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Resurrection_Joe 08-17-2001 07:04 PM

OT - All units secure
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Im home. Had a good trip. Thanks for making me drive!

I went and got the tires at Shawn's. Shawn's one of the greatest men I've met. Ever. Meet him in person if you can. Yet he does not seem to want to take the time to post anything but coupons (what a caring soul ^_^), so I'll bait him. Here's to Shawn and his tidy garage.

I never quite made it to any real trails, but I wanted to look into holy cross. I went to Derby hill in Cheyenne. That was quite fun. Alas Shawn was right and I need to trim my fenders, as I chewed up that one tire even more. The realization that I have crossed the line from some dork with a lifted truck into off roader is not hidden to me. I am going to go for this prospect now and am happy for it. Here is a short list of things I'm planning for the following 9 months. Note that any humerous comments are notes to myself, not attempts to amuse you. Thats what Epic Adventures are for.

-Custom Flatbed - No fenders, but still full width and full
length, retaining current rear bumper

-Rocker Protection Step - Some kind of boxed steel

-Front Winch Bumper - 2 x 8 steel with shelf in front with
2 shackles

- CB Setup - Big antennas, 2 of 'em

-Flood Lights - On the bars, move spots to front or

-Rear Winch - Electric 8000lb (cheap) mounted somehow

-Front winch - Hydraulic or electric, whatever. I hope
hydraulic. In the 9000 - 10000 pound area

-Dual Batteries - I have the extra tray, so it must be
meant to be!

- Better alternator - Yeah, I'll need this to power those

-Trimmed Front Fenders - Need to stuff those tires when I
remove the sway bar

-Roll Bar - Custom bent with long trailing bars

-Skid Plates - Everywhere, in fact, I want to be driving a
huge skid plate

-Heads - Vortech, need intake too ?

-Exhaust - Yeah, loud!

Flatbed plans -

So anyway, I'll have for sale definatley -

- NP208 transfer case that hooks to a 700R4
- Chrome stock rear bumper
- Welded decorative sunflowers

And these I might have for sle in the near future -

- Very good quality blue fleetside longbed except for holes
in floor of bed where roll bars and 5th wheel used to be.
- Roll bars. Black. Fit both fleet and step side.
- Front stock chrome bumper

So have at it as you will. Any thoughts or bids for items are gladly welcomed. Remember if I put OT in front of it, I can do anything! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

1978 K20, 355, TH 400, NP 205, D44, 14FF, 7" Lift, 36" TSL Radials

desertrat67 08-17-2001 08:48 PM

Re: OT - All units secure
Not a bad idea fr the flatbed. It would be kinda long but give a little better clearance. Put a 34 gallon blazer/burb fuel tank behind the rear axle between the frame rails with a big skid plate and you wouldn't have to worry about the tanks/tank getting smashed by a rock and get even more clearance on the sides. I saw u2slow's shortened(14 inches) crew cab and am thinking about doing the same to mine and building a flatbed for it and installing the burb tank.

pics of the V30 which is still for sale or possible trade.

Resurrection_Joe 08-17-2001 10:23 PM

Re: OT - All units secure
Yeah! Thanks for the reply. I kinda went through reply withdrawl for a while. Anyway. i just have decided, screw it, I'll go for it. What do you think about bobbing the frame to about 3 inches in front of the rear spring shackle? I think that, compined with my new bumper and a cool flatbed would help out a bit. Make the departure angle as such \ Cool eh ? Even with the bobbed frame and flatbed, I should have more cargo room than now. I'd like to discuss this in detail with whoever wishes too. The gas tank is a novel idea, but the previous owner of my truck kind of screwed with the frame and made an odd hitch so I have to build the flatbed higher than normal. Maybe I could squeeze a tank even above the frame rail and skidplate it! I would like the extra fuel cabacity. Let me draw some plans up and I'll get back to you. I maight have to junk my 100 dollar bumber to do it, but hey, what the hell?

Ok then, thanks.

1978 K20, 355, TH 400, NP 205, D44, 14FF, 7" Lift, 36" TSL Radials

desertrat67 08-17-2001 10:30 PM

Re: OT - All units secure
Hey Joe, hehe. good song. Back to the topic. Look at this crew cab that has been shortened.

pics of the V30 which is still for sale or possible trade.

Resurrection_Joe 08-17-2001 10:56 PM

Re: OT - All units secure
Uhh, cool! Chat room now!

1978 K20, 355, TH 400, NP 205, D44, 14FF, 7" Lift, 36" TSL Radials

**DONOTDELETE** 08-30-2001 06:00 PM

Re: OT - All units secure
Yaaach! Thats an awful picture and lets not talk about the garage! It would be sweet seeing a flat bed like that on your truck!

PS- Theres a coupon I just posted.

87 K5
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