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Juggernaut87 09-17-2003 09:22 PM

Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
i took the bronc' in for a rebuild and some other engine mods, and after the engine was done they bolted it up, and the transmision wouldnt shift past 2nd gear
a friend of mine said he had the same guy work on his truck and he had the same problem, and the guy never found it out for like 8 weeks and he took it to another shop and they siad it was the "transmission govener"

so he rebuilt the transmission, since it would need it anyway with the new engine... and now it wont shift from 1st gear, so he said its somthing on the transfer case, i didnt bother to have my dad explane it, they have had the truck for 6 weeks now and im getting impatiant

but hes rebuilding the transfer case for free and i dont konw if my dad said anything about the "transmission govener" or not... and if it is that, and he didnt look at it hes going to rebuild the transfer case for free and not fix the problem...
what do you guys think? can you explane the "transmission govener"?

havack 09-18-2003 11:24 AM

Re: Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
A vacuum sylnoid is the more correct tells the thing to shift.

If the thing will not shift it cannot be the transfer case. If the guy can't get the tranny right then I would trust him to touch the t-case....who knows it might leed to your rear end "being bad".....

Bluebeast 09-18-2003 01:15 PM

Re: Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
havak dont you mean Wouldn't
i think the guy dont know what he is doing. right now my motor is out and the machine work is being done and my mechanic said if it dont work everything is free. and i know him and he is reputable . 9i asked him about ur problem and he says the samething about the tranny as havak

Juggernaut87 09-18-2003 02:26 PM

Re: Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
so you both are sure its the vacuum sylnoid? do you think theres anything else it could be?

Bluebeast 09-18-2003 02:41 PM

Re: Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
well in the mechanics opinion that is what it is. but let it be know i have no idea on trannys as long as they go and dont shift hard or slip then i think that they are in good condition. so thats just my .02 and his.02

muddybronco 09-18-2003 10:40 PM

Re: Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
it doesn't sound tcase-related to me... my buddy's 87 had this same problem and it turned out to be the governor on his tranny

havack 09-19-2003 08:16 PM

Re: Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
The t-case has nothing to do with shifting. NOTHING AT ALL. Whe the computer starts off it is in 1st gear. With the combination of fluid pressure and the maifold's vacuum it will shift it along. New ones use a computer. The V/S is about $15 and can be changed while the thing is mounted. One bolt. If that doesn't fix it then I would think the modulator (internal) or worse the clutches are burnt.

Juggernaut87 09-20-2003 09:28 AM

Re: Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
There was a little mix up, he had fixed the transmission, i dont know what the problem was though, some type of "camshaft" broke in the/on the transfercase and thats what they were fixing. All this information is being passed threw my dad to me, he is educated just in diffrent catagories... hes also well over the hill. but does anyone know what the deal is with the "camshaft" in the Tcase not the engine

TheJuice 09-20-2003 10:27 AM

Re: Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
Well, if you want a bit more educating on this so you have an idea what really is inside your transfer case (and it ain't camshafts), I would recommend Shilo's Superford site. He has a section (or he used to, hopefully it didn't get wiped out with the crash that occured a couple months back) that goes through the entire rebuild of a BW1356. After going through that you will totally know everything going on in there.

The only thing I can envision is that while they were putting your motor back in the truck (did they pull the motor, tranny, and tcase?) and hooking up the tranny, tcase, they mangled your input or output shaft on the tcase. how they would manage that I don't know (dropped it?) but really those are the only components that come out from the case. I would have no idea how they would damage the internals. If the case is out though, and something is wrong, now is the ideal time to go through it just like Shilo did. put a new chain in there, new bearings, seals, etc. and make sure everything else is looking good.

Juggernaut87 09-20-2003 11:00 PM

Re: Engine/transmission now transfer case rebuild
I went by there today, and he hasnt fixed the transmission, a guy from gullo ford is doing the work on the transmission. he thinks its somthing with the "valve body" hes going to put a new one on...
the Xcase he said it wouldnt get out of 4lo and it was some pin... somthing like that, he fixed that though. kinda ironic how he was telling me the engine had alot of torque, so much that the tires would spin in 4lo...
so it should be done monday... night...

im getting so fed up with waiting so long, its been 7weeks... if its not done monday i want to just tow it somwhere and have somone else finish it. a friend of mine said the same guy worked on his truck and that the same thing happend to his tranny and he never fixed it. so i dont see why my dad wont just take it somwhere else... we shouldnt haft to pay him for somthing he hasnt fixed

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