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BigElecCat 03-21-2004 02:25 AM

\'93 k1500 Front Drive Train Clunk
I'm tryin' to figure out what's wrong with my friend's '93 K1500. The truck is completely stock. He recently put on a new front diff actuator. While driving at highway speeds in 2wd, we hear a clunk and feel a 'grab' in the front drive train, like the front drive shaft is trying to start spinning. Would this be the actuator getting a voltage signal from a bad switch on the transfer case? Or would it be the actuator is not retracting all the way? The problem is not constant. There's no way the T-case could be trying to slip into <nobr>4wd</nobr> without the lever being moved, is there? The '93 uses a switch on the T-case to control the actuator, no dash switch. Our next step is to run it with the actuator removed, to see if the problem goes away. Any ideas? I did a search but it didn't find anything specific about this problem.

Shorts 03-21-2004 11:23 PM

Re: \'93 k1500 Front Drive Train Clunk
first off check to see if the actuator is working properly. next, pull that other little screwed-in plug thats right near the actuator and make sure that switch isn't stuck either. with both of them out, spin each wheel freely and make sure they don't bind. if they do, you might need to pull the pside axle tube off the diff and see if the little sprocket and chain in there are completely disengaging.

dparker 03-21-2004 11:42 PM

Re: \'93 k1500 Front Drive Train Clunk
little sprocket and chain
in the front chunk its gear driven no chain least no it mine i had a busted stub axle in mine cuase symptoms like that once

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