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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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Re: Considering buying a H3 any recommendations?


and i'll stick by my review of the H3. mall crawler.

[/ QUOTE ]

LOL... well you're certainly entitled to your opinion.

I'm just curious at what status that puts your Tahoe at? I'm sure if you throw some upgrades on it, it too can be stepped up to mall crawler status. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/deal.gif[/img]
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When I originally drove the 2005 H3 I was less than impressed. But about 3 months ago I had a chance to drive the H3 out at the dunes outside of Vegas and was very impressed. I am not sure if this was a 2007 model or 2006 model H3. The HP in the motor was bumped up and it felt much better than the previous model. It was also equiped with the 4:1 low range and lockers front and rear right out of the box. This H3 was very capable.
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Kodiak, Alaska H3 Is the Real Deal

I certainly recommend the H3. There are several people who use the H2 up here at their hunting lodges. There are only two H3 Hummers on the island. One is a blue 2006 and then there is our 2007 H3x. Yes, I'll admit the H3 is comfortable posing as a soccer mom rig. My wife will attest to that. We live in a rugged rural community on and Island in the North Pacific at the edge of the Gulf of Alaska. Our daily commute from our house to town would make many urban off-road enthusiasts jealous. The rugged unmaintained trails our H3 will travel almost scares me. My wife chose a model with lots of chrome and frills. I recently drove over a four-foot ice packed snow pile left from snow plows to get to a 30% to 40% down hill grade ice covered washed out and deeply rutted trail to a remote river mouth and beach. Taking it slow and easy the H3x did it like a Sunday drive. The weight and gear ratio made the straight five cylinder powering the 18-inch wheels and 33-inch tall factory tires climb without even a struggle. Down and onto the beach the nimble 4x4 floated over the black beach sand and rocks and set up for a climb over a logjam of giant Sitka Spruce washed up from years of storms. At times the rig balanced on three and then two wheels and back into the beach sand. My heart was pumping because while I am out to for fish for a few winter dolly varden I’m thinking I hope I don’t get this new rig stuck where no one can come and get me our for another month before the spring thaw. I catch a couple fish and keep one for the grill. This is why I live here. I made my way back to the white and chrome Hummer. At that moment I couldn’t believe that this unmodified production truck could get me here among this remote moutain and ocean vista views and look that good. I mounted up and was distracted by the beautiful mountain top visible from the H3's huge sunroof. The H3 slipped and self corrected in an effortless slow crawl back up the 100-yard climb up the steep trail. Once over the snowplow pile a lifted Toyota 4x4 truck tried the same stunt. I watched as the toy spun and gunned it over the ice. Once onto the trail the truck came to a stop. Too frightened to continue he began backing up with wheels making no purchase on the frozen ground. I jumped out and helped cut tree limbs as an escape route. After a half hour struggle the little truck was back on the roadside of the adventure. I cannot tell you how proud I was driving away from that scene. Do I think an H3 is worth the money? Should you buy one? Heck yeah. No regrets in Kodiak.

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I may be a little biased, but I've wheeled a stock H3, on the Rubicon in dunes, mud, water and chased race teams in Baja. I would say the weakest link in the vehicle would be the tie-rods in the IFS, but following the Rod Hall H3, I'm not aware of any races in which they've broken one.

In 2006 Four Wheeler Mag editors named the H3 as the vehicle they'd put in their garage if they could chose only one 4X4 to personally own.

Another good place for you to check would be Their members are a mix of Hummer, Jeep, Toyota and other vehicle owners.

I would not base my decision on speculation from folks who have never driven one.

