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The war of the Sandwich OT

<font color=blue>The following is an expert from the chat room last night, Starring myself and of course the ever crazy RJ[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]. The contents here may disturb you, Or even scare the living crap out of you, You had better read it all the way through, It's much funnier that way[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]. The authers are not responable for you nightmares, Wet Dreams. Or other fits of histeria[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]. And now edited for content a little bit, The War of the Sandwich.</font color=blue>

<R/J> Hey, I'm resurrection joe, me and this here nut called
dan went on a trip one say
<R/J> day
<R/J> excuse me
<298GMC> lol
<R/J> anyway, the pickle rebellion had come and gone, much
like the cupcake rebellion and the anti cheese movement
<298GMC> Awww
<R/J> yeah, the unit and boomerang boy where hanging out,
working out how to make a sandwich that could beat up
many people
<298GMC> lol
<R/J> me jack and 289 layed out a marvelous stack of bread
coldsuts cheeses, sauces, vegetable, small rodents, a
beef heart, bull nuts, and one single pickle, that
pickle is where it all went wrong
<298GMC> Uh oh
<R/J> we jumped it from my truck, using rail road spikes
<298GMC> COOL!
<R/J> the sandwich got up and looked around, dazed as any
sandwich would be, just brought to life and infested
with eveil pickle partices (say that 5 times fast)
<298GMC> Damn!
<R/J> anyway, we named the sandwich, uhhhh, randy, randy the
<R/J> say "HI RANDY!"
<298GMC> lol
<298GMC> HI RANDY!!!!
<298GMC> Wecome to the club club sandwhich that is!
<R/J> randy, what are you doing, get away man, go sit down
and drink some mustard (sandwiches live on mustard)
<298GMC> Hmmm Mustard
--> [Randy The Sandwich] has joined the Chat room
<298GMC> HOLY [censored] IT"S RANDY!!!!
<298GMC> DAMN!!
<R/J> Screw off randy !
<298GMC> So randy do you prefer grey poupon or regular Heinz?
<Randy The Sandwich> come get some ugly!
<Randy The Sandwich> huh ?
<Randy The Sandwich> I like generic
<Randy The Sandwich> Its cheap
<298GMC> Ohhhh
<298GMC> lol
<Randy The Sandwich> Sometimes I get high on honey mustard
and take pictures of joe showering
<298GMC> LOL
<298GMC> I know that dude on the porn site looked
<298GMC> :-)
<R/J> You stay the hell out of my house randy! I got the
grocery store to let you stay in their big fridge
<298GMC> Yeah Randy THE BIG FRIDGE!!!
<298GMC> So there!
<R/J> RANDY !!!
<Randy The Sandwich> Yeah, I had sex with a hot chick hogie
last night, she had some big melons!
<R/J> this is a family chat room, no screwing sandwiches!
<298GMC> DAMN!!!!
<298GMC> Yeah dude a FAMILY chat room!
<Randy The Sandwich> I wore protection, I took some saran
wrap out and layed it on my sausage
<298GMC> lol
<298GMC> Hee Hee it's gonna be good here in a second......
<Randy The Sandwich> well, i got sausage and meatballs, im a
made out of everything sausage
<R/J> I shouldnt of but that [censored] pickle in
<298GMC> Nope! Damn pickles!
<Randy The Sandwich> OH it was good, i shot mayo every..
--> [Rev. Jessie!!!] has joined the Chat room
<R/J> Jesse shut randy up !
<Randy The Sandwich> COME GET SOME JACKSON!
<Rev. Jessie!!!> Yes sir I will there is no place for
obseane sandwhichs like him in this world!!!!!
<298GMC> YEAH!!!
<Rev. Jessie!!!> I'll feed him some GREAT GOD PUDDIN!!!
<Rev. Jessie!!!> Right from the everlasting depths of
<<Randy The Sandwich to Rev. Jessie!!!>> I LOVE YOU JESSE
<<Randy The Sandwich to Rev. Jessie!!!>> I WANT YOUR BOD
Rev. Jessie!!!> YOU FREAK!!! You had better pray to the
lord for forgiveness my boy!!!!
--> [R/J] has left the Chat room
<Randy The Sandwich> ddsda
<Rev. Jessie!!!> For I sure won't forgive you !!!!
<Randy The Sandwich> HAHAHAHA I JUST KILLED RJ!!!!!!!!!
<Randy The Sandwich> HAHAHAHA I JUST KILLED RJ!!!!!!!!!
<Randy The Sandwich> I AM A GOD!
<298GMC> Uh oh I think Randy killed RJ
