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spunger 10-01-2003 02:33 AM

k1500 changing brakes
Hey Guys, I am going to tackle my brakes this weekend and need to know a couple of things I plan on doing the following...

1. Replace front pads
2. IF rotors aren't bad leave them, if they are replace them
3. Change rear drum brakes out.

My main question is how do you get the front rotors off? Do they just pull off of the wheel studs? Do you have to repack all the front end bearings etc...? I checked in the book and it said you didn't have to go that far but I just want to make sure.

The truck is a 1991 chevy k1500 4x4. I know it is time to change these things, and I know pads are super easy, but I am curious about the rotors as well.

Please let me know how you get the rotors off.


dhcomp 10-01-2003 07:50 AM

Re: k1500 changing brakes
Brakes on these 1/2 ton trucks are a piece of cake. I did front pads/rotors no problem, and i had basically done NOTHING on my truck before. There's 2 bolts holding the calipers on, I want to say 3/8" hex heads. I reccomend getting a socket to remove these, just a little easier to work with instead of an alen wrench. Once you remove these 2 bolts, the caliper lifts off the rotor/backing place. Then you just slide the rotor off the studs, nothing else should be holding it on. If rotors haven't beeen changed before on your truck, there may be little clips on the studs that were used during assembly at the plant, but i really doubt those will still be around.

There was a long post with pictures when i did the brakes on my suburban back in feb 03, so try searching for that. There was a lot of good info posted regarding doing your first brake job.....

good luck!

ratlover 10-01-2003 11:46 AM

Re: k1500 changing brakes
You *should* have your drums and rotors turned. This is especially important if they look like a record and such. You shouldnt need new rotors and such, just get em turned. I have put brakes on vehicals withough getting em turned and been fine. They say that your brakes will wear faster. I never planned on keeping most vehicals i did brake jobs on long enough to care. They might also be noisyer or not stop as well. If you arnt going to get em turned I would scuff em up some with a DA if you have it or by hand.

And dont get grease on the brakes and if you do clean it with some brake cleaner. It will heat up and start to reek.

And there is a good chance that your little star adjuster guy on the drums will be seized on at least on brake. Clean them real good and put grease on all of the thread and the little spinny part with the slot on the end.

And dont be a cheap ass and use screwdrivers and vice grips. I ended up punching myself in the face with a set of vice grips and thus knocking myself on my ass. I have found geting a cheap set of brake tools makes like much easier. The little screwdrive handle with the flat end to twist the spring guys off and the thing that looks like some freaky torture pliars.

need any more specific help ask away

4x4mike 10-02-2003 01:47 PM

Re: k1500 changing brakes
Front rotors come off easy and yes it is a 3/8 and yes go to Sears and get the 3/8" drive one, it makes it easy and it fits on the torque wrench. I didn't chage my rotors and was lazy so I roughed them up a bit with some 120 grit and called it good. I get the lifetime warranty pads at AutoZone so if I screw them up I take them back for new ones [img]images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]
Good luck

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