Joe: see no one believes you mean SFA
Rezzy Joe: they think your putting htat there
Rezzy Joe: so no one can say
Rezzy Joe: god your dumb
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: but
Superlifted1994: still
Superlifted1994: I don't get it
Rezzy Joe: ut wasnt that bad
Rezzy Joe: in itslef
Rezzy Joe: if that was your first post
Rezzy Joe: no one would care
Rezzy Joe: but you have a [censored] reputation
Rezzy Joe: so no one believes
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: I see
Rezzy Joe: youd liek it with sfa
Rezzy Joe: they think
Rezzy Joe: oh yeah right he wants 32" of lift on ifs with 44's
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: hell no
Superlifted1994: I hate that
Rezzy Joe: wish i had soem ice tea
Rezzy Joe: yeah me too
Rezzy Joe: but its what the peopel thing
Superlifted1994: thats what I liked about this truck
Rezzy Joe: think
Superlifted1994: it wasn't VERY tall
Rezzy Joe: no one could read your mind
Superlifted1994: r u a writer?
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Rezzy Joe: you stil sound 12
Superlifted1994: huh?
Rezzy Joe: r u a big cul dud
Rezzy Joe: that makes you sound 12
Rezzy Joe: hwo old do i sound
Rezzy Joe: damn it
Rezzy Joe: How old do I sound
Rezzy Joe: and how intellegent
Rezzy Joe: i really ish i had soem ice tea
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: well
Superlifted1994: I am not used to it yet
Superlifted1994: so It is difficult
Rezzy Joe: well try
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: I will
Rezzy Joe: hahaha ever see dreys first post
Rezzy Joe: heres the gist of it
Superlifted1994: ok
Rezzy Joe: and at the time he had a stock truck on 28" tires
Rezzy Joe: and I had 36s
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: thats B/S
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Rezzy Joe: well
Superlifted1994: sounds like my brother
Rezzy Joe: nwo look at him
Rezzy Joe: hes cool
Rezzy Joe: hahaha
Superlifted1994: he had a nissan with 33's
Rezzy Joe: i thoink you are your little brother
Superlifted1994: ye ahe is
Superlifted1994: he
Superlifted1994: no
Superlifted1994: I am not
Rezzy Joe: good
Rezzy Joe: cause
Rezzy Joe: your little brother is a bitch
Superlifted1994: wanna pic of me?
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: what do u look like?
Superlifted1994 direct connection is closed.
Rezzy Joe wants to directly connect.
Superlifted1994 ignores request; no connection was made.
Rezzy Joe wants to directly connect.
Superlifted1994 is now directly connected.
Superlifted1994: I just like to no what folks look like I am talking to
Rezzy Joe: i dont know what you look like
Rezzy Joe: i have an idea, hahahaha
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: do you want to no?
Rezzy Joe: why not
Rezzy Joe: i have pics of a lot of bbs ers
Superlifted1994: me and my girl
Superlifted1994: LOL

Rezzy Joe: yeah that what i thought you looke dlike
Superlifted1994: that like a year ago
Superlifted1994: just after we got up
Rezzy Joe: little punk
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: [censored] you
Superlifted1994: my 36's are better than your 37's
Superlifted1994: any day
Superlifted1994: LOL
Superlifted1994: j/k
Superlifted1994: your puter is slow
Superlifted1994: very
Superlifted1994: very
Rezzy Joe:
Superlifted1994: veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrry
Superlifted1994: slow
Superlifted1994: slow
Superlifted1994: slooooooooooooow
Superlifted1994: :-(
Rezzy Joe: nah thats uyour comp
Rezzy Joe: i just had a huge delay
Superlifted1994: in a hir cut:-\
Rezzy Joe: what do you think of that picture
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: cause thats not me
Superlifted1994: you look like an arsinist
Rezzy Joe: hahahahahahahaha
Rezzy Joe: thats dan
Rezzy Joe: fromt he bbs
Rezzy Joe: he hates you
Rezzy Joe: hahaha
Rezzy Joe: just liek i do
Rezzy Joe: hahahahaha
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: lets see wheres a pic of me
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: thats a better pic of my love
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe:
Superlifted1994: thats me
Rezzy Joe: you look british
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: WTF
Superlifted1994: I like your
Superlifted1994: doors
Superlifted1994: THEY ARE SWEET [censored]!