And, as far as being a soccer mom/grocery getter rig, all that means is that it is a comfortable vehicle on road as well and Hummer hasn't done its best to show the true capabilities in its advertising/marketing. I'd be willing to bet that only a small percentage of any true 4x4 sold today is actually used in the manner for which it was designed.
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BUY IT! you wont be disapointed. i have an 07. these things are little beasts. compared to the h2s, they can keep right up an even surpass in some spots due to its smaller size. with the torsion bars, its nic eto be able to adjust the highth and level it aout a bit. just add longer front shocks. the ONLY gripe i have is that its a 4sp auto. and i get alot more rock chips in the windo because of its boxiness. it should be a 5 speed. when youre on the hwy or fwy it has a hard time "picking a gear" it eventually SCREAMS in the kickdown all the way up.

im getting about 23mpg in my 6700lbs square box fulltime 4wd....not to bad if you ask me. compared to my buddies 00 cherokee with 31's and he gets about 13-14mpg and i havent even done my first lof yet! wait till i run the thin synthy.. and ive got a bigger tire. ive taken it to the river, had it up to the doors...( sitting in the water while we partied for a few hours) started it up and drove it home. thats an every weekend thing to btw. so its a great all around vehicle. most of the stuff i can even get thru with out putting it in 4hi loc or 4lo loc.

it was this or the fj. and after the research, for the money you get more standard then with the fj. the fj w/ a/t,pw,pl,cc,a/c,4wd,roof rack,and and a base upgrade, was 32,983. i got my 07 h3 w/ a/t,pw,pl,cc,sun roof, roof bars, tow pack, for 28k @ towbin in vegas. so for the extra cash you get more then with the fj...well that depends on what you want to. but make note the fj isnt 4wd standard lik ethe h3. btw, they are VERY COMFY and take onroad pot holes and bumps like pebbles
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btw, i am a member of come check it out. there are TONS of info threads on exactly what you want.
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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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bit late, but I've never had a problem with the actuartor on my 97, and I've forded ponds and had the water go over my hood and at the middle of my door (dont ask I dont know how my interior stayed dry)... Only thing is I sucked water in my engine and almost choked it..... But all my 'fancy' push button 4x4 system (similair to the H3) works fine, and I've been through the mud and water all the time, then pressure wash it off. GM thought ahead you know.
o and its built off a Colorado which isn't too bad really, nothing to do with the trailblazer which is a POS.

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2001 Camaro Z28 runnin 12's.
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H3 is fun

The H3 is fun to wheel but it just lacks power. The new H3 alpha has a V-8 and I get to drive one in October at Barnwell mountain TMTC off road park. I will let you all know how it does. I love my H2, but it costs alot, and I am deathly afriad of breaking something major now that it is no longer covered under warrantee. I have had it for three years and had a lot of fun with it, but I am fixing up my 71' Bronco to replace it on the trails. I would advise an H3 if it is for your wife to drive everyday and help you out in an off-road jam once in a while, but if you are gonna be on the trails with it everytime you go out wheel'in, go for a previously leased H2 with less then 36,000 miles on it-so you can get an extended warrantee! I have an SUT with 37" BF Mud Terrains on it, and it is unstoppable. It goes where-ever I wan't it to go, and still looks good enough to take out to dinner afterwards.

Wheelin at the Bottoms 8/20/06
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When I lived in a very remote area of Northern AZ my driveway was 15 miles of no road. If I took a photo you would ask where is the road. It crossed a Ford (river crossing) in 3 places. I started with an International Scout until I cracked the frame then went to a FJ40 with 31" tires. With chains it worked good in snow and mud. I replaced it with a CJ-7 with posi rear and V8. The extra traction got me back where the FJ40 could not go. Vehicles that followed were Grand Cherokee's, Pathfinders, more CJ's but after driving and living with most 4 wheel drives the H3 is by far the best. The 35" BFG/MT's do add ground clearance and personality but cost gas, power and braking. I absolutely love the H3.
As with any 4 wheel drive if you are going in deep snow there is nothing like chains on all 4 wheels. It makes an amazing difference. You do need to drive carefullu as with HD chains and 35" tires you have an extra 50 to 60 pounds of weight on each wheel to snap axles, etc.
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