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skylarkman 11-22-2005 05:25 PM

Rear Drums Sticking REAL Bad
on my 88 Xlt when I replaced my rear I put new brakes on it transfered my Drums them self as they were brand new almost. When I go tthe new shoes I got the cheap ones and when I got all done I went to move the truck and the bastard wont budge an inch I had to lock 4wd just to pull outta the drive way checked the adjusters and they were all the way IN talked to the guy whom I bought the truck from (friend) and he said whenever he changed the shoes on it they stuck for alittle while but he never bought the cheap ones cause of what Im going through now. Well now after 300 miles (trip from NJ to VA) they stoped sticking but now i can hear a clunk sound when I hit the brakes (it almost sounds like the ebrake cable hitting the floor board) also If i set the ebrake Im screwed he wont move with out taching him up to like 3500 rpms Any ideas what it could be

slickerthanyou 11-24-2005 09:03 PM

Re: Rear Drums Sticking REAL Bad
Something has to be on wrong. I'd replace the hardware (springs etc). and put a touch of brake lubricant on the spots where the shoes touch the backing plate to keep then from sticking- I use caliper grease by way of a Q-tip. Last thing but maybe first thing to check would be the e-cables. sounds to me like they are binding somewhere. -Bob

havack 12-09-2005 01:57 PM

Re: Rear Drums Sticking REAL Bad
What is probably going on is the self adjusters are locked up. the fact that they were sticking and you drove it until it quit tells me you burnt up a set of shoes and the fact of hearing the clunking means they are loose. the fact of them being loose means the adjusters need cleaned and greased, which is probably why it was sticking in the first place....

skylarkman 12-29-2005 05:26 PM

Re: Rear Drums Sticking REAL Bad
I would have thought that If i didnt remove the adjusters and clean them all up and relube them before I started the trip Everything was new execpt the Hardware so when I do brakes on him this weekend Im gonna get hte good shoes and a New hardware kit, do those come with adjusters? (always had rear disks before this truck)

TNCowboyPRCA 12-30-2005 01:33 PM

Re: Rear Drums Sticking REAL Bad
personally i dont mess with drum brakes, i let a shop do them for me, ill do disc myself, but wont touch drum brakes for the very reasons your having. on the flipside, i agree with slick... at least one of your problems is the ebrake cable binding somewhere, solution, go to a junkyard and pull one off of it there, its cheaper and you can see if its damaged. now youve still got the problem of how the ebrake cable got damaged, its probably in inline, its more likely right there at the actual brake, possibly where the pads attach, im assuming your ebrake uses the hydaulic brake pads and not theyre own special mechanical set. so having not actually done much with drum brakes, goodluck and i hope i might have opened up a few possibilities.

Steve83 01-14-2006 01:42 PM

Re: Rear Drums Sticking REAL Bad
I think you assembled the hardware or shoes wrong. Click my signature & look in the bottom half of the Brakes & Hubs album.

Never buy e-brake cables from a junkyard. They're more often torch-cut than not, and the rest of them are worn out. They're only ~$20ea brand new from a parts store with LLT warranty.

SwampDonkey 02-01-2006 03:37 PM

Re: Rear Drums Sticking REAL Bad
Hey I have had the same problem, mine was the ebrake grabbing and locking up the wheels as soon as it moved, or hit a large bume (happened on the freeway at 85). it is a mechanincal ebrake, not the hydraulic guy. check the mounts of the cable to see it it is worn through, or check the spot where the cable attaches to the braking mechanism

skylarkman 02-15-2006 01:53 PM

Re: Rear Drums Sticking REAL Bad
it was my Ebrake cable that poor thing was all kinds of toasted

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