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Help me decide

Help me decide which tires to buy.

I do not plan on hauling heavy loads; almost daily driver(carpool); terrain around here is mud and hills; terrain back home (september) is rocks and mud. I want traction and dependability - not necassarily super long millage, but tough as nails sorta dependability.

I also want to run my 16x6(?) (stock phord rims, came with the truck) cause cheap 16X8 8bolt steels seem to be kinda hard to find around here.

With the small lift, and flexy suspension, I don't think I can clear 35's without removing the inner fenders. I have absolutely no problems with removing my fenders of some rust, but I draw the line when the inner fenders are in the way.

So far I have found locally:

Remington Mud Brute - 255/85R16 - 8 ply - 17/32" - $220 installed and ballanced
Kelly Springfield Trail Buster (?? can't find pics, M/T style) - 285/75R16 - $170 +tax/tire/etc.
Cooper STT 255/85R16 - 8 ply - 17.5/32" - $220 installed and ballanced
Maxxis Radial Mudder - 255/85R16 - 20/32" - $235 installed and balanced.

And back in Vancouver I can get the 34X10.5R16 Swamper LTB's for $207 each plus about $70 shipping for 5 tires.

With the LTB's I need 5 cause of the oddball size, and the others I can get a cheapo spare.

What's all your recommendations for me?? I don't have the greatest selection up north here, but if you got any more reccomendations on cheap M/T type tires lemme know and I'll see if they are around here.

Thanks for any help.
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Re: Help me decide

if you know anything about my truck, bt now you haev to know that i have the STTs by cooper and i lvoe them. no complaints about them whatsoever. I"m doing an expensive expirament on it right now. see if i can get anything to break in my driveline so it can be replaced again for free. this comes at the cost of spinning the tires quite a bit. so far there is no sign of tire wear. i love these thigns. i siped em myself in a couple of hours using a utility knife. i dont know of those prices were for all 4 tires or if they were for one tire. either you're gettign screwed or you'rew gettign a deal. i thought i had a deal at $447 for the set. thats just a touch under $112 per tire. of course in U.S dollars. if you have any questions about them feel free to ask. i swear by them though
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Re: Help me decide

Hehe, thats exactly what I was expecting you to say (praising the coopers).. The reason they cost 220 bucks a tire is cause thats Candadian funds and I'm 500km north of Edmonton, so if you have any idea where edmonton is you can picture how far stuff has to get shipped.

I really like the idea of the road hazard. Do you know if it is attatched to the tire and redemable at any cooper dealer, or just attached to the dealer you buy em from??

Ever tried the Coopers out on the rocks???
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Re: Help me decide

as far as i know it will be honored at any cooper dealer as long as you have the paperwork with it. i keep mine in my handy dandy 3-ring binder wth all the reciepts for everything.

Name & Phone Address
Ron's Tire Discounter
30 Hale Road, Unit 19
Brampton, ON L6W 4N9

Tire Discounter
190 Highway 7, Unit 36
Brampton, ON L7A 1A2

Tire Connection
277 Hespler Road
Cambridge, ON N1R 3H8

Frisby Tire Company
400 Hazeldean Road
Kanata, ON K2L 1T8

City Tire & Battery
1151 Brydges Street
London, ON N5W 2B5

Don Ashman's Central Tire Ltd
186 Piccadilly Street
London, ON N6A 1S1

Central Tire Distributors Inc.
1195 Gainsborough Road
London, ON N6H 5L5

Duff's Tire Discounter
305 Leslie Street South
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8E1

Fred's Tire Service
220 1st Street
Orangeville, ON L9W 3R1

Frisby Tire Company
425 Industrial Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z1

Frisby Tire Company
890 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, ON K1R 6R7

Frisby Tire Truck Centre
1780 Queensdale Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1T 1J8

Frisby Tire Company
1377 Clyde Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2G 3H7

Northumberland Tire Sales Ltd.
79 Peter Street
Port Hope, ON L1A 1C2

Stratton Service
Highway 617
Box 13
Stratton, ON POW 1N0

Dave's Tire Discounter
40 Frobisher Drive
Waterloo, ON N2V 2B9

Pinkus Tire & Battery Kingdom
4358 Highway 31
Williamsburg, ON K0C 2H0

thats from the cooper site. i dont know if any of those are near you or not, and my cannuckish roomate is out for the night so i couldnt ask him.
as far as rocks go...i have been out on em but pretty mild. my truck is too near stock to get radicle. i can't iamgine they'de be any less effective that any other MT tire though. i can;t say from experience though
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Mud in my Veins
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Re: Help me decide

wow you are WAY up there in the sticks! i thought everybody up there ran 44" tires, no? The LTBs should be tough tires and of course will rip up the terrain, and in a mainly cold climate should last longer than here on our 150 degree summer asphalt. I bet you could pull 30k out of them if you watch the pressure and keep em rotated.
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Re: Help me decide

I just got some Maxxis Buckshot mudders in 315x75 16. Some pics at under the My GMC. I have 4" lift. Got them for $115 but I have seen them on ebay smae size for about $380 a set plus $60 shipping.
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Re: Help me decide

I gotta vote for the Coops... I got 'em on my truck and love them[img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Re: Help me decide

U4ia4, those are all in Ontario, which is like 4000km away, but I get the point, and there will be dealers around this area, and back home.

Muddybronco - yeah I am way up in the sticks.. People up here mainly would run 44 Boggers if they could. The mud up here is VERY sticky and thick so it takes alot of horsepower to move those meats thru the mud. Talked with a bunch of guys running 35's and they say that they can bearly spin those with a 350 and 4.10's.. But then agian, no one up here seems to understand the concept of flex.. all the sping packs are huge with lots of thickass leaves.. They don't understand what I got going on with my little packs.

Well, sounds like I'll go for the Coopers unless I can find some redneck who knows what LTB's are and can order em for me.

Thanks for all the responses!
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Re: Help me decide

well thats just about all gtreek to me. i have been away from that german ex-g/f of mine. she had me talking in klicks and Km/hr and all sorts of stuff. i thought that ed,monton was in sure soudns liek it should be...wait a minute, perhaps its edmonton alberta...well whatever the case. <a target="_blank" href=></a> will have the info for you.
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Re: Help me decide

Yep, Edmonton Alberta.
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