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Remember my ticket from late August? Dismissed!!!

A week ago I'm driving along this road here in San Diego, California. Doing the speed of traffic around me, when I come up on this guy who's going rather slow. So I go to pass him, and whammo. Traffic cop signals me over. 67 in a 45 zone.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] Annoying part is that I was only doing like 5mph more than the flow of traffic, to pass that slow poke.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] So she writes me a ticket for speeding and being 2mph over the max California limit, 65. Tells me that I will get a letter in the mail that will tell me how much the fine is. Sends me on my way.

So I'm looking at the ticket, and it's got my Michigan liscense plate down, and my drivers liscense. However, she wrote it down as being a California drivers liscense, when it's actually a Michigan one. The Court date is also October 1st, and I should be leaving the Marines and SoCal for Michigan on October 3rd. That doesn't leave me much time for all of this.

I plan on paying the fine and all. My buddy was doing like 80 in a 55 zone and got a $150 fine, so mine should be closer to $100. Sucks but I can handle it. He had to take traffic school to get out of the points on his liscense. He has a California drivers liscense.

If I just paid the fine and had to leave before the traffic court date, what would happen?

Because she wrote my info down wrong, can I get it dismissed or anything?

Can a ticket written here in California put points on my Michigan liscense?
Even if she got the liscense's state wrong?

I'll pay it and do what I have to, but I'd like to get out of it if possible, and I'll be damned if I'm going to put off going home any longer than my out date because traffic school is after October 3rd.

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Re: Any police in here? Need some ticket advice......

I'm hot on the trail buddy. I'll let you know what i find out

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Re: Any police in here? Need some ticket advice......

i doubt you could get it dismissed on that. if you pay the ticket, you don't have to go to court. you only go to court if you want to fight it, or if you don't have any money to pay- in which case they'll either set you up on payment plan, or put you in jail for a few days.

anyway, i don't think tickets in other states show up on your state license- so you really wouldn't need to do the traffic school thing unless it would keep you from having to pay. but if you're leaving town, you wouldn't be there for traffic school anyway.

hope some of this helps.

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Re: Any police in here? Need some ticket advice......

I could be wrong and probably am But in law class I think we learned that if anythings wrong on the ticket you can get it dismised, like dates spelling, and so on, but to get it dismissed ou have to bring it up.

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Re: Any police in here? Need some ticket advice......

yeah yeah yeah if there is anything wrong on the ticket you can just have it dismissed. I was up at my highschool one day last year trying to get a book, and a houston cop parked behind my truck and wouldn't let me leave, said i was trespassing, so then he asked for my license, which I didn't have on me, so I got a ticket for TRESPASSING and then one for not having my license. But he wrote the date down as the month before, so I got the whole thing dismissed

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Re: Any police in here? Need some ticket advice......

I'm going to court today cause I got a ticket, and the cop wrote down my license number wrong. BTW, for some reason those women cops really suck. They must be one a power trip or something. One pulled me over the other day for 44 in a 40......


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Re: Any police in here? Need some ticket advice......

i work for the south carolina DOT, and yes most pionts on tickets transfers from one state to another. this is if your state elected to be a transferring state, you'll have to ask and find out, south carolina elects to transfer.
as per your wrong info on your ticket, IN SOUTH CAROLINA if the info is wrong and you yourself bring it up in court, 90% of the time it will not be thrown out, 10% of the time the fine reduced, now if you have legal representation, 90% it will be thrown out and 10% of the time the fine reduced.
the court doesn't have time or care to fight a lawyer, but will fight the common man knowing they usually don't have a legal background to draw out the court's time. the court knows you have to pay the lawyer and he is going to pull every little trick to get you off, they'll just dismiss it or reduce the fine extremely. my 2 cents, mick

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Re: Any police in here? Need some ticket advice......

I am an officer in Louisiana. The citation you were issued is pretty cheezy, but she may be what is called a Grant Officer. This means that she is employed by the local Office/Department and paid from the local office, but the department she works for was issued a GRANT from the feds to hire more officers they cannot afford as Public Safety Officers and there job is to write tickets. The local dept. has to turn in the amount of tickets issued by this person every month. If at the end of the year the officer has not written enough to satisfy the agreement between her department and the fed grant provider, the dept. must pay back the grant the following year, thus eliminating the officers job due to lack of funding. She probably had to write that ticket. Sometimes male officers have to write tickets to gorgeous, crying women for 2 MPH for their Job. Anyway, the ticket doesn't have to be paid, just written. A speeding ticket is tricky. Here in Louisiana when my acquaintances get tickets I give the address to the District Attorneys Office and have them write a 1 paragraph sob story (Like being in school). If the story is good our DA's send a reply back saying to forget the whole thing ever happened. Most of the time the fine is reduced to a NON-MOVING Violation---Seat Belt. And the fine stays the same, but your driving record is not attacked. Usually you pay court costs and the fine. Sometimes it is reduced to a NMV and financially reduced and some places, not many, will allow you to pay on payments. Write a letter, and your driving record wil be secure and your insurance co. will never find out. As far as the whole mistake on citation thing. Here it depends on the mood of the judge. He could go for the misplaced state thing, but probably not. If you have representation the court will have mercy on you, but I would rather pay the ticket and save some money.
As far as the transfer form state to state is concerned, that is tough......................Since the info was wrong on the citation chances are it won't be placed in NCIC. hen you register in a new state the info is transferred. The Clerk keys it in after court. But since the state was wrong the Clerk is not going to take the time to figure out where you are from, so it will just go on the already entered stack of tickets.

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Re: Any police in here? Need some ticket advice......

I do think that California points transfer to Michigan. I remember hearing about interstate truck drivers a while back - they'd get their driver's license revoked in one state then they'd just set up a residence in another state and get a DL there. I think there is now a nationwide database for points on your DL, so you could get points in Alaska or Hawaii and they'd still go on your Michigan license... in Michigan. Hit 12 points (or whatever the magic # is now), and you can't legally drive any more (like that stops some people, though).

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Re: Any police in here? Need some ticket advice......

Hmm, makes me remember my pull-over experience 3 weeks after getting my license. I was going 35 in a 45 cruising along with my cargo trailer, and hear a siren so I pull on over knowing I didn't do anything wrong but maybe had a light out on the trailer or sumpin. The guy walks up and said I was going 10 mph over the speed limit. I was like what? It's 45! He said, nope, your in a school zone, it's 25 when school is in session which is 8am to 3pm and it was about 11:00am. And he started righting the ticket and I said that the 25 is only when school is in session right? And he said yes then I said, since when have school's been in session on Sundays? HAHA. Got out of that one, cop just looked at me, gave me back my license and walked away. Never have gotten a ticket or pulled over since. Thanks God.

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