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**DONOTDELETE** 03-12-2000 01:08 PM

KC Lights Go Dim
I had 5 kc lights but now run 7 of them.When I turn one set on there bright,but when I turn all
of them on they go really dim.Why is that? I just bought one of those optima deep cycle yellow
top batteries.The battery gauge in the truck usualy runs over 14 amps when I turn all 7 lights on
the guage doesn't hardly move. Does this mean I need a bigger alternator or go to a dual
battery hook up? Hope someone can help me.


J.R. 03-12-2000 02:23 PM

Re: KC Lights Go Dim
I had the same problem with a F*rd Ranger I used to own. Your alternator can't keep up with the power drain on the battery. Are you running any relays on the lights at all? Putting in some relays would help immensely on making sure that you get a straight shot of consistent power. But it still won't be enough.

I would check into a new, higher amperage alternator..

Hope that helps...

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**DONOTDELETE** 03-12-2000 04:32 PM

Re: KC Lights Go Dim
Sounds like you have more load on your alternator than it is capable of putting out. To figure out how much load you are putting on your alternator use this simple formula amperage X voltage = Watts. I have 4 KC lights and mine are 150 watts a piece. 150 divided by 12 = 12 1/2. So each one of my lights uses about 12 1/2 amps. It is a simple formula to use. If your lights are like mine I figure you are drawing about 87 1/2 amps. ( For 7 150 watt lights ) My truck has a stock alternator and the output is 85 amps I think. I figure you are just using more than your alternator can produce. I hope this helps you a bit. Good luck.

**DONOTDELETE** 03-13-2000 12:28 AM

Re: KC Lights Go Dim
you Should have hd relays on each pair of lights, Nothing lighter than 14 ga wire, are they spliced from a power lead or ran from the battery? Positive Grounding? How's the output of the alternator?

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