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Jacob_Royer 12-29-2004 02:15 AM

So much for that.....
I decided to drive my truck to work today to give it a nice long run see how it would do since the most i'd drove was 5/10 miles at a time with it since the rebuild. Well I get about 2miles from work the oil light comes on it starts hammering and dies. Check the oil its full. Temp wasn't up etc. Anyway after having to have a chevy of all things pull me the rest of the way to work I was pretty pissed. Enough time and money wasted on a piece of crap that wasn't worth fixing in the first place. Enough antique junk for me this is the end of it. The first person that will give me 400$ for the pile of junk can have it. Surely 4.56 dana 60& dana 44 plus a np-205 and a 4speed are worth that to somebody.. If i wasn't mad it wouldn't matter My wife wouldn't let me dump anymore time/money in it anyway Somthing i shouldn't have done in the first place. I am going to start shopping for a newer truck say mid-late 90's pre 97 i hate the modular engines.. I want 4 wheel drive a v8 fuel injection and extended cab. Somthing i'd never have got with the f-250. I guess i was trying to serve the purpose of 1 good truck with 2 crappy ones. Probably get rid of my f-150 when i find a good 4x4, even though its never let me down. As i said then i have 1 truck not 2 and one truck thats not got way to many miles on it.. Might not see me on here for awhile since i've pitched the whole offroad thing out the window after today. Hell i might buy a stinking dodge as anoyed as i am right now... A few lessons learned though..

1 If at first you think its not worth it than it probably isn't.

2 If your wife tells you that you are wasting your time you probably are.

3 If you think you should send somthing to the machine shop you should.

4 Don't buy oil pumps from O'riely Autoparts.

5 Don't spend $500 on a truck that is not worth $500 and still won't be If what you do actually works.

6 If you buy it for next to free it won't be next to free in the long run.

Well enough of my complaining I am off to bed.. If anybody wants axles for the ultimate bronco I'll make you a deal.


GTRider245 12-29-2004 10:01 AM

Re: So much for that.....
Man Im sorry to hear that. It was a pleasure to have you hear and to keep up with your project. I hope this one expirience hasn't totaly ruined your interest in offroading. maybe when you get your new truck you can start a project with it, one that is more sensible.

I have a 92' F-150 4x4, reg cab, 302 i might be intersted in getting rid of....

Jacob_Royer 12-29-2004 11:26 AM

Re: So much for that.....
No i've not lost intrest. This was the 3rd rig i've had. Started with a 79 1/2ton chevy with a 6" lift and 35's which was a total money pit POS. Then i had a 80 K5 which i had alot of fun with till a woman hit it and totaled it out. Then I had my favorite a 78 f-250 4" lift 36" swampers and a 460/c6/np205/4.10's Dumped alot of time and money into that one and it was well worth it. Had to sell it because i needed money about 5 years ago or so. Actually got my money back out of it. It was a darn nice truck considering i sold it for $6500! I need somthing newer I can daily drive and isn't a basket case to start with. The main reason i was so into this POS is i liked the drivetrain but everything else was shot so it just wasn't worth it. Would have been a good parts truck for a 3/4 ton axle swap or somthing like that.

Jacob_Royer 12-30-2004 01:08 AM

Re: So much for that.....
Well the $400 price tag got rid of it fast. Guy at work bought it today and saved me the expense of having it towed from work to home. Maybe he will do somthing with it i know he has a good 302 sitting around ohh well...Thats $400 twords a downpayment on somthing better. Just paid my car off and that was $180 a month so i can set that $180 back a month and add to my $400 till i find somthing else. Then maybe i can get a descent deal on somthing with say 1000$ down. Can't ever find anywhere that will finance somthing more than a few years old without a high downpayment. I really don't want to go newer than 96. Maybe i can find a bronco i dunno. Know where a nice 91 eddie bauer bronco is at for 4000$ but thats from an indevidule and no luck on financing somthing like that. I'll just be keeping my eye open and see what i can find i guess.

half_fast 12-31-2004 03:28 PM

Re: So much for that.....
before getting all upset, take a day and pull out that mill and see whats up. If you rebuilt it the first time with care, then my guess its something simple that might be fixed with a little elbow grease and little $. Anything to do with self service auto mechanics should be done for TWO reasons...economics AND a hobby.

Sixlitre 12-31-2004 09:10 PM

Re: So much for that.....
Sorry to hear that Jacob

Happy hunting on your new ride. Onward and upward! Going fuel injected will make you a lot happier on all fronts; reliability, newer by sheer years to choose from, mileage increase,power increase, starting ability, etc.

On EFI 302 Fords the years went like this; 85-86 first years of EFI, somewhat different than later years. 87-93 the next grouping, somewhere around 91 no more AOD trans, only the electronic one. 94-96 went OBD.

As I remember from all the beaching over the years at this and the other board, the 88-89s had some weird two year only hubs and spindles.

Good luck


GTRider245 12-31-2004 11:45 PM

Re: So much for that.....
For some reason you cant even get Warn locking hubs for a 87' with TTB...something about when they switched body styles

Jacob_Royer 01-01-2005 10:26 PM

Re: So much for that.....
As much as i am not so crazy about the post 97 trucks I am going next week to look at a 99 f150 xlt lariat offroad package 5.4/auto/cruise/ac/tilt/leather/everything...Extended cab 4 door(not super crew) brushguard towing package 125k for $9890 which is well below book. They are trying to move it because of the miles being up a bit for the year. All the others i've seen that year are over $10k! I am going to check it out.

BroncoWar 01-02-2005 09:56 PM

Re: So much for that.....
Buy a Bronco.

Jacob_Royer 01-04-2005 03:02 AM

Re: So much for that.....
I've considered that many times but everyone wants WAY to much for a nice bronco around here. THe only reasonably priced ones i've found are ragged out junk. For instance i found a 91 eddie bauer bronco with 75k on it over the weekend. interior was spotless body had a little rust over the wheelwells otherwise perfect body... anyway guess what the price was?? I figured about 4000/4500 WRONG $7900!!!! Its rediculous! I looked at one for $5900 that was a ragged xl and a total piece of crap. To get one new enough to get any financing on you have to go to 94/96 and i've seen 96's run over 10k!! Its sad. Trucks are much cheaper around here from what i've seen on the market. I've been looking at bronco's for a couple years now and they just keep getting more expensive.

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