Rezzy Joe: want a set
Rezzy Joe: i maie em
Rezzy Joe: make em to sell em
Superlifted1994: how much??
Rezzy Joe: i havent made em for a newer truck yet
Rezzy Joe: prolly 120
Rezzy Joe: thast what these are going for
Superlifted1994: a set?
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Rezzy Joe: with latches
Superlifted1994: sweet
Superlifted1994: that would be awsome for the winter
Superlifted1994: when I don't want my g/f to go with me some were
Rezzy Joe:
Superlifted1994: hell yea
Superlifted1994: was that a LWB?
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Rezzy Joe: now its 6 fot 10 inches
Superlifted1994: hahahhaa
Superlifted1994: I wish I could make my truck a SWB
Superlifted1994: REALLY SWB
Superlifted1994: bob a step side
Superlifted1994: LOL
Rezzy Joe:
Superlifted1994: hehehhehe
Superlifted1994: r u on drugs?
Rezzy Joe: no
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: im just too smart for my own good
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: hmm disc brakes for
Rezzy Joe: 280 thats not bad
Superlifted1994: like the hiar
Superlifted1994: in the mag
Superlifted1994: in the back
Superlifted1994: article?
Superlifted1994: I saw something
Rezzy Joe: about what ?
Superlifted1994: I wish they had them for SF
Superlifted1994: Discks
Superlifted1994: disks
Superlifted1994: brakes
Rezzy Joe: they prolly do
Rezzy Joe: see even now i dont believ you want disc brakes
Rezzy Joe: hahahah
Superlifted1994: I am getting a lockright first
Superlifted1994: I don't
Superlifted1994: but
Rezzy Joe:
Superlifted1994: They are eaisyier to work on
Superlifted1994: It looks like [censored] there
Superlifted1994: j/k
Superlifted1994: I like it now
Rezzy Joe: wish i had two of em
Rezzy Joe: id leave one stock
Rezzy Joe: and have the oen i had now
Rezzy Joe: id tow one with the other
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: why did you think I didn't want disk brakes?
Rezzy Joe: from your reputation
Rezzy Joe: our just saying [censored] so people will think your an off roade
Rezzy Joe: see i can say
Rezzy Joe: yeah i want a d 60 with a spool and 513s and bah bklah blah
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: They are so much better to have thogh
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Rezzy Joe: so what
Superlifted1994: alot easier to mes with
Rezzy Joe: i still dont believe you
Rezzy Joe: you can speak the truth
Superlifted1994: Well
Superlifted1994: fine
Superlifted1994: so
Superlifted1994: I don't care
Rezzy Joe: like jesus tapdancing christ himself
Rezzy Joe: no one believs you
Rezzy Joe: hahahaha
Rezzy Joe: yeah but ya should
Rezzy Joe: just a little bit
Rezzy Joe: well
Superlifted1994: well?
Superlifted1994: WTF
Rezzy Joe: hmmm
Rezzy Joe: \im thnking
Superlifted1994: What the [censored]
Superlifted1994: is that better?
Superlifted1994: sounds smarter
Rezzy Joe: no
Rezzy Joe: WTF is fine
Superlifted1994: lol
Rezzy Joe: like SOB
Rezzy Joe: its an abbreviation
Superlifted1994: LOL
Rezzy Joe: not a complet
Superlifted1994: LMAO!!!!!!!
Rezzy Joe: butchering
Superlifted1994: LOMA!!!!!!!!
Rezzy Joe: of the englush language
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: you r smart dude
Rezzy Joe: yeah i am
Rezzy Joe: ask me anything
Superlifted1994: u got a 700r4?
Rezzy Joe: used to
Rezzy Joe: it xploded
Superlifted1994: WTF u got now?
