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**DONOTDELETE** 07-25-2000 08:10 AM

Wasted 305 Smogged!
I live in Missouri near St. Louis, and for the past three years I've had to get my carbureted, stock-engine 86 305 K5 Blazer smog tested. And for three years in a row, I failed the test each time. But lucky for me, I knew the tester and magically I was able to pass the test after a couple of tries. I have known for years that my 305 with 200k+ miles on it was tired and usually a little out of tune. And of course, the valve guide seals have been gone for at least ten years. I also knew that I would never put a dime in that 305 and that someday I would build a great fuel-injected 350 for the truck. I thought that the time had finally come to plop down the big bucks for the 350 fuelie install since the St. Louis area now requires the dynamic-treadmill emissions test at state-run facilities, but....

I decided to take the old behemoth up to the new smog facility to get the bad news of failing the new test over with and use it as an excuse to rush a new motor into the truck. But before I went up there, I took the old 4.10-geared bucket of potatoes out on the highway to heat up the converter and blow out the cob webs. I ran about 6 miles up and down the highway in second and third gear (700R4) running about 3000-4000 RPM. I even coaxed a second gear scratch out of the tired drivetrain. It was good and hot when I pulled into the testing station, AND THEN IT PASSED THE NEW TEST!!!! Now I can wait on that engine rebuild a little longer since our new test is good for two years. This will give me plenty of time to get my new motor built right. However, the 305 will be on its way to the junkyard by Christmas if all goes well, but I still can't believe it passed! To top things off, the tester told me that he now knew what the largest size tire that his treadmill can handle (33x12.50's). You should have seen the 16 year old's eyes when he stepped on the gas and the truck began wiggling back and forth on the treadmill. I thought it was gonna greak loose from the machine! -and then it passed!!!

Bottom line: heat the old motors up and get that converter cookin before you test.

**DONOTDELETE** 07-28-2000 08:58 PM

Re: Wasted 305 Smogged!
You will ALWAYS fail if the engine has not been run for several miles. We run the tread mill here in GA also and never had a problem passing the sniffer. Just before they started with the rollers I went for my fail because I was missing my cats. I passed the sniffer with no cats at all. Tells you how much smog controls are BS! Dumb ass didn't look till after he had started printing it out and was disconnecting the machine and noticed the CATALIST sticker on the core suport. He let me slide caus a it passed and I told him I was expecting the fail because I wanted to make sure if I failed after thecats were installed I could get an exempt. Here if you show improvment they will give you a sticker if you show you spend a couple hundered bucks.
I don't know why they said they would have trouble with the big tires. Didn't have any problems with my 32's till the truck went for second and darn near jumped off the rollers :) It shifts real hard LOL. It passed fine with those nice shinny new cats. Now my 75 is full time and I had to argu with them big time that they could not put it on rollers because it would drive off. It got down to me grabbing their jack and lifting the rear wheels and moving the truck with the reas off the gound. Then they had to call the smog nazi hedquarters on what to do LOL. They did a static test (no rollers). It put out less emmisions then my 87 4 cyl ford that did pass. 75 did not have cats from the factory and the only emmissions on the truck is a PCV.
ITS ALL A SCAM! a vehicle that is propperly tunned does not produce any un acceptable emissions.


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