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XLTChris 07-14-2004 02:26 AM

Ok.. Got a D44. Now where to go with it..
Getting a D44 tomorrow. Going to put all new axles, bearings and everything on it. I was thinking weather to try to go the cheep way and get parts from the junk yard to do the SAS swap.. Or to get a kit.

I do not have a garage with nice tools at my disposal. I am very good with cars so with thoes two factors I want the easiest way to make my swap. Lets say in three days. In my driveway..

This kit any good? it's close to the price of a full TTB lift system.
If not.. Anyone have a list of the parts I will need to do the swap from junk yard parts? Older radius arms? What year coils do I need? What to do about measuring so it all comes out good. Where, and what year track bar to use?
Use 1995 drop down brackets? Or get them from a lift company.. I have tried to search but so many people do things so different. I want to hear from someone that did the swap either with a kit and liked it or from someone that did it with bought parts and made it easy.

Item # 33905 - New
1980-96 Bronco and F150
Solid axle Conversion

Truck shown has the 10" kit with 39.5" Boggers.
This kit completely replaces twin traction beam 1980-96 full-size model trucks with a coil sprung 73-79 straight front axle setup with all new components.
This kit uses any pre-1980 Full-size Dana 44 or you can convert a Dana 60 by installing C-bushing tabs which are available from us used for $70.00.
This kit is a complete bolt on application, with NO WELDING REQUIRED!
The bracketry uses the factory holes to ease installation and providing a template for the 11 new holes that are required.
This greatly improves drive ability, control and all out performance.
Available for 6" to 12" of lift and for the 1980-96 F150's and Bronco's.
The conversion utilizes the IFS type coil spring with a center mounting stud that yields 1-1/2-2" additional lift.
* IE. If you have a 4" kit now and buy the 6" conversion you will not need to purchase coil springs.
***Due to our insurance policy we are unable to break these kits apart unless for replacement purposes.

This is the basic kit with only the suspension bracket components, contents include:
-Extended custom radius arms relieved for larger tires
-Coil support mounting blocks
-Drop radius arm mounting brackets
-Reinforced adjustable trac-bar
-Drop trac-bar bracket and template
-Cross member
- Adjustable drag link
-Custom tie rod set
-Bushings, Mounting hardware, etc...

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