Rezzy Joe: TH400
Superlifted1994: oh
Rezzy Joe: i was tearing up this 45* hill in low range and at the top it slipped
Superlifted1994: WHY no rebiuld the 700?
Rezzy Joe: then it jut went down in a spiral
Rezzy Joe: expensive and
Superlifted1994: och
Superlifted1994: yea
Rezzy Joe: In my opinion
Rezzy Joe: they suck dick
Rezzy Joe: see i said
Rezzy Joe: in my opinion
Rezzy Joe: and
Superlifted1994: >
Rezzy Joe: after that
Rezzy Joe: i can say whatever i want
Rezzy Joe: inm yopinion
Superlifted1994: suck dick
Rezzy Joe: cheese is a monkey
Rezzy Joe: is that your favorite hobby
Superlifted1994: wtf
Superlifted1994: no
Superlifted1994: sorry
Superlifted1994: never tried it
Rezzy Joe: ahhh darn it
Superlifted1994: wtf
Rezzy Joe: i though iu had me a boyfired ! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Rezzy Joe: jk
Rezzy Joe: annnnnnyway
Superlifted1994: :-*
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: j/k
Superlifted1994: aaaaaaannnnnnnny
Superlifted1994: awy
Superlifted1994: way
Rezzy Joe: be nice from now in and you can be as coola s me on the bbs
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994: I would like to be cool like rj
Rezzy Joe: everyone would
Superlifted1994: RJ is the voice
Rezzy Joe: rjs a nice guy
Superlifted1994: of all ppl
Superlifted1994: yea
Superlifted1994 signed on at 12:37:22 AM.
Rezzy Joe: well i better go work on my computer
Superlifted1994: I think Ill go righ no
Rezzy Joe: be nice
Rezzy Joe: or ill [censored] kill you
Superlifted1994: and make a new post
Superlifted1994: on the bs
Rezzy Joe: if you want to
Superlifted1994: bbs
Superlifted1994: and say
Rezzy Joe: ill check when i have my comp back online
Rezzy Joe: and say what ?
Superlifted1994: I am coming out of the closet!
Rezzy Joe: neat
Superlifted1994: and then
Superlifted1994: tell
Superlifted1994: all my bad times I had
Superlifted1994: here
Superlifted1994: and wy I was saying that stuff
Superlifted1994: koool?
Rezzy Joe: well im gonna post a transcript of this whole conversation
Rezzy Joe: yeah go ahead
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: really
Superlifted1994: I was j/k
Superlifted1994: but
Superlifted1994: I will be nicer
Rezzy Joe: good
Superlifted1994: on the bbs
Rezzy Joe: you look british
Superlifted1994: and be a DICK cepek lover
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: [censored] you
Rezzy Joe: you do
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: j/k
Rezzy Joe: you look like one of the ramones
Superlifted1994: wtf
Superlifted1994: I do not
Superlifted1994: NO
Rezzy Joe: yeah you do
Rezzy Joe: all bad skinned and sneering
Rezzy Joe: once i stuck a bettery up my nose
Superlifted1994: my brother is in egland
Superlifted1994: y?
Rezzy Joe: for fun
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: well
Superlifted1994: I guess I will hit the ol sak
Superlifted1994: sack
Superlifted1994: snack
Rezzy Joe: your boyfriends sack
Rezzy Joe: tee hee
Superlifted1994: yep
Superlifted1994: hehe
Rezzy Joe: you ball licker
Superlifted1994: ****er
Superlifted1994: :-*:-P
Superlifted1994: here
Superlifted1994: look
Superlifted1994: ill post thet
Superlifted1994: that
Superlifted1994: LOL
Superlifted1994: did you click it?
Rezzy Joe: yeah
Superlifted1994: OMG
Superlifted1994: Look
Rezzy Joe: what ?
