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**DONOTDELETE** 11-21-2002 12:05 AM

ticking/tapping noise from my \'94 7.5L
there is a ticking/tapping noise coming from my '94 7.5L, the motor is stock with 103,000 miles, it is, and has always been, in a '94 F-350, 2wd crew cab long bed. the noise is coming from the passenger side of the motor towards the top, near the cylinder head. i have been told that it is a collapsed lifter. but my guess is that it is a loose rocker arm. which is it? or is it something different? all help will be greatly appreciated, for i am a 17 year old high school student with little experience with motors. i have a little knowledge of modern combustion engines. is this problem able to be fixed without pulling the motor? thanks.

muddybronco 11-21-2002 12:23 AM

Re: ticking/tapping noise from my \'94 7.5L
might also be some sort of exhaust leak at the exhaust manifold or EGR tube, which is near where you're talking about

**DONOTDELETE** 11-21-2002 12:30 AM

Re: ticking/tapping noise from my \'94 7.5L
yes, it could be that, but its not. i already know that there is a leak on the passenger side exhaust manifold, friend from muffler shop told me when he put on the FLOWMASTER. thanks tho. i dont think the exhaust manifold is the problem. but while we're on the subject, does anybody have a set of exhaust manifolds for a '94 7.5L that they want to sell?

BRONCOMANIA 11-21-2002 06:33 AM

Re: ticking/tapping noise from my \'94 7.5L
May well be a lifter or a slightly bent pushrod, cant be a loose rocker, those bolt down not the type with a stud and an adjustable nut. If those ever come loose, they will snap the bolt off immediately.

vitaminc 11-21-2002 09:45 AM

Re: ticking/tapping noise from my \'94 7.5L
When does the noise occur? All the time? When its cold? At all engine speeds?

If it is in the valvetrain you can make the repairs without pulling the engine. Sounds like it could be a collapsed or sticking lifter. If thats the case you would have to remove the valve covers, rocker arms and pushrods. Then remove the intake to get at the lifters.

Here's some good info on hydraulic lifters.

**DONOTDELETE** 11-21-2002 09:00 PM

Re: ticking/tapping noise from my \'94 7.5L
my first guess was the exhaust manifold, because i knew that it was leakin. then, after a while, i finally opened the hood and listened, the noise wasnt coming from the bottom of the engine or near the exhaust manifold. it was coming from the top so i assummed it was something with the valvetrain. the noise is there all the time, when the rpm's increase, the ticking gets quicker.

and about pulling the valve covers, and intake manifold, it doesnt seem too difficult but the amount of wires around the top of the engine seem to make this repair much more difficult than it seems. will it be easy to label the wires, unplug them, then when im done plug them back in?
one more quick thing, which is cylinder 1,2,3...8?

McDerry 11-21-2002 09:39 PM

Re: ticking/tapping noise from my \'94 7.5L
back and fourth on the cylinders i believe, Most of thsoe wires wont even have to be unplugged.

2.9L are infamous for hydraulic lifter problems, seems some other engines are too.

**DONOTDELETE** 11-21-2002 09:54 PM

Re: ticking/tapping noise from my \'94 7.5L
ok, back and forth. but which is the #1 cylinder?

WD40 11-21-2002 09:57 PM

Cylinder location
Not back and forth.
1-4 from front to rear on passenger side.
5-8 from front to rear on driver's side.

You sure that noise isn't just the "pulses" of the EFI?

**DONOTDELETE** 11-21-2002 10:00 PM

Re: Cylinder location

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