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post #1 of (permalink) Old 09-22-2003, 07:48 AM
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It seems that no matter what - things always go wrong.

My Bronco was running beautifully all weekend. I gave it an oil change, new air filter, "remedy" fluids.

Well, it must really hate me.

I believe my Bronco hates me so much that it committed suicide!

My friend borrowed it while I was at work because the brake system failed in his 2001 F150.

Who knew that my baby would become a blazing ball of fire on wheels?

Okay, this is what happened...

The alternator caught fire.

Supposedly it kept charging and charging my old battery (it had a hard time starting) until I replaced the battery.

Well, the alternator caught fire. It's hard to tell if a wire was crossed some where's or if it just went bad.

However, the battery terminals blew up (that's how bad the explosion was - yes, my Bronco's alternator actually caught fire and caused several combustions else where). My electrical wirings are all messed up, melted and damaged.

My Bronco will allow its windows to go up when you touch the shredded wires to the battery - but then it catches fire again.

Should I just replace the alternator? And I also will need complete electrical rewiring. Is it worth it? And how much does that run?

I fixed my PS pump also...
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Re: Alternator

Damn. How much dammage was done? It doesn't sound like a total complete loss as in it destroyed the whole truck. There's at least two guys on this board that totally lost there entire truck due to this. Was the alternator internally regulated? I've heard those have a history of doing exactly what you just described. I may have to switch out for an external one as I feel I'm playing Russian roulette after all the horror stories I've heard. Good luck, take pictures if you can, and be safe. NORM
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Re: Alternator

Let me just say that when I stated that my Bronco became a great ball of fire on wheels - well, it's also obvious. My engine is fried. My electrical wiring is completely melted and destroyed. My brand new battery is melted and destroyed. My just-fixed PS pump is gone... that general area is absolutely destroyed. Destroyed, absolutely destroyed. I hate that word. Point is, it'll take a lot to fix everything. Everything that was ruined is melted and charcoal black. I'm devastated, it was my baby. (Like, my baby committed suicide or something.) I may be able to replace my engine altogether, but if not - I may be able to get away with replacing my battery, my starter, my alternator, my entire wiring, my PS pump, et cetera... It'll probably run with a lot of work, but I'm not sure if it would be safe. [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

I'll make sure I take pictures when I can.
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Re: Alternator

Hey, i replaced the alternator in my bronco like three times cuz i got a big stereo. But, each time, the guy who sold it to me said that the stock alternators had a wiring problem right were it plugs in in back. They give new wires to solder in. I put mine in, and bumped up to an alternator from a newer ford truck, its a 130 amp, and it only cost like 50 bucks because it was used. These two things solved all my problems. Just my experience.
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Re: Alternator

I'm sorry to hear about your baby! [img]images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] It sounds like you're gonna need a donor truck because replacing individual sensors and misc parts will get expensive in a hurry unless you know of a cheap junkyard nearby with late model fords that haven't been picked over too much. Check the local paper for people parting out trucks of that era, you should be able to get a really good deal on either the whole truck or a bunch of parts bought at once. It's hard to say if it's worth the trouble without seeing pics, but it doesn't sound too bad so far... except the fact that it got from the alternator area over to the driver side bad enough to kill the power steering pump tells me it was on fire for awhile. Do you suspect any of the engine gaskets were cooked? Is the paint on the hood or fenders all bubbly now? ... pics!

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Re: Alternator

swap meet at the end of the month here in englishtown, might be woth it to see if anyone brings a donor truck to part out. at the spring meet earlier this year i think a pair of guys had one they stripped down as the day went. in any case you may catch enough spare parts to get yourself on your way again. dont worry your baby isnt dead its just resting.
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Re: Alternator

I'd say its time to junk it, as you dont sound mechanically inclined enough to fix it.
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Re: Altenator

Well, without seeing it, id say just get another one and swap all your good parts onto it. Id hate to have to totally rewire a Bronco, especially if i could find a decent body with all the wiring already done.

Well, if youre interested, theres a couple broncos for sale out near/in englishtown, and im sure there will be more at the SwapMeet.

I feel for ya though, thats something no one should have to experience!
...but at least no one go hurt, right?
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Re: Alternator

Well, it's an '89, so insurance is probably going to call it a total.

I have heard, and know of one person that took the total loss $$$ from insurance, and then worked a deal to buy back the total wreck...not sure if they approached the insurance company or waited until they sold it to a scrap place. Anyway, the money then went to rebuilding it with solid axles, this that and the other.

If you could do something like that, where they would be giving you maybe $4-5 less deductible for yours and then buying it back for under a grand, you may have some room to work there. The only way this usually works though is if you do much of the work yourself. going out and buy a bunch of new electrical wiring is going to just be too expensive.
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Re: Alternator

Sorry to here about your loss. I can really feel the pain. I rolled my 84 and totalled it. I swapped everything I wanted to my 90 and parted-out the rest. I think that may be your best option with the damage you describe. The insurance company actually paid me $500 to keep it. Later I paid $50 for a wrecking yard to haul off what was left. I had to get a savage title on it. Good luck with it!
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