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o/t cops...arent they fun?

well i just got home from jail for "breaking into" my own house. i get home after my last final and just my luck my roomies got me locked out and i forgot my keys. so i go around and start through my bedroom window when freakin out of nowhere theres two cops with their flashlights and thier little guns out screaming at me to lay on the ground. so of course i do since i dont want bayney fife here to shoot me as im sure he would have loved too. so after they handcuff me they look at my wallet and tell me that that addresses dont match. im like "i just go to school down here". of course it being a college town that story is just crazy. then it went on like this...
cop "how much you had to drink tonight"
me "i dont drink"
cop "bull%^%$, then how much did you smoke?"
me "dont smoke up either"
cop "then why are you so nervous"
(gee i wonder)
me "im not used to being accosted at gunpoint on the way into my house"
me "i have mail inside with my name on it that will show you i live here"
cop " i suggest you take advantage of your right to remain silent"
well finally my roomie came down and got me from the jail. they said i was lucky i wasnt getting charged with public intoxication...yeah i feal real lucky since i dont even drink .
guess these two just needed someone to show what big men they were.
i seriously doubt these winners actually even though i was breaking into a house facing the street when it wasnt even dark.

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Re: o/t cops...arent they fun?

Hahahaha.....that's hilarious in a F-ed up way man. I closed my eyes, shook my head, and laughed at that one.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif[/img][img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

Sounds like the porkers of my home town. 1500 people and we have a police department. Could never figure out why. Not like they did anything other than get Caprice's stuck and harass the local kids and rednecks. A buddy of mine in High School got caught smoking a joint by a cop while he was walking to a party in town. The cop let him go but took his stuff. So about 45 minutes later our chief of police sneaks up on prior mentioned cop, and discovers him doing what? Smoking the weed he took from my buddy. In the squad car. Around the corner from where he took it from my buddy.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] [email protected][img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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Re: o/t cops...arent they fun?

Unfortunatly I only know way to many bad cops,most are A$$ holes working and in there personel lives as well,every so often you find good one.
Ive never been arrested and only have one ticket.

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Re: o/t cops...arent they fun?

You will only run in to a few good cops. I used to go through this whole routine. They would pull me over, take me in and hassle me. I guess they stopped because they realize that I live here. I'm not sure. There's good ones out there though. Don't lose hope. And don't build a music studio at your house either cause that'll bring em over[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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Re: o/t cops...arent they fun?

I personally know of only 2 cops that are cool as hell.
1 is a state trooper who I went to Charlotte with, and the other is a regualar cop. He runs a built 95? Cobra w/ red & white fire dept. lights. He cruised the strip down here with 'em flashin. LoL. He wears his uniform EVERYWHERE and if you wanna race him you will find him workin at the bowlin alley. He's cool as hell and told me where to find the list of roadblocks in my state on the net. LoL. The other 4-5 work for my dad at his gas station but I don't know them except to say hey or so...
I had the same thing happen to me when we moved into this house. It came with an alarm and I didn't know the code. so I entered it wrong 3 times and it unknowingly calls the cops. I walked around the back to the garage to get my cell phone and call my mom and was met by two cops at gunpoint. They looked at my liscense and my dad came home around that time somewhere and they apologized. again "It is for my safety"..
Some mean well but I personally believe most, if not all regualar cops are a s s holes and state troopers are ok. I used to work at a car wash and their BMW 5 series cars and their Camaro's regularly. The only regular cop that ever came through was the K-9 unit, with that bad a s s German Shephard (sp?).

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Re: o/t cops...me too...long.

sounds very familiar. Similar thing happened to my and some of my buddies back in high school. 4 of us were walking out of my friends house to his car to go to a local park, and a cruiser was driving by; He slammed on his brakes, flipped a u-turn, and damn near ran one of us over, and hopped the curb. The two cops jumped out, guns drawn, screaming at us to drop on the ground. 1.5 seconds later, 4 more cop cars, 8 more guns pointing at us.

They were screwing with me the most. Dislocated my shoulder when they picked me up off the ground (I was cuffed), squeezed my balls REAL hard when they frisked me, threw me up against their patrol car - it wasn't fun. After a 5th police car rolled up with 'witnesses' that confirmed we weren't the guys they were looking for, they let us know what was going on:

Turns out a bank had been robbed by 4 guys around the corner. Heres the kicker, the robber was a white male, 6' tall, long blond hair - a pretty good description of me. 2 white male accomplices were with them, both having short light hair (matching 2 of the guys with me). The 3rd guy was an ‘oriental’ getaway driver in a blue Honda. Just so happens that my buddy Gene Mukasa (Japanese) was with us, and he drives a blue civic (The car we were getting into). After they explained why they ‘stopped’ us, they went along their merry way, and we went to the park (My buddy popped my shoulder back in for me!) – no apology or nothing. High school was fun.

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Re: o/t cops...me too...long.

I had a similar experience a few years back.

I'm a State Hunter Safety Instuctor, and was teaching a course one Saturday. After the course, my brother-in-law asked me to check out a .30-06 he wanted to buy. So we headed down to the next town to look at it, and he decided to buy it. We left a few hours later, and were puller over by a State Trooper. He came up on us with his hand on his gun, the light in our eyes, and said we had a light out and would we step out of the truck. Once I saw his face, I said, "Hi Dale, what's going on?". He then relaxed when he saw me and started laughing.

He said there was just a robbery, with a rifle, by 2 people in a beat up light blue 2wd pickup, which we were in. One of them was wearing camo (which I was from the course) and brandishing a rifle, the other guy was smaller (which my brother is). We fit the descriptions perfectly. If we'd been stopped by anyone else, we'd have gone to jail, no doubt about it.

He told us we didn't have a light out, he just needed a reason to stop and investigate us, fine with me.

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