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Wondering about off-road mishaps

I was just wondering if anyone has ever broken their IFS off-roading. I donít wheel as much as I would like, but when I do, I go hard. I run 31ís and pound on it HARD. The only thing Iíve ever broken is a rear leaf spring. That made driving out quite interesting. Iíve heard stories of broken T-bar mounts and chewed up CVís, but never had a bit of trouble (had to replace CV boots, that's normal). Hell, I never even had the front end aligned. Just wondering.

Has anyone found a good way to keep water/mud out of the intake? I disconnect the fresh air hose that runs behind the bumper when I'm out. I still have to replace the air filter after almost every outing. Any suggestions?

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Re: Wondering about off-road mishaps

About the intake. Your best bet is to get it as high as possible, if it's near your bumper you will definitely get something in it when running through water and mud.

As far as breaking stuff, the most I've seen happen is busted motor mounts on a Jeep (4 cylinder) and then a buddy who had his custom shock mounts literally rip out of the frame during some heavy movement.

Personally, I've had my IFS bent up at the lower control arm mounts on my old Toyota from hitting a rock that shouldn't have been there. But it still rode OK. Got me home! I just had to keep the wheel at a little different angle for a while. I too have heard of busted torsion bar sockets, thrashed CV joints and busted springs, but have never experienced any as such.

Take care.

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Re: Wondering about off-road mishaps

A buddy of mine literally broke both IFS lower A arms off of the frame. Of course, he was landing after jumping about 15 feet off the ground at around 50 MPH. He was young, stupid, and, well, drunk. PC DISCLAIMER - I do not condone this type of behavior, nor do I EVER drive after drinking, on or off-road.

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Re: Wondering about off-road mishaps

In a really build 84 CJ-7 I've broken almost everything:

- Drive shafts twisted / bent multiple times
- Broke a front leaf
- Broke body mount bolt
- Broken multiple hubs
- Ripped out a front brake line
- Broke Transfer case
- Shredded Rear Dana 44 Diff (ARB lived, though)
- Broke a front diff. spider gear
- I even layed the Jeep on it's side once (that was a bad day)
- Cracked the frame at hanger locations
- Bent tie rod
- and much, much more...

Even though this is a little off-topic, the point is that if you wheel enough, it will break. I wasn't not overy hard on the Jeep, but the group I ran with did serious trails. Even on "Sunday" drives things would go wrong sometimes--surprisingly with very little provocation on occassion. I learned that if you use it, it will break sooner or later.

Be careful, be light on the throttle, and have spares.

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Re: Wondering about off-road mishaps

Thanks to all that responded. To all the rest you, SHAME ON YOU. By the lack of responsesÖam I supposed to believe that you donít take your S-10ís off road? No wonder all of the other guys (Toyota, full sizers, Fords, etc.) make fun of us. Any carnage? At all?
I know Iíve never gone to the extremes that you did Tick.
My Blazer has a 3Ē body lift, 31ís, open diffs., and a 2.8 [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif[/img] . Gotta know your limits, then push them until all hell breaks loose. My most adventurous trip involved 4 4x4ís and about 6 hours. On that day we drove up a stream that looked like a river. It was about 1.5 Ė 2 feet deep and was all rock, some hidden ones about a foot high. My friend plotted out the easiest path, which I didnít follow too well. I ended up dropping off a ledge into 3 feet of water and got hung up on a huge rock. Thankfully I didnít stall and just put new door seals in! It took me about minute of rocking back and forth to get unstuck, then a 150 point turn to get out, the tranny was foaming at the mouth after that. In fact, it still leaks a little. The rest of the day was just good old-fashioned mud slinging and hill climbs, with only a few minor sticks. Mostly by my friends Cherokee. I got harassed about my getting stuck in the ďriverĒ all day my friend who has a Bronco with 35ís. Well, his big tough truck turned into a 3 wheeler on the way home. The front wheel took a sabbatical. On different days, my friend rolled his Ranger (the second one he rolled), blew out the rear end, partially ripped out part of his steering, and smoked off a clutch. Needless to say, he goes out more and wheels harder then I ever did.

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Re: Wondering about off-road mishaps

My wheelin' in the S15 consists of mainly sand dunes... I haven't broken much, I hit some bumps really weird and actually jarred some linkage off the carb, which proceeded to hold the throttle wide open, which was the last position i had it in... [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] No major suspension breakage (yet), and fortuneately no body damage (except rust, but that don't count)... The t-case sounds like it's about to grenade itself in 2wd now, and tranny jumps out of 2nd gear when you don't do the shift specificially right... I am thinking of checking some local scrap yards after some research and hopefully can find some heavy duty units that I can swap in to replace the tcase and tranny, because I apparently break stockers too easy (oh yes, and build a 350 for it)... [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] Have high centered a bit on some of the dunes, but always managed to get out of there under it's own power, unlike my sister's Z71 when that high centered... Had to get pulled off by another fullsize Chevy... And I've had the Suburban stuck too, but that's another story and in mud instead of sand...


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Re: Wondering about off-road mishaps

I take mine off-road. It's just that I can't afford to fix anything if it breaks right now[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif[/img], and that limits what I am willing to do to my 4x2.

83 S10 Ext Cab
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Re: Wondering about off-road mishaps

Lack of funds, I can relate, trust me. I am going through off-road withdrawl (being the middle of winter and all) and what to hear some good stories. It really doesn't matter if you broke anything, just something amusing.

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