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ozarkjeep 12-08-2003 10:59 AM

1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds
only when I ease up on the accelerator.

it flashed a code, it scanned to show p300 something random/multiple cylinder misfire.. then a coupld of days later the light went off, but the shudder still happens.

I just replaced the fuel pump, and this started immediatly afterwards.

its not starving for fuel, if you floor it pulls steady and hard from dead still to 90mph, but when you ease off of the gas at 70 or so it shudders..

Ive heard the front cv shaft could have a bad Ujoint causing this, Its on my list of things to check, but I wante to try and get some input from you guys, all ideas are welcomed!


dhcomp 12-08-2003 11:21 AM

Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds
If its when you lift off the gas, it could be the torque converter unlocking, i know my 94 does that, and it is definitely noticable.

bowtie_guy 12-08-2003 12:02 PM

Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds
I know there is a problem with the tranny shuttering. I remember being told that the converter locks and unlocks. The fix GM has is a new valve body but there is a shop around here that fixes it for cheap by drilling out some passages or something.

Servord 12-08-2003 01:41 PM

Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds
Have you already checked the plugs, cap and rotor? I had, what sounds to be the samething happen to my 95 and thought that it was the tranny. I took it to my mechanic and he told me that it was due for a tune up.


ozarkjeep 12-09-2003 09:32 AM

Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds
I dont think its the tranny, well I hoep it isnt.

I knowwhat a converter feels like locking and such, and it doesnt feel the same.

I will replace the cap/rotor/plugs/wires, and fuel filter and see if that clears it up.

Ive never had a vehicle feel like this due to a bad ignition part..

but that stuff needs to be done anyway.

thanks guys

Shorts 12-09-2003 10:20 AM

Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds
i know you said 'only when you let up on the accelerator' and this would happen at all times - but for giggles and a just in case, check your tires for any bulges or potential blowout spots.

also check your tie rods, and steering stuff. how are your cv joints?? jack each tire up and spin it. watch the cv shaft and make sure its straight when it spins.

blabhern 12-09-2003 04:49 PM

Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds
If your CV shafts are going as mine did last week, you can just grab it and jiggle it. It will have some play in either the to or bottom joint. Good luck fixing the problem.

ozarkjeep 01-31-2004 06:41 PM

Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds

New tires and wheels, new fuel filter, new cap/rotor, and new plugs wires.

and the problem is getting progressively worse.

SES light on, scans as random multiple cylinder misfire.

I checked TPS today, within spec.

IM running out of things I can check, maybe the $80 GM shop diagnostic will show whats up?
I know it isnt the tranny, it even did it this morning slowly backing up the driveway, I can hear the miss with the window down. its definantly not hitting one or more cylinders, and only under partial or lightload.

floor it , and it pulls like hell, try to easily ( econmiccally) accellerate and it shudders, and acts like its making about 8 horsepower.

I would really appreciate any helpo advice you guys can give.
I love the economy and the easy starts of this CFIS system, but man, its not what I am used to trouble shooting!

**DONOTDELETE** 01-31-2004 10:43 PM

Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds
Did you hook up the plug wire right. You might 2 of them mixed up or somthing. Or they may be loose.

dhcomp 01-31-2004 11:07 PM

Re: 1997 tahoe, shuddering at highways speeds
Ok, so after i replyed to this post about sloppy steering, i realized how unsafe mine has become. I did what was reccomended and checked it out, and there slop in a few locations. The steering arm to the tie rod, the other fake steering arm (idler?) to tie rod, and each end of the tie rod to the smaller arms that go to wheels (sorry about terminology, isn't SFA so much simpler?). Anyways, can these bushing deal be replaced easily? Do you need a press? I want ot replace everythign but the steering box and see if it solves enough of the problem.

How hard would those bushing and stuff be to replace? Tools involved? Thanks!

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