Superlifted1994: AT ALL the posts
Rezzy Joe: its nothing
Rezzy Joe: it doienst go anywhere
Superlifted1994: this is like 1 hour
Superlifted1994: or more
Superlifted1994: 2
Superlifted1994: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
Superlifted1994: it is 12.40
Rezzy Joe: yeah so
Rezzy Joe: where the [censored] do you live ?
Superlifted1994: I usually jackoff till 2
Superlifted1994: in TN
Superlifted1994: west
Rezzy Joe: hahahahaha
Superlifted1994: tn
Rezzy Joe: anyway
Superlifted1994: Great britan
Rezzy Joe: your getting perverted
Superlifted1994: LOL
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 815227-Got Lift.jpg (13.0 KB, 6 views)
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Ok, I feel I need to post a transcript now. This is a conversation about the green thingamabobs he wants to run:

jpsndtek: wow, those suck
Superlifted1994: gtg
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: sucks?
jpsndtek: yeah
Superlifted1994: what ever
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: I c
jpsndtek: if you knew geometry
Superlifted1994: naw
jpsndtek: you would think so too
Superlifted1994: I brb
Superlifted1994: in like 10 min
jpsndtek: i won't
Superlifted1994: geometery?
Superlifted1994: lol
jpsndtek: my brain is fried
Superlifted1994: ?
Superlifted1994: wtf?
jpsndtek: yeah, geometry
Superlifted1994: I would hte to sell them
jpsndtek: get them on your truck yet?
Superlifted1994: u think I should?
Superlifted1994: no
jpsndtek: i'm waiting for the news cast where a kid died as his truck flipped over on the freeway
Superlifted1994: I should have them in 3-4 days
jpsndtek: poor poor torsion bars
Superlifted1994: u REALLY
Superlifted1994: REALLY
Superlifted1994: REALLY
Superlifted1994: REALLY think they won't work?
Superlifted1994: the dude has a list of ppl that have ran them for 1 1/2 tyears
jpsndtek: sucks for them
Superlifted1994: I called 2 of them
Superlifted1994: they said they were fine
jpsndtek: hey, it boils down to this
jpsndtek: your turning a torsion bar, into a spring
Superlifted1994: i duno
Superlifted1994: what?
jpsndtek: making it bend up down and left and right
jpsndtek: instead of twisting
Superlifted1994: but
jpsndtek: which is not what it's made for
jpsndtek: which means it's going to fail
jpsndtek: not soon
Superlifted1994: it still will twist it
jpsndtek: but it will
jpsndtek: no ti won't
jpsndtek: those green things turn a rotational motion into a lateral motion
Superlifted1994: it would HAVE to
jpsndtek: ok, do an experiment real quick
Superlifted1994: k
jpsndtek: stick your arm straigt out in front of you
jpsndtek: twist it cw and ccw like a stock torsion bar
Superlifted1994: k
jpsndtek: now
Superlifted1994: k
jpsndtek: bend yoru elbow up 90 degrees
jpsndtek: so your bicep is out straight
jpsndtek: but your forearm is straight up
jpsndtek: and your hand points to the ceiling
Superlifted1994: k
jpsndtek: now twist your bicep like you did before
Superlifted1994: I C
jpsndtek: your forearm is now goin left and right
jpsndtek: not twisting with it
jpsndtek: so as your a-arm hits bumpers
Superlifted1994: ok
Superlifted1994: try this
jpsndtek: your t-bar is going to be pushed left and right
Superlifted1994: stick you fingers to get there
Superlifted1994: to make a T
jpsndtek: stick my fingers to get there eh?
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: together
Superlifted1994: the tip of you right finger on the side of the other
jpsndtek: hooked on phonics didn't work for you
Superlifted1994: make 1 finger ack like a Tbar
Superlifted1994: and the othere like the A-arm
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: no
Superlifted1994: but
Superlifted1994: make sure the finger is turning with the other 1
Superlifted1994: now
Superlifted1994: raise 1 finger up about 1/2"
Superlifted1994: and kep it in the SAME motion as the othere
Superlifted1994: do u understand?
