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**DONOTDELETE** 01-11-2003 10:28 PM

Exped.5.4L not oiling on startup
I have a 2001 Expedition 4x4 with a 5.4 and 45,000 miles on it. My problem started with the onset
of cold weather, either coincidentally or not.
When it is first cranked up the oil guage stays at 0 and
the light comes on. It usually has to run for 1 to 3 minutes before it will come up off of 0. And even
then it usually doesn't stay up at first, driving for 30 seconds and falling out again, then coming right
back up.
This happens sometimes 5-10 times before it will come up for good and stay up.
I havechangedthe oil frequently and am using the recommended 5w20 oil, which is very thin, is it not?
The other day we had a 64- degree- day and my wife got in to drive home from work and it did it then
so now it's not just on cold mornings, but each time it's allowed to cool completely down before driving
again. The oil is clear as new and I don't see how there could be any blockage at the screen or filter.
As I said, it is only on initial startup, then you can drive it all day without it happening again, unless
you leave it for several hours. I don't want to ruin my motor, but I just don't know what to do.

muddybronco 01-12-2003 12:31 AM

Re: Exped.5.4L not oiling on startup
what brand oil and filter? that does seem thin but if that's what it calls for......

birddog1 01-12-2003 10:25 AM

Re: Exped.5.4L not oiling on startup
Dont know about Expeditions but the Broncos and F150's of the 92-96 genre are notorious for having gauge issues like this. Apparently a bad/loose wire contact at the guage and a good thump on the dash usually does it for mine when I get a misreading like that (cold/damp weather specifically). Of course, if you think its the pump or a clog somewhere, versus the gauge, its a nobrainer to get that pressure checked asap.

MY2ND78 01-12-2003 06:30 PM

Re: Exped.5.4L not oiling on startup
Bring it back to the dealer. It's still under warranty, isn't it?
I don't care what it calls for. I run 10w-30 in my Expedition in the winter and 20w-50 in the summer. The one time I took it to one of those Jiffy Lube places (I didn't have time to do it myself), they put 5w-30 in it and charged me extra for it. I was so pissed. They said that's what it called for. Screw em' it runs fine on 20w-50. [img]images/graemlins/cussing.gif[/img]

BRONCOMANIA 01-12-2003 06:52 PM

Re: Exped.5.4L not oiling on startup
The lighter weight oil is highly recommended on the 4.6 and 5.4 cuz of all the tiny oil passages in the OHC heads. I have also heard owners complaining of the lifters clacking upon cold startups with heavier than 5W-30 oil.
Im not telling anyone what type of oil to use, only that i also used to think heavier is better, but since had been proven wrong .

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