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**DONOTDELETE** 12-04-2000 08:08 PM

Parts swapping...84\' to 79\'
I have a 84 with 302 trainy all good shape, body sucks..I found a 79 cheap with a 400, good body but front
differential is shot. If it will swap which would work best swapping bigger engine to the 84 or swapping the
84 to the 79. I just don't know what will all swap and what won't. Thanks for any help!!!

**DONOTDELETE** 12-05-2000 12:51 AM

Re: Parts swapping...84\' to 79\'
The 400 is Ford's "oops" engine...u shouldn't f*&# with it for power...unless the 400 is in superb condition would I recommend you swap it....if u have a 351 your better of keeping are way less scarce and you can get more cu inches out of it anyway
its definetely a 9" in the rear, and you got one in the back of your 84....twin 9"s.....hmmm...but if you have a 44 in your 79, then you could prob use the one you already have (if it's the same gears...which I kinda doubt)....but a solid in front is definetely the way to go

**DONOTDELETE** 12-05-2000 11:32 AM

Re: Parts swapping...84\' to 79\'
Assuming the 79 is fixable, sell the 84 for as much as you can get and fix up the 79. Not much will swap and what will, you don't want. The 400 is a whoops motor, but the rep is worse than reality. It can be made to run pretty good. However, the better solution is to leave the 400 alone until you find a 460. The 460 will drop right in and bolt up to any transmission a 400 is bolted to. You also may have an NP205 transfer case which you would not want to swap out. Parts are plentiful for the dana 44 and you should be able to fix it pretty easily, and for whatever you get for the 84.

Good luck, george.

**DONOTDELETE** 12-05-2000 11:28 PM

Re: Parts swapping...84\' to 79\'
You'll have to check the rearends, I've read somewhere (again don't remember where) that in either late 83, or 84 they began putting 8.8" in the rear of the bronco. I too wouldn't touch the 400 engine. If time and money permits wait and get a 460, then build it crazy sick and twisted! The 79 would probably be easier to build and has the arguably more desired solid front axle. Keep the 79 and build it to the hilt. my .01 cent. Would've given .02 cents but my bronco's got me broke!

**DONOTDELETE** 12-06-2000 12:14 AM

Re: Parts swapping...84\' to 79\'
no has a nine....if ya want a lighter wt a smallblock will can also fit the windsor is easily attaining 550 horses normally aspirated, but when you invest seven grand, I guess it should be...

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