Superlifted1994: it will still twist a little
jpsndtek: yeah, and i'm doing it, and it's proving my point even more
Superlifted1994: lol
jpsndtek: it doesn't matter man
jpsndtek: your still pushing the bar left and right
jpsndtek: it's not made for that
jpsndtek: theres no way around it
Superlifted1994: i c
Superlifted1994: but
jpsndtek: you will build up heat on the end that mounts to the xmember
jpsndtek: and it will fracture
Superlifted1994: whould it last 4 months?
Superlifted1994: lol
jpsndtek: lol, probably not
jpsndtek: not with the amount you would wnat to torque them to keep your lift
Superlifted1994: lets see
Superlifted1994: I only have them cranked 1"
jpsndtek: since the way those leves act, not 100% goes to keeping the a-arm down now
jpsndtek: only a small percentage
Superlifted1994: yep
jpsndtek: but, you will lose more than an inch just putting those rediculous contraptions on there
Superlifted1994: what if I got better bars?
jpsndtek: so you will have to crank multiple times
jpsndtek: and for that price plus the price of those green pos's, you could get some cheap coil-overs
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: weel
Superlifted1994: well
Superlifted1994: they are free
Superlifted1994: and
Superlifted1994: I think I could sell them
Superlifted1994: ?
jpsndtek: lets see
jpsndtek: free+800 bucks in damaged parts=800 bucks
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: $800 to what though?;-)
jpsndtek: let see, cracked t-bars, collapsed fenders from tire stuffing into them, broken upper-arm after hitting things, broken shock, broken cv and half shaft
Superlifted1994: mostly IFS parts!:-P
Superlifted1994: Thats ok
Superlifted1994: SFA!!!!!!!!!!
Superlifted1994: but
Superlifted1994: I don't want to look like an [censored] on the side of the road
jpsndtek: ok, so why don't you just wait and do an sfa?
jpsndtek: yoru really planning on wheeling in a place that catches on those t-bars?
Superlifted1994: I duno
Superlifted1994: Actually
Superlifted1994: yea
jpsndtek: like what?
Superlifted1994: ?
Superlifted1994: oh
Superlifted1994: hills
jpsndtek: ? yourself
Superlifted1994: [censored]
Superlifted1994: lol
Superlifted1994: no
Superlifted1994: I love to climb stuff
Superlifted1994: I need some sliders
Superlifted1994: on the frame
jpsndtek: well, i drag my frame all over and don't have a problem and your 9" higher than me, I can't see it being a problem
jpsndtek: further proving my point

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<a target="_blank" href=http://tellico.off-road.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&amp;Board=offroadchevstandar d&amp;Number=248359&amp;Search=true&amp;Forum=All_ Forums&amp;Words=Resurrection_Joe&amp;Match=Userna me&amp;Searchpage=66&amp;Limit=25&amp;Old=allposts &amp;Main=248257>http://tellico.off-road.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&amp;Board=offroadchevstandar d&amp;Number=248359&amp;Search=true&amp;Forum=All_ Forums&amp;Words=Resurrection_Joe&amp;Match=Userna me&amp;Searchpage=66&amp;Limit=25&amp;Old=allposts &amp;Main=248257</a>
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I lost the original thread and I didn't care enough to find it to post this.

One day I came up with using gears to lift the torsion bars. A friend of mine took some gears out of something (I can't remember what exactly) and stuck them on the a-arm and on the torsion bar. He swapped the torsion bars between sides so then they'd twist like they always did before. I haven't seen him in a year but They hadn't broken in the year before that.

I imagine doing something like this is cost prohibitive for the average person though.
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I realy like this one
Yeah, I'll take the shower, I stink. I think. I won't smoke though, if I did smoke,

# 1 It wouldn't be leagle
# 2 Extra 7 bucks to spend on gas ^_^
# 3 If I did smoke, I'd only puff on Swisher Sweets
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Rezzy Joe: and now im one of the coolest dudes on the bbs


your cool?

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Hey, I think RJ's cool.[img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] He gave the Mighty Tracker the welding glove thumbs up picture of approval![img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]
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