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Yukon97 02-04-2002 10:40 PM

Non-offroad trouble
I just received this from summit racing. Not sure if anyone else got this. But i am going to paste up what was sent to me.

Dear Summit Racing Customer,
Your hobby is in danger! Proposed U.S. government legislation, U.S.Senate Bill S.1766, would allocate federal funds for state scrappage programs for vehicles more than 15 years old. In the process, it could threaten the very existence of our hobby by:

*Destroying 1960s and 70s era musclecars

*Scrapping 1980s performance vehicles like Mustangs, Camaros, and Corvettes

*Eliminating many non-performance vehicles which provide an invaluable parts


Take a stand for your rights--and your hobby--by letting your U.S. Senator know how this bill will directly affect you. Log onto our website at for a copy of our Legislator Letter, which you can print, sign, and mail to your Senator. Then, go to for a complete list of legislator names and addresses, plus additional information on U.S. Senate Bill S.1766.

Act now--your hobby may depend on it!

97tealZ71 02-04-2002 11:05 PM

Re: Non-offroad trouble
AHHHHHHH we must stop it!

CodyZ71 02-04-2002 11:12 PM

Thats total SH*T!
That's bullsh*t! God I hate this Country anymore! Damn I think I'll move to Canada! I'm hoping this won't effect you if you own the vehicle? Or will they come to your house and take your restored 65 GTO and melt it for a new Honda Civic which puts out no emmisions!! :(

Rice burner's suck! Go Bigblock!!!

TxFireman 02-04-2002 11:29 PM

Re: Thats total SH*T!
Nah, they can't come take it away from you. At the very worst they might could nail you on the registration fee by jacking it up to some outrageous price. I really don't see how this would apply at all.....I would not think that they would be able to take them from salvage yard owners as well. They might be able to get them from banks and leanders, say in the event of a totaled vehicle the insurance pays on, they could have them take it and crush it then maybe, before it gets to another private party. Who knows.....if they do come to take it away.....tell them there is a family horn rimmed, yellow beaked, ring eyed sap suckers living in it and maybe they will leave it alone. Tell them your gonna blow the whistle to all the tree huggers if they touch it. LOL

**DONOTDELETE** 02-04-2002 11:31 PM

Re: Thats total SH*T!
Hey man whao!!!!!! If you don't like this country then pack your [email protected] bags and leave. Plenty of people dying constantly trying to get over here. This country may seem like its not the greatest at times but it is. The huge taxes at Canada aren't that great. This is the best place to live anywhere on this earth. It burns me up everytime I hear someone say something like this.

YOTA 02-04-2002 11:53 PM

Re: Thats total SH*T!
Cody if you hate this country so much why dont you move, go to canada, where you cant own a gun. or england where you cant offroad at all. you probably never left this country so you dont know how good you got it. have you ever been in the armed forces, probably not or you wouldnt have said suck a dumba$$ thing.

**DONOTDELETE** 02-08-2002 08:19 AM

Re: Thats total SH*T!
Amen, YOTA. Amen!

Elk Muncher
"We're all pink on the inside!"

'99 Silverado 2500HD ext. cab/SWB, 6.0L, manual, 4.10's etc. etc.- not even close! no mods yet!

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