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wazzup 08-10-2003 05:38 PM

Ford 351
what are the differences between the 351C and the 351W engines? Is one better than the other? Also, is there another 351 that ford make (i am thinking of a 351M)?

BRONCOMANIA 08-10-2003 08:01 PM

Re: Ford 351
The 351C (cleveland) is considered a medium size block vs. small & large blocks, the 351W (windsor) is a small block which shares the same bellhousing pattern as the 302s.

In my opinion, the 351W is a much better motor especially for a truck application due to the fact parts are more readily available including performance upgrades, it also has very large crank journal diameters for durability, and will most likely outlast a 351C in longevity. It also can be stroked to become a much better powerhouse than the 400M. The 351 & 400Ms are usually found in 77-79 ford trucks, clevelands in 70-74 (or later) medium size ford/mercury cars.

The 351M (modified) emerged in 74 when emissions came on strong in that period and replaced the cleveland, theres also the 400M, 351HO (1972), 351 Cobra Jet(1971) which are in the same family as the cleveland. But keep in mind, they require different transmission bolt patterns so a swap my get costly...

BigNorm 08-11-2003 08:27 AM

Re: Ford 351
The 460 is also part of the 351/400M/C familly and will need a big block tranny to fit the bolt pattern. There is both big and small block C6 transmissions. I'm not sure of what the manuals are called but make sure you get the motor that fits your tranny.

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