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just_jr 08-28-2001 05:21 PM

new Avalanche
wtf is it? I can't decide if i like it or not. What do yall think? I did stop by a dealer just to get a closer look and saw it had a locking diff. When did they start that again, or did they stop, or have they ever in a 1/2 tone?

**DONOTDELETE** 08-28-2001 06:30 PM

Re: new Avalanche
I don't like them myself. I also stopped by a dealership to check one out..didn't like it, and a guy a few houses down just bought one..didn't like it either. One of the biggest reasons why I don't like 'em are because all of the plastic they put on it. But if you like em and can afford it, more power to ya. But thats just my opinion.

**DONOTDELETE** 08-28-2001 07:17 PM

Re: new Avalanche
I think that although they are ugly they are inovateive with things like the wall between the bed and the box that folds down out of the way.Also thet're a little on the expensive side.

Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

**DONOTDELETE** 08-28-2001 07:47 PM

Re: new Avalanche
when i first saw one at the auto show, i liked it, but now that they removed the lights from over the cab, and added twice as much plastic... they screwed it up. (im talking about looks alone, i never looked "under the hood")

Will work for mods
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desertrat67 08-28-2001 08:10 PM

Re: new Avalanche
The locking dif should be a Gov-loc. And since these are available as a 3/4 ton, you can get a 14SF and a 6.0L.

pics of the V30 which is still for sale or possible trade.

**DONOTDELETE** 08-28-2001 09:00 PM

Re: new Avalanche
they look stupid all that plastic will probly start fallin off if you even thought about goin anywhere but down town i feel they should make one model thats sfa old style for guys like us i bet it would sell make a real truck for a change

when in doubt, let er feed

**DONOTDELETE** 08-29-2001 12:57 AM

Re: new Avalanche
i think theyre ugly as sin!! i know one guy here on the board has one though - cant remember the name. they cant even GIVE them away down here in florida (where people drive REAL trucks [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]) dealers have had them sitting on the lots for months! very few driving on the roads, nobody wants em

Mike ~
* Earnhardt Forever *
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KevinOfCanada 08-29-2001 02:08 AM

Re: new Avalanche
I hope all the "more plastice than sheet metal" fad dies down. I also think its ugly like sin. I hope this isn't the direction that things keep going, because I drove around in a plasic car when I was 5, and I don't wanna drive around in one when I'm 30. If I have kids I certainly don't want them to grow up never knowing sheetmetal. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] See where I'm coming from?

**DONOTDELETE** 08-29-2001 05:34 AM

Re: new Avalanche
Can someone please tell me what Chevrolet was thinking??? Is there really a market for that plastic crap? What are people like us going to do if they ever go exclusively to making the "plastic vehicles". I guess its all the more reason to hold onto what I have...
- Rick - 98' GMC X-Cab Z-71 33 X 12.50 BFG MT, 2" Body Lift

**DONOTDELETE** 08-29-2001 07:15 AM

Re: new Avalanche
I pretty much put that truck on the same level as the Aztek(ugly as sin).G.M puts out some nice stuff but needs to get a little more customer influence before they release a design.As far as a locking diff. that has been on 1/2 tons as an option for a long time.

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