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**DONOTDELETE** 09-08-1999 03:50 PM

Hey, now maybe we can talk about hummers.HE HE HE

**DONOTDELETE** 09-08-1999 05:04 PM

Hello poser! ~lt~
Hey suka! I really couldnt give a damn that your here. But I thought That I would post telling you how utterly stupid you are! Oh well. Not need to worry about you anymore! Have fun in your own little fanitisy world!
Oh, and one last time. Arnold Judas Rimmer is a character on the British comedy 'Red Dwarf'. Not my name. SO have lots of fun you stupid bastered!

<font color="purple">~Ace <font color="goldenrod">Rimmer</font>
'86 Suzuki Samurai

**DONOTDELETE** 09-18-1999 10:35 PM

Re: Hello poser! ~lt~
looks like this ace fellow needs to go back to the
boards with his foul languge!

**DONOTDELETE** 09-20-1999 01:38 PM

Re: Hello poser! ~lt~
Yeah I know,but don't worry,if you notice he hasn't posted for a while,well thats because we shut him up by telling his Parents what he was doing and they took his "computer privlages away for a couple of weeks.TISK TISK BAD LITTLE ACE
his Dad (when sobber)is a complete jerk and gets worse when you add alcohal(90% of the time)So I don't think he will be joining us for a while,His mother on the other hand is a pretty little thing(wouldn't mind a piece of that pie)She won't stand for all that foul language from the young lad.If your wondering how I know this is because I happen to be the little brats "Uncle Arnold" even though the only reason I visit he is to get a good look at his mother(my brothers wife)
regards Arnold

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