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**DONOTDELETE** 03-03-2000 09:05 AM

I have only owned my blazer for two weeks now, and i love the truck, but i Dont like the power. i have owned more than one 6cyl in my life and they have had some decent power, but this 2.8,(can you say no balls) i want to put on a bigger tire (30x9.5-15) put dont want to lose performance. the way i see it i can do one of three things to the truck:
spend a heap of cash and convert it to a v8
rebuild the 2.8 i just took out of my fathers 86 cherokee and add a cam
buy the 3.4 liter i found w/30k for 600.00 and go from there.
if i do go with the 3.4 liter, will it use the same aftermarket cam as the 2.8?
also FYI: the motor i had put in my fathers cherokee came out of a 1987 camaro
(2.8) the engine works great but there was no boss on the block for the fuel pump.(no block off plate either) any help in this would be greatly appriecated.
also what we need to do to get the s-10 parts problem is to get people together.
like what they do with the jeep rallies and such. let them SEE how many are interested then they will produce. thanks again

**DONOTDELETE** 03-04-2000 11:33 AM

Re: Input
$600 for a 3.4l engine with only 30k? If you don't buy it I will! How do I get in touch with the seller? In Calgary, I would be expecting to pay around $1400 for that same engine!


Vance - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1985 4x4 S-10 and 1988 Jeep YJ

**DONOTDELETE** 03-04-2000 04:27 PM

Re: Input
for the most bang for your buck,go with the 3.4
S.B. swaps are a beautiful thing but VERY cash intensive
(motor, tranny, t-case and axles)
just a cam in a 2.8 won't help much
the reason there is no fuel pump boss is that the general did away
with carbs around '86 and F.I. uses an electric pump in the tank.
All you need to do is mount an in-line electric on the frame by the tank.
(as close as you can, elect pumps are designed to push go juice not
pull it,with a few minor exceptions) Actualy on the frame is better because
you can carry a spair offroad and if it takes a dump you wont have to drop
the tank.

hey naekid, go to a couple of body shops around town and find out where they
get used parts from and give them a ring. The local (all So Fla) dismantler here
only wants around 6bills too. most of what I've seen on the net is over $1000
these motors come out of totaled wrecks and have lots of good miles left on them.
the guy down here will even drop it at my house, no charge.

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**DONOTDELETE** 03-06-2000 08:15 AM

Re: Input
i had torn down the 2.8 that had come out of my fathers cherokee this weekend.
the internals on this motor are brand new. Did the 2.8 ever come with a flat top pistons? this engine has flat top pistons and had wasted #6 rod bearing, possibly from a bad rebuild? He had purchased the truck for 400.00 and it is a nice truck. (his is faster than my blazer!) that was why i had the thought rebuilding this one. i just want more power. has anyone done the 3.4l swap and changed the cam in theirs? i know gm sells a bigger cam. how do they run with the 4bbl? like i said, I'm new to the 60deg.v6(other than the 2 buicks i had owned)

**DONOTDELETE** 03-06-2000 04:48 PM

Re: Input
All 60deg V6's(2.8/3.1/3.4)w/cast iron heads use flat top pistons. The toasted bearing was probably
due to poor oiling. Don't know what year block you have(early/late) but there were design changes
(see my other posts) to improve oiling on the lower end of late models. Crane and Wolverine
(owned by crane) make cams for this family of engines all GEN1 cams are the same, the GEN2
(alum)heads are diffrent.

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