<Randy The Sandwich> yeah jesse what do ya think of that
<Rev. Jessie!!!> I think you are a very bad person (or
sandwhich) And there will be a place for you in HELL!!!!
<298GMC> Oh no HELL!!!!
--> [R/J] has joined the Chat room
<298GMC> RJ!!!!! He's ALIVE?!?!!?
Randy The Sandwich> NOOOOOO !
<Rev. Jessie!!!> Thank the lord that this young boy has been
saved from this evil sandwhich!!!
<298GMC> YEAH HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!
<R/J> hey RANDY suck on this *pulls out a .50 desert eagle*
<298GMC> I'm saveing all this ya know :-)
<Randy The Sandwich> HAHAHAHAHAHA! you cant kill a sandwich!
<R/J> damn it !
<Rev. Jessie!!!> Good lord you're killing that sandwhich!!!!
<R/J> I am not, he just said he aint dead!
<R/J> on second though jesse, im gonna shoot you in the leg,
aint natural for dead people to be walking around
<Rev. Jessie!!!> You had both betterh pray for forgiveness,
Because even though you're killing a REALLY BAD sanswich
it's still a living one of gods creatures!!!!
<298GMC> Damn this is gitting nuts in here!!! Damnnnnn
<R/J> no, god didnt make him, i did remeber, with a battery !
<R/J> god gave me permisson, I think hes playing a joke
<298GMC> Oh yeah stick that in your butt jessie!!!
<Randy The Sandwich> *tries to hump 298GMC*
<Rev. Jessie!!!> You may have created him with a battery but
you did so with gods will!!!
--> [GOD] has joined the Chat room
<298GMC> Pulls out a big arse boomerang and tries to kill
<GOD> Hey, everyone, be groovy, OK ?
<298GMC> Groovy right groovy *Thinks this is really starting
to get to my head*
<GOD> I gotta go do some miracles, but good luck getting
that sandwich dead, he's the spawn of a SATANIC PICKLE!
<GOD> SO, uh, bye, be groovy now, relax"
--> [GOD] has left the Chat room
<Rev. Jessie!!!> Hello God as your loving servant I was
trying to save these boys from eternal damnnation but
It seems to not be working so well
--> [GOD] has left the Chat room
<298GMC> Bye God
<R/J> hey randy, 298 looks hungery
<298GMC> Yes I'm hungrey
<R/J> I am too......
<R/J> hmmmm
<298GMC> I'm gonna eat that damn sandwich
<Randy The Sandwich> no, dont do it!
<Randy The Sandwich> NOOO !
<298GMC> We learned something from the epiuc war right !
<298GMC> So lets just eat him!
<298GMC> Skushes that damn pickles
<Randy The Sandwich> urhgghsghhfhhfh, Poop poolaroo *DEAD*
--> [Randy The Sandwich] has left the Chat room
<Rev. Jessie!!!> I will not sit here and watch this teribble
insult to god I am leaving!!!
--> [Rev. Jessie!!!] has left the Chat room
<R/J> YAY!
<R/J> on both counts
<298GMC> Well that was fun!!!
<298GMC> YEAH!!!
<298GMC> *Our heros sit in RJ's truck and enjoy themselves*
The End?
<298GMC> Or not Mwa hahahahahah
<R/J> that was really stupid...... LMFAO

<font color=blue>The above my have horrified you, But hopefuly you found some humor in our antics, I leave you for now, Please join me next time on........The no Name Show[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img].</font color=blue>

<font color=blue>Come on Come on listen to the 40's talk!</font color=blue>
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Re: The war of the Sandwich OT

............ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................... .okay......................

1992 Blazer Sport, 350, 4L60, Rancho 2"[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif[/img], 285/75R16 AT's, K&N, Flowmaster, MSD[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]
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Re: The war of the Sandwich OT

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

............ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................... .okay......................


<font color=blue>ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.............okay[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img][b]Boomerang Boy, Captain Boomerang, What ever, It's all good![b][img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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